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Postby theonetime » Mon May 16, 2016 2:57 pm

thanks for the congrats donal, i was one of the few who gave ukraine 6, was the only song i enjoyed in the whole entire eurovision, i backed them when they were 25-1 when the news came that russia was trying to get ukraines song banned, but i also put quite a bit on russia, really didn't expect the jury to be completely useless, i still made a nice profit but still, i know now russia can never win again with jury voting

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Postby Anin420 » Mon May 16, 2016 6:13 pm


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Postby Systemsman » Tue May 17, 2016 10:22 am

"i backed them when they were 25-1 when the news came that russia was trying to get ukraines song banned."
Was not aware of this myself until after the result - I just wish someone had posted this info earlier (or did i miss it?) as it made it much clearer Ukraine could be the danger to Russia. Political songs are not allowed under ESC rules and Russia were right to ask for a ban - had the title been 2014 and not 1944 it would never have got in but it was still a "dog whistle" reference to Russia and Ukrainian events in 2014.

Had Russia put up Justin Timberlake himself to sing for Russia the juries would still have not given it to Russia!! Going t have to take this into account next year (and to a certain extent Sweden also has a problem with ESC jealousy if they are Fav so will always need something extra special to win now).

Happy that i did get right the vote from the ESC fans/public but unhappy i did not get the winner. There were a few who could have taken the vote from Russia - France/Ukraine/Australia so it was hard call for some time.

Will post my ESC 2017 system up on Thursday - it did work again this year (to select a short list with the winner) - think i am going to have to take it more seriously myself next year!

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2016 Roll of Honour

Postby Systemsman » Tue May 17, 2016 10:34 am

Congratulations to the OLBG ESC NAP team all of whom got Ukraine as their NAP selection in our Team vote:

Our 2016 roll of honour:

Donal Eurovision
Tom Ato

Well done to each and very one of you - top tipping!

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Team result

Postby Systemsman » Tue May 17, 2016 10:42 am

ESC 2016

How did the OLBG ESC 2016 team vote do?

This is the OLBG Teams top six.
62 points: Ukraine (6 NAP votes) WON
60 points: Russia (3 NAP) 3rd
37 points: Serbia (3 NAP) 18th
30 points Sweden 5th
28 points: France 6th
20 points: Armenia (1 NAP) 7th

Got the winner as No1 and 3rd as our No 2. (but Australia missing from top 6 - Australia was given 8pts) overall an excellent result for the team.

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Postby Systemsman » Tue May 17, 2016 10:59 am

Semi Final 1
1. Russia 342
2. Armenia 243
3. Malta 209

Semi Final 2
1. Australia 330
2. Ukraine 287
3. Belgium 274

Televote 2016:

1, Russia 361
2, Ukraine 323
3. Poland 222
4. Australia 191

Total vote 2016 (televote + jury vote)
1. Ukraine 534
2. Australia 511
3. Russia 491
4. Bulgaria 307

Makes you wonder how Ukraine came out on top.
These countries gave Ukraine 12 points (and its NOT a political song!!) - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Georgia, Israel, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia.

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Postby theonetime » Tue May 17, 2016 1:40 pm

I wasent actually aware this forum existed when I found out that news, by the time I was on here Ukraine was no longer big odds, 2017 I will be posting often though with everything I know, I also had a small £5 on Austria when conthita won, he was 40-1 I think, I did it for many reasons, mainly how the world is accepting the trans/gay community now, last year I didn\'t do too great, I loved estonias song and didn\'t get much from it, was pretty obvious Sweden was winning though, stage too good

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Postby markdowd » Tue May 17, 2016 8:13 pm


"Makes you wonder how Ukraine came out on top." you write. It's not rocket science: Jamala had the highest aggregate vote across the juries and televote. Russia had an Achilles heel with the juries and Australia had a (relative) weakness with the televoters. Ukraine scoring third and second respectively had a more even showing and hence amassed more points....and won.

Puzzled by one comment. You said, "there was never any way that the juries were going to let Russia win." If that was your considered judgement, does that mean that, in the end, you didn't bet on Russia? I mean, it is irrational to bet on a song that you think the juries will never back? And I mean, quite a lot of people on here shared your view....that Russia's jury unpopularity meant they could not win.

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Postby Donal Eurovision » Wed May 18, 2016 11:25 am

In truth 2016 has been a golden year for punters, any year where there is a false favourite in place its possible to achieve an incredible win. I was at great pains to point out the weakness of Sergey and it took me a while to figure out who the winner was after biting on a few red herrings.

My initial position on France was a good spot but poll success has NOTHING to do with winning the contest. Amirs song was the most successful studio version and he was very poor vocally live. Bulgaria could also have been much stronger if the staging has been better and a more favourable draw.

During rehearsals the true contenders come forward and shine. This is not reflected in any poll which is dealing with pre rehearsal studio versions. Some people will never learn this lesson and continually refer to polls and bookies odds which reflects where the money is being placed....which is based on poll evidence!!

In a tight year with a vulnerable favourite its wise to think differently from the herd. I tried to highlight this point for two months and am proud of my analysis this year.

March 5th - 10.42
“Russia are another disappointment, its garbage. A high finish is ensured just because its mother Russiaâ€

March 8th 22.15
“Hi Tom, I had the Ukraine at an early stage but sold everything on them at a very marginal profit. In my view the entry lacks something that almost all Eurovision winners have... "The feel good factorâ€


15th March - 9.38
Guys, this year is so reminding me of 2014.

March 16th - 10.18
“I see more twists and turns ahead but Russia will 100% start the Final as firm favourite.â€

17th March - 13.13
And if Russia (who we haven't seen live) fail to deliver and get an unfavorable draw we get a winner from down the field where there are a number of superior songs. One which is magnificent in fact.

21st March - 22.14
“Santos, for me value is to be had outside the present top 6 on oddschecker. There are a few in here that I suspect wont be come May.â€

25th March -01.18
“Wow.... Russia 47, Sweden 25
I'm calling it now, OLBG team has it all wrong this year.â€

4th April - 19.40
A second place favourite in double digits, wow!
This means Sergey is in the Rybak, Loreen, Emmelie de Forest & Mans Zermerlow category. Really?

April 22nd - 12.40
“There is every chance the winner will come outside Russia / France. If I was coming to the market now I would look beyond these two because the odds are so low and unattractive.â€

May 7th - 12.46
“Congratulations Ukraine ESC Winner 2016â€ ...

May 19th - 21.56
“One thing sure from semi1 night is that Russia is not winning this contest.â€

May 12th 12.28
“Guys,having seen the dress rehearsal of Ukranie, I believe that nothing beats Jamala.
Ukraine is a clear winner this year imo.â€

May 12th - 16.22
“At sometime around 9 o'clock tonight people who have taken a serious position on Russia will have their jaws on the ground after they witness Jamala's performance.â€

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Postby willieboy » Wed May 18, 2016 5:32 pm

Well now the dust has settled.......what happened!!
Despite negative comments...Russia probably had the best song....definitely best staging...and very popular singer.
Maybe it was judged 1) not liked because of their determination to win or 2) the sabotage that was quietly (or not so quietly) hovering over the Russian entry.
Now...this HAS to be a joke...UK giving 12 points to possibly one of the 2 worst songs in the final...(luckily for me i had a saver on Germany to come last just because I couldn`t see anything else to bet on!).
Poland.....absolute mystery...from last to 3rd highest votes///WTF!
Would Ukraine have won if any other East European Country had staged that song....
who knows...but didn`t do it for me.
The Swedish singer was well out of this depth...bit embarrassing...
Did I enjoy the final....absolutely....brilliant seeing all the different countries getting 12 points!!
Graham Norton is getting a bit boring though.....liked Mel presenting Semis....

PS The Danish jury gave Ukraine 12 pts by mistake...should have been nil.
PPS Over 310000 people have demanded a.revision of the results

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Postby markdowd » Wed May 18, 2016 5:41 pm

The widely publicised mistake by the Danish juror which led to Australia being denied points would have had ZERO impact of the final finishing order.

As for the 310,000 signatures demanding a revision of the scores, I suspect you'll find those have a large concentration of Moscow and St Petersburg postcodes.

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Postby UnderdogsLover » Wed May 18, 2016 7:49 pm

Hi all,
being a novice on Eurovision on draw thing??
is is best to play first or near middle?

If you near last like we UK played on 25th song,
That means playing near last the song not all that good??
which turned out to be..


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