Horses getting killed in grand national your views ( poll )

How do You feel about horse racing now

Still for it
Against it
Feel abit uneasy about it now
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Postby deswalker » Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:00 am

@Warren Hill

I'm surprised at that reaction tbh mate, do you really think Synchronised running loose had any influence on his fall?

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mike mercury
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Postby mike mercury » Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:13 am

The Vet allowed him to run :? ,Was the Horse totally fit to race after his warm up lap .... these things will continue to happen and i agree as well(over the fence ) that there are too many runners as loose horse,s seemed to impede other,s and Three were Brought down ... If a Horse (an i hope they dont) is to fall then i would hope that its through a mistake that the horse or jockey has made
What about a Silver and Bronze National ?? 30 runner maximum and earn your right to run in the National proper ??

I wonder that with differant bloodlines can be call that into question as we dont have those bigger boned horses that used to grace Aintree anymore and are they up to the task i dont know ?

Grand National is a great spectacle and we have to be careful that it,s not diluted into an ordinary race but at the same time any loss is damaging to those who seem to sit there half hoping it will happen so they can have their complain about it

lee cufc
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Postby lee cufc » Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:15 am

des,i didn' think that the horse was right after it ran loose mate and i did not back it :?
its not personnal,just my opinion

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Postby deswalker » Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:38 am

I thought he looked well enough, but maybe I wasn't paying much attention. :?

Has there been any official statement from McCoy or connections yet?
"The problem with the future is that there are more things that could happen than will happen" - Plato (liberally paraphrased)

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Postby gentmartin » Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:41 am

Firstly, I think Synchronised was fine to run after his little warm up lap and had nothing to do with his fall.
However, i do believe the national should have the number of runners cut down to make it a little safer for horse and jockey. i dont know of any other race in the world that runs with 40 runners. The knee jerk reaction caused due to the races high profile is not balanced and i know 100% that these animals are well looked after and loved by their stable lads n lasses, who are the ones who truly 'own' them and last night, Synchroniseds team will have been devastated. (Dont get me started on Greyhound trainers, thats a different kettle of fish)
What we really need to do is look at what happens to horses when they are retired, only the absolutely top horses go to stud, the majority end up at the slaughterhouse before being sold to france and the rest of europe as meat for both human and animal consumption, Look online for the numbers of race horses that are born each year, the number that actually make a racecourse, and the number that are retired...youd be stunned !
The afternoon was totally spoiled by what we learned after the race, i cant even rember the race now, i just see synchronised shocking us all and romping home at Cheltenham, and thats cos were human and we care, we love our racing and it will continue, but we must always put the welfare of the horses first. All these Vets and checks and all the rest of the 'safety nets' Aintree have put in place are just paying lip service and are media pacifiers. THe real issues are the fences and number of runners so for me, its a case of slowing the race down and reducing the number of runners. I see no point in running a race where we become more worried about the horses than excited at the race.

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Postby TheBooyRooney » Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:49 am

course syncronized was fine to run,jeez it only cantered's not as if it fell.people are looking for excuses.According to pete also died did it now,what was the reason for that? bad breakfeast?
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Postby meoldmate » Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:28 am

Before the race started with Syncronized being caught and brough back to the start and the vet looking him over, I said to my wife "he looks a picture of health and fit, a beauty of a horse" getting lose and not wanting to run, is people making things up to think what they want, if the horse did not want to run McCoy would still be at the start, you can take a horse to water, try make him drink it is a differant matter.

The course has been modified every year and if everyone wants a national to change, why dont they take the fences away and watch 40 runners go around three times without jumping and I bet you will still get injuries, even with thirty.

Four horses were pulled up, one with blood vessel, the other three had enough and one refused so the horse can call it a day and the jockey can not do a dam thing about it.

We never scream about the cross country races where jumping is and looks a bigger issue than these fences that are full of lose birch. When a horse gets injured in them, no one says "stop these races", they pick on this race as its a big HIstorical race, that has been to the head of the racing world for years and hopefully for years to come.

Like most members on here we go racing and watching racing on a daily agenda and we see horses, jockeys and supporters get injured but we don't scream for the meeting to be abandon, because a poor horse has been injured and had to be put down or a jockey has been rushed to hospital or if a spectator has fallen down injured or collasped and is seriously ill, I bet you look and walk passed and carry on with the days racing.
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Postby fluffnut » Sun Apr 15, 2012 10:30 am

As i have said on a different thread somewhere, i do not think that the running loose had any bearing on the fall whatsoever. However as i have also said, i do not think that Synchronised should have been anywhere near the national after winning the gold cup. Don't want to sound too harsh on connections because a loss is not easy to take but i think entering him to begin with was foolish in itself. It was imo an accident waiting to happen.


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Postby turfline » Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:05 am

I noticed that the thread poster says his 6 year old daughter was watching the race, and says for our entertainment...well i can get plenty of entertainment watching coach loads of teen-agers turn up at the race track, and some already intoxicated heading straight for the bar, and some getting totaly out of their minds through drink, and urinating were ever they can, and being abusive, and not caring one bit or know anything about Horse-Racing, but us who go there to watch the days racing keep putting up with it, and then you get the towns centre's at the week-ends were many young teen-agers are so blotto they cannot stand, and the police arrest or some have to visit the hospital to be pumped out, and you can see many of these actions on the TV programmes.

So the point i make is do you blame Horse-Racing for these thousands of coach loads of spectators who visit the race-meetings for their behavior, and who have no respect for the real horse race-goer.
Agreed not all that come by coach behave in a unacceptable manner, but many do.
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Postby InsideMan » Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:07 pm

they are doing an investigation into it but they are saying that Synchronized recieved his injury AFTER he fell... :yes:

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Postby Micko70 » Sun Apr 15, 2012 12:50 pm

Like i have just mentioned on the Grand National thread.

Since 2007, more horses have been killed @ Sedgefield than they have at Aintree.

I have never ever seen a campaign to ban horse racing after a death in a class 5 chase at Sedgefield.

Has anybody else?

In fact since 2007, 6 horses have died because of injuries sustained @ Ascot, ON THE FLAT

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Postby redman2 » Sun Apr 15, 2012 1:48 pm

Any horse can come down in the National and get killed. What Synchronised did before the race had no bearing on what happened.

Ironically though the decision to run him has cost McManus both Sychronised and victory in the race. McCoy would have made the difference between winning and losing for Sunnyhillboy.

It's hard to believe that Synchronised would have won anyway, he was trained specifically for the Gold Cup and it was always said he needed time between his races. He would have had to have been another Golden Miller or Red Rum to win and I don't think anyone thought he was that.

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