Eurovision Song Contest 2012

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Last post?

Postby Systemsman » Mon Jun 04, 2012 4:35 pm

OK i think its time to close this thred. When and if we do get the brakedown of points (jury/public) for the final i will post them up but its strange we dont have them yet.

Semi final results in case you didnt get them:

The results of Semi final 1
Points 1 Russia 152 2 Albania 146 3 Romania 120 4 Greece 116 5 Moldova 100 6 Ireland 92 7 Cyprus 91 8 Iceland 75 9 Denmark 63 10 Hungary 52 11 Switzerland 45 12 Finland 41 13 Israel 33 14 San Marino 31 15 Montenegro 20 16 Latvia 17 17 Belgium.

The results of Semi final 2
Points 1 Sweden 181 2 Serbia 159 3 Lithuania 104 4 Estonia 100 5 Turkey 80 6 Bosnia & Herzegovina 77 7 Malta 70 8 Ukraine 64 9 F.Y.R. Macedonia 53 10 Norway 45 11 Bulgaria 45 12 Croatia 42 13 Portugal 39 14 Georgia 36 15 The Netherlands 35 16 Belarus

New thred for 2013 will open on Jan 1st 2013 or thereabouts. Hope you enjoyed this year. I am confident we can crack it again in 2013.

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Postby tts272 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:13 am

Just noticed some weird thing about the voting

Greece picks up 116 points in the semi 1 and 64 points in the final
Romania gets 120 points in the semi 1 and 71 points in the final

And I would like to remind you that 18 countries vote in semi 1 and 42 countries vote in the final.

So what do you say guys on that?

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Finland and Germany - full result.

Postby Systemsman » Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:18 am

Managed to find the results for Finland and Germany. Its clear that Russia probably did well with the televote as expected so we will have to watch out for a clever novelty act that gets massive publicity but it will be hard for another "Russia" to be pulled off again so soon.


"While the Eurofan community is eagerly anticipating the release of the combined jury vote scoreboard from two broadcasters have already proceeded in publishing the names of the experts comprising their own juries as well as the points they awarded per country.

Finnish YLE was first just a few days after the Grand Final of the 2102 Eurovision Song Contest followed today by the German broadcaster. Finnish jury: Anne Hautala (presenter, journalist), Christina Wheeler (musician), Freeman (musician), Maki Kolehhmainen (producer, musician), Leri Leskinen (producer, musician)

Grand Final

Jury voting Combined result
Sweden 12 pts Sweden 12 pts
Estonia 10 pts Estonia 10 pts
Denmark 8 pts Russia 8 pts
Spain 7 pts Iceland 7 pts
Russia 6 pts Albania 6 pts
Iceland 5 pts Denmark 5 pts
France 4 pts Ireland 4 pts
Germany 3 pts Spain 3 pts
Albania 2 pts Serbia 2 pts
Norway 1 pt Germany 1 pt

German jury comprised of Anke Engelke, Tim Bendzko, Ben (singer, presenter), Miezekatz (singer MIA) and Sabine Henry. This is how they voted in the second semi-final and the final:

Grand Final
Jury voting Combined result
Sweden 12 pts Sweden 12 pts
Estonia 10 pts Serbia 10 pts
Iceland 8 pts Turkey 8 pts
Denmark 7 pts Russia 7 pts
Albania 6 pts Albania 6 pts
Serbia 5 pts Denmark 5 pts
Bosnia-Herzegovina 4pts Estonia 4 pts
Spain 3 pts Iceland 3 pts
Italy 2 pts Italy 2 pts
Ireland 1 pt Greece 1 pt

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Jury/Public vote

Postby Systemsman » Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:30 am

At last we have the split Jury/public vote. Sweden won on both i am pleased to say (still think that stage show was a bit risky). Russia only 11th with the Jury and one good reason why we needed the Juries and restores my faith that the best song can soemtimes still win (but we still have that Eastern bloc vote to consider).

Those juries loved Albania - 3rd(!!!!!) and again Italy - 4th (take note for next two years if they get a decent song with a decent performance - their final was poor this year and their studio version was better tha the live one).

UK last with Jury!! (and not surprised). When will we do a proper TV contest like Sweden with Public + European panels vote similar to the contest inself. It would be a big hit for the BBC if they had the confidence to try soemthing new.


1. (1) Sweden 343
2. (2) Russia 332
3. (3) Serbia 211
4. (7) Turkey 176
5. (4) Azerbaijan 151
6. (8) Germany 125
7. (13) Romania 117
8. (5) Albania 106
9. (17) Greece 89
10. (20) Ireland 89

11. (12) FYR Macedonia 79
12. (6) Estonia 78
13. (11) Moldova 75
14. (14) Lithuania 68
15. (15) Cyprus 63
16. (18) Bosnia-Herzegovina 57
17. (9) Italy 56
18. (10) Spain 45
19. (19) Iceland 39
20. (16) Ukraine 37
21. (25) United Kingdom 36
22. (24) Hungary 20
23. (22) Denmark 18
24. (26) Norway 16
25. (21) Malta 10
26. (23) France 0


1. (1) Sweden 296
2. (3) Serbia 173
3. (5) Albania 157
4. (9) Italy 157
5. (10) Spain 154
6. (6) Estonia 152
7. (16) Ukraine 125
8. (4) Azerbaijan 118
9. (11) Moldova 104
10. (8) Germany 98

11. (2) Russia 94
12. (15) Cyprus 85
13. (23) France 85
14. (14) Lithuania 82
15. (18) Bosnia-Herzegovina 71
16. (21) Malta 70
17. (12) FYR Macedonia 69
18. (17) Greece 60
19. (19) Iceland 53
20. (13) Romania 53
21. (22) Denmark 51
22. (7) Turkey 50
23. (24) Hungary 30
24. (26) Norway 24
25. (20) Ireland 14
26. (25) United Kingdom 11

Hope to see you all in 2013 - we can win again!! :yes:

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2013 dates to note

Postby Systemsman » Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:08 pm

Just to confirm the new 2013 thred will be up and running on Jan 1st 2013 or thereabouts.

2013 dates to note:
Semifinals 14th & 16th May

Final 18th May

Venue: Malmö, Sweden

Can we get the winner in 2013 - with your help we can!! :yes:

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Big changes in 2013 for draw order

Postby Systemsman » Sun Dec 02, 2012 9:34 pm

Big changes in 2013 for draw order:

"Quite often in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest it has been pointed out that the draw order sometimes can make a song score higher or lower. It is usually not believed to be only depending on how early or late in the draw it is performed, but also depending on what song is one before and after it. The latter has also often been said to be a reason behind the draw order sometimes being a disadvantage in terms of how interesting the show becomes. It's often claimed that TV viewers might switch off the TV when subjected to a large number of slow songs in a row, or the other way around.
Whether all of this is true or not is subjective and difficult to prove. But as a mean to try to avoid the effect of a random draw order creating a program that leads to a more uninteresting show than necessary, the EBU have allowed the producers of the show (this year being SVT) to decide the draw order than the songs will perform in. The change is meant to be permanent and will be used in future editions as well. This has caused confusion and outrage among many fans of the contest who consider this to do more damage than it will do good, while others welcome the idea.

Through a statement on the official Eurovision website, the EBU announced that from now on the draw will not be made at random with each country having an equal and fair shot at getting a good or bad draw. Instead the producers will be responsible for creating a draw with the aim of creating a performing order that will be as interesting as possible for the viewers. The draw order will then have to be approved by the EBU and the Reference Group.
"We want to make great television. For our viewers, but also for the participants. Allowing the producers to determine the running order will help to make more exciting television shows and allows each contestant to stand out, instead of being surrounded by entries in similar style or tempo," says Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Martin Österdahl, exectuve producer of Eurovision 2012, explains that by being able to control the draw they want to create a more dynamic and less repetitive show. "When writing a book you need to be able to decide the order of the chapters. We will look at the tempo of the entries, their genre and their visual expression, to create a good mix. We want to make sure there is a strong opening and a good ending, with a good variation in between"

The exact draw order for both the semifinals and the final will be determined with the use of this new procedure, with one exception. To avoid accusations of favouring the home entry, the hosting country's draw order will still be determined by a random draw. The allocation draw for the two semifinals will also be done in a similar way as previous years, meaning that it's done at random using the pots of countries based upon previous voting patterns. It is yet unclear whether this draw will only determine which semifinal a country participates in, or whether it will also determine which half of it, like in previous years."

We will certainly need to take this into account in 2013!

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Postby Dammo Qwirky » Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:07 pm

sounds like a method to fix it to where they wanna go on their holidays next year. have they been watching too much x factor?
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Postby Leaguesaint » Sat Dec 15, 2012 9:35 am

I wonder if this is the reason why Turkey have withdrawn this year.

After this weekend 3 entries for 2013 will be known. Looking forward to the discussions in the New Year.

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Not long now

Postby Systemsman » Fri Dec 21, 2012 9:06 pm

I will be opening up the new 2013 ESC thred on Jan 1st and its going to be a great year after last years great result for most of us. Let get the views going from week one - the more that take part the better and we will also have our own ESC vote again this year (part 1/2 etc).

By the end of Feb many countries have already selected their entry. The trick is the find the winner as soon as possible for the bigger prices (do not forget that if you place too big a bet with the high street bookies then the price will drop fast - often it only takes £100 or so, this event for some reason scares the bookies these days. Far better to place a number of smaller bets on the same country) but sometimes to get on too early often means selecting a false fav - so its an art form that i hope this Team can crack for 2013 once again. Its essential the singer/singers can sing their song "live" - each year we hear good studio versions that just cant be reproduced on the live stage (and its always a huge stage).

So Team lets get geared up and crack the ESC in 2013 - its going to be a lot of fun and i hope you will join us for the ride. :yes:

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Postby nors » Sun Dec 23, 2012 9:10 am

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Portugal, Slovakia and Turkey have all said they will not be participating in the 2013 contest.

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Six songs already picked.

Postby Systemsman » Sun Dec 30, 2012 10:36 am

It gets earlier every year! Did you know that six songs are already ot for ESc 2013? there is already a chart out for thes esongs as well - Switzerland is top but we have nothing to worry about with that one..

All this info will be posted on our new ESC 2013 thred on Jan 1st.

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Postby Leaguesaint » Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:59 pm

I've listened to the 6 songs announced so far. On the whole very uninspiring. No more to be announced for a little while I think.

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