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Postby meldettori » Sun May 24, 2015 12:19 am

I'll just try and guess now the next year's slogan.
What can one do after reaching the demons in their minds, and building bridges and become heroes...
"Synchronicity", "Cloud 9", "Birth", some of the slogans I was thinking of.

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Postby stereoman » Sun May 24, 2015 12:23 am

The top ten? Sweden, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Australia, Latvia, Estonia, Noway, Israel and finally Serbia. ... ntest_2015

Some rumours that Sweden were leading the jury vote, and that likely explains why it went into 'evens' and worse before the show started.

Thought the Belgium and Israel entries were absolute bobbins but they did well with the voters. A bit of late money for Serbia but it only scraped into the top ten.

Juicy odds in-running at Ladbrokes if you could've worked out that Austria (20/1!) and Germany (16/1!) would finish last even with dead heat rules applying.

'Free money' that the UK would finish in the bottom five. Me? Patriotically I didn't think it was any way near as bad as some people made it out to be but 'first impressions' count and most of Europe didn't agree. Also, doesn't help that most of Europe hate the United Kingdom these days.

Can imagine with Australia's 'success' that this won't be the last of the 'anniversary wildcards'. Can imagine in five, ten and fifteen years time that the likes of Brazil (Portuguese!) and Canada (French!) getting an invite...and with China (second biggest consumer market in the world!) finally broadcasting it live, they might even get an invite as well!

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Postby scoobydoo68 » Sun May 24, 2015 12:34 am

I enjoyed having Australia in the Eurovision however I would hate for it to go much further, if we let other countries from around the world in then we lose the smaller countries from around Europe that have made this competition what it is for 60 years.

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Postby stereoman » Sun May 24, 2015 1:04 am

Meh. Adds a bit of spice. The wildcards likely won't ever EVER be *COUGH* allowed to win.

The 'smaller' countries get to be a part of it during the semi-finals and have to earn their place in the final. Works for me. This likely won't be the last of the 'wildcards'.

...with the 'heavy hitters' like Turkey and Ukraine not taking part for various reasons, Eurovision doesn't really lose much by having another non-European country* taking part. I think it only adds to it not take away anything from the experience.

* Israel isn't in Europe no matter what UEFA says.
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Postby Pint Size » Sun May 24, 2015 1:05 am

Respect to the Guys that contributed so much to this Thread, I personally backed Backed Russia, Italy & Latvia, But hey ho', Congrats :)

Eurovision was total Politics, I got 28' of 40' ''12' Points'' Votes correct, And 32' of 40'
8' Points and Above Correct, Not Posted on'ere, Just counting in-doors and earned 5' Points from my friend because of it....

Good Thread Guys, Top Tipping :win:

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Postby Sableheart » Sun May 24, 2015 6:54 am

I wouldn't call it politics (Russia received too many points from the west for that). Besides, block voting is not going to save a poor song (see Germany/Austria)

It is true however that, given a choice between various strong songs, countries will generally give top points to block members. Which means that the entirety of Scandinavia gave their top points to Sweden, both Netherlands and France went with Belgium, and Italy's top votes could be found near the Mediterranian Sea.

No real upsets this year, at least not after the semi's, which means not much value for late betters. A great show nonetheless.

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Thank you all

Postby Systemsman » Sun May 24, 2015 10:22 am

A huge thanks to Donal Eurovision who did so much to carry this site this year -well done and to the Team.
Hope next year to play a full part after I have sorted out my prostate cancer (its only level 6 and contained but requires 8 weeks of radiotherapy in July/August).

An exciting finish! Really thought that Russia or Italy were going to beat Sweden after the singing finished. Italy let down by a poor stage show - it was all song (but well done). Russia let down as predicted by having a few East European non friends.
Not the best winner we have seen for sure - I started to go off the Swedish song after hearing it so many times (never did like the poor start) but it won in a year with so many average songs.

Well done all winners. Wonderful that the Teams chart got it right again.

Will say a bit more later today and post my system prediction for 2016 in the next day or so. Can we find the 2016 winner now - yes we might in a list of ten or so.

Going to enjoy my winnings a free kitty for the winter.

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Postby mazeymay » Sun May 24, 2015 10:45 am

I would like to echo the thoughts of systemsman and say a big well done to the regular posters who have helped amass 85 pages and over 50,000 views. :win: :win: . Systemsman get well and enjoy your winnings with whatever you spend it on mate

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Re: Update.

Postby Donal Eurovision » Sun May 24, 2015 10:54 am

Went to bed happy last night because I felt I got a very good run for my money on Russia at 40's. 303 points would have won many an eurovision but it was not enough to take down Mans on the night and as I kept him neutral, I had a free ride.

Besides I had Russia to win SF1 at 7/2 with Paddy Power and I viewed that as printing money. The win of course was not huge because as any experienced eurovision punter knows it is not possible to bet a large amount let alone a huge sum of money on a first or second favorite at low odds for a significant win as bookies will not take such a bet. Still we all have different definition of huge I guess.

However I feel tremendously sad this morning to learn that Italy absolutely crushed the televote and the juries absolutely sabotaged IIVolos win. I feel vindicated that the lazy comparison to France in 2011 was proved to be absolute nonsense. Without juries IIVolo easily won with Sweden finishing third. I am absolutely gobsmacked with the juries voting and will say no more except the television audience took 'Grande Amore' into their hearts like I hoped and they deserved.

Once more it has been proven that money never lies and that the winner will certainly come from the top four on the day of the final. Thoughts of 'dark horses' at that point is for dreamers and the deluded.

If a significant win is to be achieved the entry must be recognised as a contender at an early stage before the market sees the potential. I came very close this year and will return next year to try once more to land a big one as betting large sums of money on a short favorite is not for me.

Heartiest congratulations to all who backed Mans and well done to the team for spotting the winner.

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Postby botev1921 » Sun May 24, 2015 11:36 am

Looking at the jury votes from Lithuania I can safely say that the entire jury aspect of the is by far the most ridiculous innovation ever tried. Russia ranked 3rd by the fans and 20th by the jury comes to show precisely how and why politics played a part in one particular country results. There is a huge Russian minority in Lithuania, who were basically showed the finger. Sorry to say, but to rank Russia dead last (two of the jury members did so) is not in any way because of the song itself but because it's Russia. Just when I actually started having hope in humanity, you get bigoted people on a jury, which is supposed to consist of MUSIC experts, not propagandists.
Then you look at the ridiculous jury votes from Latvia - Russia gets one first and one last place - if that is not telling you something, I don't know what will.
I would not even want to start on how Azerbaijan handled Armenia - dead last by all jury members and the public and Armenia just doing the same. These kind of results have nothing to do with the songs, but are purely driven by hatred!

On the other hand we also have some purely cultural voting, which is wrongly labelled as political. Moldova jury gives 1st place to Romania all around and some call this politics? This is basically wondering why jury consisting of people from Yorkshire would give 1st place to the UK. Then you see exactly the same development with Serbia and Montenegro and I have exactly the same comparison. There is nothing political there, but simply people who are representatives of exactly the same culture and having a particular song much closer to their hearts than all the modern pop in the world. As Bulgarian I myself would have given Montenegro probably between 7 and 10 points simply because the song is extremely close to what I have grown up with.

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Postby Tom Ato » Sun May 24, 2015 11:50 am

Donal you are a true gent, thanks for your input this year, you were very unlucky not to have hit a big winner. Your time will come my friend, of that I am sure.

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Postby garc » Sun May 24, 2015 12:14 pm

well done lads. ye were pretty spot on with the top 3. Belgium saved me with 4th place. just about!! im trying to get a big bet on GERMANY for next year on but the bookies wont take my money :D

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