PDC Darts World Championship Betting & Tipping Competition

Would you back Van Gerwen or Lay Van Gerwen?

Poll ended at Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:15 am

Back Van Gerwen
Lay Van Gerwen
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PDC Darts World Championship Betting & Tipping Competition

Postby nors » Tue Dec 06, 2016 4:01 pm

The PDC Darts starts on the 15th December and on OLBG we will have a standalone event competition.

This link https://www.olbg.com/tables/events.php?id=28 explains the entry rules and prize money on offer.

This is always an exciting tournament and to my eyes signals the end of the betting year.

Van Gerwen is the obvious favourite and is odds on at a best price of 1.73.
Gary Anderson is 7.5
Phil Taylor is 11.0
Peter Wright 13.0

If Van Gerwen is unbackable how about a name the finalist bet or a to reach the final bet?

Do we have any darts bettors who can add helpful insight on some of the less well know names? and any opening match ups that could offer a bit of value?

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Re: PDC Darts World Championship Betting & Tipping Competition

Postby tbuckley » Thu Dec 08, 2016 5:15 pm

I'm definitely going to give this a go as the PDC World Championships is one of my favourite sporting events of the entire year, I just love the incredible quality of the darts mixed with the amazing atmosphere produced for every session of the 2 week long tournament, for me it's a big part of the sporting calendar at Christmas.

Now I'm not a regular darts punter, indeed I hardly ever bet on darts, but I will have bets during the World Championships just to add an extra edge to watching the darts, I'm going to do a blog looking at the profile of the tournament, how the Draw looks before the tournament starts and who could meet who as the tournament progresses, matches of real interest in Round 1 and potential shocks, I'll look at getting that blog done and on-line by the end of the weekend.

Loving it on OLBG, on twitter @tbuckleythinks :

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Re: PDC Darts World Championship Betting & Tipping Competition

Postby tbuckley » Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:59 am

Well I ended up having a few unexpected spare hours so I've got my 2017 PDC Darts World Championship blog finished & online :-


all the full details within the blog but for those interested I have included the first round draw, a look at the 4 sections of the draw to see who could well be the main contenders from each section, my predictions on potential 3rd round ties, thoughts on Outright winners, stats & facts about the tournament.

Generally speaking I won't getting any prizes for originality but I can't sensibly or justifiably oppose Michael Van Gerwen from winning the tournament this year, for me he's just on a different level to the rest of the players and I think it will take for him to massively under perform and others to raise their game.

yes I've heard people say he's failed to win it the last 2 years when strongly fancied, that he just struggles with the absolute pressure of the World Championships and I know from personal losing bets that's he failed the last 2 years but he's just been absolutely sensational this season, 25 incredible tournament wins including all the major TV tournaments no matter the different formats and demands placed upon him, I just don't see that as long as Van Gerwen has his focus right then I don't see how he will fail to win it.

When ante-post betting on big sports events I never do put all my punting eggs in one basket and I'm backing up my main bet on Van Gerwen with a punt on PETER WRIGHT e/w at 10/1, he's proven he can handle the World Championship by reaching the final in 2014, indeed he lost to Van Gerwen, he's reached other major TV finals and he's definitely got the game to beat anybody on that immense darting stage, I honestly think he's the one most likely to take advantage if something goes wrong with Van Gerwen.

They are my two ante-post bets on the outright markets, I've also mentioned a few Draw section bets to consider in the blog for anybody interested :-


I'll probably have a few bets on specific matches during the tournament when I'm off work and free to watch, really looking forward to it starting and getting stuck into it again for 2 weeks, really looking forward to all the darts chat on here. :win:
Loving it on OLBG, on twitter @tbuckleythinks :

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Re: PDC Darts World Championship Betting & Tipping Competition

Postby PompeyJim » Fri Dec 09, 2016 12:01 pm

The Tournament Winner, Preliminary and first round match markets are now available for tipping.


Adding a tip in the usual manner from the Darts menu (link above) with a good reasoned comment will qualify towards the £200 total prize fund PDC World Darts Tipping Competition.

There are in total 13 cash prizes available and the member finishing the tournament with the highest level stakes profit will win top prize of £50 subject to meeting the minimum tip and comment quality requirements.

As nors said the competition criteria and table standings can be found via the link below.


* An important amendment to note for members is that the minimum requirement of 10 tips must be placed to potentially qualify for a prize. This has been raised from last year's 5.

Usual OLBG Big Event Competition rules apply.

Members must have placed the minimum requirement of 10 tips with good reasoned comments and finish the tournament with a positive LSP to be in with a chance of winning one of the cash prizes.

We ask members to strive to make their tip comments the most informative possible for our site and app users to guide them with their betting choices.

Useful pointers may include -

Recent form in tournaments prior to the World Champs.

Previous head to heads matches in a similar set number format.

Previous record in the PDC World Darts Champs and other major TV events.

Duplicated/copied content across multiple tips is not acceptable and will be deleted and excluded from the tipping competition.

For example,

If adding tips for Van Gerwen to beat Taylor in the match result market, and to win 3-0 in the Correct set score market. The comments must be original for both tips, duplicating the same content on both is not acceptable and will be deleted.

The final competition table standings will be confirmed week commencing 3/1/17, once we have checked tip eligibility and comment quality.

Cash prizes will be paid into OLBG accounts within two weeks after the tournament has finished and checks completed.

Good luck to all participating members !!
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Re: PDC Darts World Championship Betting & Tipping Competition

Postby Raffo94 » Sun Dec 11, 2016 8:50 pm

Absolutely buzzing for this. My favourite sporting event of the year and a massive part of Christmas for me. Over 2 weeks of darting drama, I couldn't think of anything better!

Will just do a summary of outright markets for this first...

Outright winners:

Like everyone else, I'm finding it hard to look past Van Gerwen, however at 3/4 I don't feel it is much value for a man who has only won this tournament the once. So instead of putting big money on the favourite I think I will just be putting a smaller stake on an "outsider" if you can call him that, although I guess everyone is classed as that outwith MVG nowadays.

I am going to back Gary Anderson to make it 3 World titles in a row. His form over the whole year hasn't been anything to shout about but it wasn't the previous year either. He always seems to really up his game on the Ally Pally stage, last year he looked untouchable every match until arguably the final which he still won 7-5 against Adrian Lewis. He has previously said in interviews that in preparation for the World Championship he practices down at a home in London for 2 weeks solid every day and that he reaps the benefits from this, and that he would be using the same preparation this time round. He's never consistently been the best player over a whole year but he really is hard to beat here now he has already managed to clinch it twice. Expect to see Gary Anderson to play better than he has the rest of the year at this, and with Van Gerwen in the other half of the draw I must say I strongly fancy him to at least make the final, I think an E/W selection for him to win outright is the best shout, he is as much as 13/2 in places which is a pretty big price for a player of his standard with his outstanding recent record here. That's going to be my only outright winner selection.

Outright winner - Gary Anderson 13/2 E/W

Now for the quarters betting, trying to predict who will make the semi finals...

Quarter 1:

M.van Gerwen 1/6
Mensur Suljovic 11/1
Simon Whitlock 20/1
Daryl Gurney 28/1
Robert Thornton 28/1
Stephen Bunting 28/1
Mark Webster 50/1
Cristo Reyes 80/1
Darren Webster 80/1
Dimitri van den Bergh 100/1
Jermaine Wattimena 100/1
Joe Murnan 100/1
Ron Meulenkamp 100/1
Simon Stevenson 150/1
Dragutin Horvat 200/1
Kim Viljanen 250/1
Ross Snook 250/1
Boris Koltsov 300/1
Zoran Lerchbacher 300/1

Pretty obvious who people will be siding with here. I don't see anyone on that list that has a realistic chance of troubling Van Gerwen over a fairly long format. But again unless you're a real big punter then there's no real point in placing a bet on this quarter iMO as there isn't much return from 1/6. Suljovic would be the biggest threat I'd say but even then I think he'd really struggle, Van Gerwen hammered him in a TV final a couple of months back as well in their last meeting which I'm sure won't do Suljovic's confidence much good in that respect. Best to leave this quarter alone in terms of betting I feel.

Quarter 2:

Phil Taylor 4/5
Adrian Lewis 9/2
R.van Barneveld 5/1
Kim Huybrechts 14/1
Alan Norris 18/1
Joe Cullen 28/1
James Wilson 33/1
Corey Cadby 40/1
Vincent van der Voort 40/1
Robbie Green 50/1
Kevin Painter 66/1
Jamie Caven 100/1
Max Hopp 150/1
John Bowles 250/1
David Platt 300/1
John Michael 300/1
Magnus Caris 300/1

An interesting quarter here with some big names in it. Taylor would be the obvious pick here but I don't feel his 4/5 price is much value to be honest, he's not the guaranteed cert he once was against the rest of the field and is open to the odd defeat by a half decent player now. I am going to go with two bigger priced players here with smaller stakes and see how I get on. The first one is Van Barneveld, he has performed well in recent months in getting to the semi finals of the Grand Prix and the quarter finals of the Grand Slam, both major TV tournaments, he has the experience of going all the way here and can win in big matches, he managed to reach the semi finals here last year and I think he is pretty nice at 5/1. My other pick is more of an outsider shot, but one that does show promise, I am going to put a small stake on Cadby at 40/1. Not many people know much about the young Aussie due to lack of opportunities to play on the TV so far. However, when he has he has showed signs of being a good player and becoming better potentially, he played in the Masters events in Australia and New Zealand and impressed, including a convincing win over Phil Taylor. He appeared again on the TV a couple of weeks ago in the World Youth Championship Final and won comfortably against Van Peer. He has a lot of confidence and self belief in his game and this could take him far, watch out for this young lad and see if he can put down a marker for the future.

Quarter 2 picks:

Van Barneveld 5/1
Cadby 40/1

Quarter 3:

Gary Anderson 5/6
Dave Chisnall 10/3
Jelle Klaasen 15/2
Benito van de Pas 10/1
Terry Jenkins 25/1
Chris Dobey 33/1
Christian Kist 33/1
Justin Pipe 33/1
Brendan Dolan 40/1
John Henderson 66/1
Josh Payne 66/1
Andrew Gilding 80/1
Rowby-John Rodriguez 100/1
Jeffrey de Graaf 100/1
Mark Frost 250/1
Masumi Chino 300/1
Tengku Shah 300/1
Qiang Sun 400/1

For me Anderson is the stick out here at 5/6 because as I said previously he has really shone at this tournament in recent years and just looks unplayable at times, especially against some of the more average players in this quarter. There are players who can trouble him like Klaasen and Chisnall but can they really do it on the big stage? It is questionable. Anderson has played Klaasen the last two occasions here at the Ally Pally, last year he demolished him 6-0 in the semi finals but the year before he had to come from 3-1 down to win 4-3 in an absolute classic. I suggest a big stake on Anderson to win this quarter and a smaller stake on Klaasen, he has the scoring power to do it, he just needs to try and get his finishing right.

Quarter 3 picks:

Anderson 5/6
Klaasen 15/2

Quarter 4:

Peter Wright 11/10
James Wade 3/1
Ian White 9/1
Michael Smith 11/1
Gerwyn Price 14/1
Mervyn King 18/1
Steve Beaton 20/1
Steve West 25/1
Jamie Lewis 33/1
Jonny Clayton 66/1
Devon Petersen 80/1
Ricky Evans 80/1
Ronny Huybrechts 80/1
Mick Mcgowan 100/1
Kevin Simm 200/1
Jerry Hendriks 250/1
Warren Parry 250/1
Gilbert Ulang 300/1

This for me, is the weakest quarter of the draw and I think Wright and Wade must be licking their lips at their chances of making the semis. They are just a level above the rest of the quarter and none of the players below have really went deep into a major tournament any time recently. Smith has had a shocking year and the rest have never showed enough consistency and don't have the scoring power of Wright or the finishing accuracy of Wade. I am going to back both Wright and Wade with a slightly higher stake on Wright, you will be guaranteed profit over all if either of them wins.

Quarter 4 picks:

Wright 11/10
Wade 3/1

I will post match betting predictions the night before each session is played. Only 4 days to go, hopefully plenty people can get involved in the betting and discussion of this fantastic tournament.


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Re: PDC Darts World Championship Betting & Tipping Competition

Postby EDHINO » Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:43 pm

Hi all fellow darts fans.

Does anyone recommend a website for definitive head to head stats between players?

i have looked at one match over 3 different sites and the head to head stats were 3-3, 6-3 & 7-4 for the same players!

The first two detailed the matches whereas the third one did not.

As for the tournament, Peter Wright (12/1) looks a great Each Way bet at the moment with 1/2 odds for reaching the final.
He is in top form just now and pushed Van Gerwen in their last match where the defining leg was when Wright left 32 after 9 darts and didn't get a shot at it.
As Raffo has already alluded to, he is also a good bet to win the quarter, with James Wade his only realistic danger and the tactic of betting both with a larger stake on Wright looks a profitable road to go down.

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Re: PDC Darts World Championship Betting & Tipping Competition

Postby Buckz990 » Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:57 pm

Van Gerwen is obviously the one to beat but I like Peter Wright E/W at 12/1 he is playing very well form of his life he is due a tv title.

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Re: PDC Darts World Championship Betting & Tipping Competition

Postby tbuckley » Tue Dec 13, 2016 1:29 am

Fantastic contribution & a great read Raffo94, all the best with your bets. :win:

Very interesting to see that like me, both Buckz990 & Edinho believe that Peter Wright is a good Each Way bet, don't get me wrong you'll see from my blog that I really do believe that Van Gerwen is clearly the one to beat & I'll be surprised if he doesn't win it but for me if he doesn't then Peter Wright looks the best alternative, think he should be a few points shorter than the 11/1 to 12/1 on offer and I think that's value.

again here is the link for my blog on the tournament including full first round draw, stats for past winners, thoughts on the sections of the draws, potential bets to consider


Really can't wait for the darts to start now, plan for Thursday sorted, work in bookies 8 until 2, get home to watch Meydan races then watch the darts, lovely stuff!!! :win:
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Re: PDC Darts World Championship Betting & Tipping Competition

Postby safeseen » Tue Dec 13, 2016 11:01 pm

To be honest it is really tough to back against MVG this year. He has won so many of the big TV tournaments, and also plenty of the lesser tournaments. He is relentless is his search for titles, but my main concern if going big on Van Gerwen would be the format. Most tournaments are now what is classed as the most fair scoring method of legs. Here we have sets, and a player can lose the match despite winning more legs. That could throw some players a lifeline because quite often some of the bigger names, like Wright and Chizzy, have had a chance to take down MVG and totally let him off the hook. They could be more dangerous as despite not quite matching the number one they might be more likely to claim victory with the format. MVG usually gets away from people early on, but here that would only give him a 1-0 set lead, and after 3/4 legs they start set two at 0-0 again.

Cadby has been unlucky to get Barney and Taylor in his side of the draw. In current form he has to be considered more dangerous than Aidy Lewis who has completely lost it in the past few months. The Youth Champion has shown he can handle the pressure on TV and has huge self confidence, a little like MVG. This is likely the tournament that puts him on the map.

Snakebite just doesn't seem to have the belief against MVG, and if going to plan he will likely have to beat the double World Champion in the semi-finals before taking on MVG in the final. Wade is always a wildcard but again MVG usually has him covered. Taylor always has a chance but is likely to bump into Van Gerwen if he gets in to the semi-finals, and although he has a decent record against the Dutchman this format may well hinder his progress.

The value bet for me is not in backing Each Way outright, with the realistic options of Wright and Anderson simply not returning enough if coming second. MVG outright at even money at William Hill for a limited time tomorrow is more tempting, but still not what I would class as particularly good value. I will be looking to make profit in the set betting markets throughout the tournament, with players like Wade and Anderson in particular often going off the boil for a few legs in matches. 3-1 to the big Premier League players is usually nicely priced, and as Darren Webster showed last time out even MVG can lose a few legs in a row.

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Re: PDC Darts World Championship Betting & Tipping Competition

Postby PompeyJim » Wed Dec 14, 2016 11:20 am

Some great content already and just a quick reminder to all members the World Champs kick off tomorrow and the Outright Winner and match markets are available for tipping.


Good luck to all members taking part in the £200 Tipping Comp and enjoy the darts from Ally Pally !
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Re: PDC Darts World Championship Betting & Tipping Competition

Postby titans choice » Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:00 pm

Do tips placed today count towards the PDC darts championship competition or do you have to wait till tomorrow?

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Re: PDC Darts World Championship Betting & Tipping Competition

Postby Bobsselections » Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:49 pm

Backed Anderson last year and will stick with him this year.
He realises the importance of winning this particular tournament and ensures he prepares for it in the correct manner and as mentioned by Raffo94 as soon as the Players Championship Finals are over at the end of November the two weeks plus leading into these Championships are dedicated to practice, practice and more practice.
13/2 for the world number 2 to complete a hat trick of wins in this tournament makes sense compared to odds on for MVG who Anderson beat 6-3 in the semi finals two years ago.
Last year MVG only reached the last 16 losing 4-3 against Barney so he looks a bit of a risk in sets format.

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