Eurovision Song Contest 2011

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Postby jaycat62 » Sat May 14, 2011 10:36 pm

Great result, had Aber win and top 4, and Sweeden top 10, lost a little on UK, Austria and Romania, but not too much. (Don't use Betfair and lay, not confident enough!)

Many thanks for the views on this thread :) Thanks systemsman and showlad, great thread :) and thanks to all contributors. :)


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Postby Big Polveir » Sat May 14, 2011 10:39 pm

My best result.
Congrats to my 12 year old who was keen on the winner from day one.

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Postby Cianoo333 » Sat May 14, 2011 10:45 pm

Sorry if this has been asked before but, does anyone else think that the song that won sounds amazingly similar to a song currently on the radio. I can't quite put my finger on which one but I know I have heard it before

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Postby Systemsman » Sat May 14, 2011 10:47 pm

Not to be this year. Azerbaijan and Sweden the two countries who were able on stage to reproduce their stdio sound. Blue just not good enougth on the night. Azerbaijan had a very good set nice sound but in my opinion was not the best song in ESC 201 but others who did have good songs did not do well on stage.

East European voting bloc back 100%.

Italy 2nd - what!!!!!!!!

Will say more tomorrow.

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Postby stickygreen » Sat May 14, 2011 10:57 pm

Big thanks to everyone who posted on this great thread, had a small dabble on Azerbaijan this morn (traded out but still made a nice profit). Wouldn't have bothered but for the quality write ups :win:

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Postby betking » Sat May 14, 2011 11:02 pm

Heres the bet365 handicap market results if anyones interested. Bad luck anyone who was on Lithuania, Italy basically screwed everyone in this market I think....... unless *shock* someone back them?? :shock:

Greece +175.0 .....120 = 295
Ireland +35.0 .....119 = 154
Serbia +150.0 .....85 = 235
Slovenia +150.0 .....96 = 246
France +0 .....82 = 82
Lithuania +250.0 .....63 = 313
Romania +200.0 .....77 = 277
Azerbaijan +25.0 .....221 = 246
Bosnia +65.0 .....125 = 190

Denmark +50.0 .....134 = 184
Estonia +45.0 .....44 = 89
Finland +65.0 .....57 = 122
Georgia +80.0 .....110 = 190
Germany +45.0 .....107 = 152
Hungary +65.0 .....53 = 118
Moldova +200.0 .....97 = 297
Russia +80.0 .....77 = 157
Spain +250.0 .....50 = 300
Sweden +50.0 .....185 = 235
Switzerland +150.0 .....19 = 169
Ukraine +100.0 .....159 = 259
United Kingdom +35.0.....100 = 135
Austria +50.0 ..... 64 = 114
Iceland +80.0 .....61 = 141
Italy +150.0 .....189 = 339
Michelle Larcher de Brito - World Number One 2012 (c)2008

Ok so I said that 4 years ago, slightly wrong, wasnt I? Hahaha

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Postby cbris78 » Sat May 14, 2011 11:30 pm

Not to be this year. Azerbaijan and Sweden the two countries who were able on stage to reproduce their stdio sound. Blue just not good enougth on the night. Azerbaijan had a very good set nice sound but in my opinion was not the best song in ESC 201 but others who did have good songs did not do well on stage.

East European voting bloc back 100%.

Italy 2nd - what!!!!!!!!

re: the East European voting block, obviously it had an impact, but that sort of thing has to be factored in as it doesn't show up in polls to the same degree... when they drew 19 they were always going to challenge those before them, especially with so many other faves at the beginning.

fair play to all the work you put in

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Postby bottomlesspit » Sun May 15, 2011 5:43 am

I hope for the sake of the eurovision Ireland doesn't win ............... we simply haven't got the money to host the thing
I heard it cost the same for Germany to host it as it did for Austria to host the European football championships 3 years ago :shock:

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Congrats, Ell & Nikki

Postby Imaginarium » Sun May 15, 2011 7:07 am

I don't understand why bookies were after France. Damn, I regret choosing Iceland to win ESC 2011 but glad i only lost 50. In fact I was about to choose Azberijan but for no reason mouse dragged me to Iceland.
I won my both semi-finals bet on Greece and Sweden.

Congrats, Ell & Nikki!!! :<a href=/school/lesson15.php>NAP</a>:

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Postby nors » Sun May 15, 2011 7:59 am

A lot of members seemed to have found Azerbaijan (in the contest not on the map).

OLBG twitter highlighted King Pete and Betkings tips on Azerbaijan yesterday morning and there were lots of other members who supported them.

There seemed to be continued voting for your neighbours but maybe less than in other years?

I think maybe the UK will always find it hard to amass enough votes ever, the surprise was Italy and the France song just didnt come across well on the night.

Well done to everyone who found a winning bet on Eurovision.

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Postby MrFizz » Sun May 15, 2011 8:06 am

So much of Eurovision 2011 went to I hope lots of us cashed in. I had a few losers (notably Finland - bad, bad draw) and Hungary (poor Kati Wolf gave it a whirl in the final but she faced too many hurdles) but some good wins too:

Sweden (including to win SF2 at 8/1 - what a snip! - and ew outright)
Georgia (top 10 at 13/2)
Azerbaijan to win outright

As I expected Azerbaijan consistently mopped up results from across Europe, yet only a modest three 'douze points' - two less than Bosnia & Herzegovina and one less than Italy. I believe the draw won it for Azer - the performance was OK, but no better. However, if it's a simple song and simple, striking stage show there is less to go wrong. Friendly voting helped. Eastern Europe was always likely to flash its teeth this year. I moved a lot closer to this entry in the final few days once it was apparent we were looking at an open contest and also that the draw could play a decisive factor. (Mrs Fizz also annoyingly identified it as the winner after one listen)

Sweden was a rock solid, high octane Eurovision package by a proven performer with lots of appeal, especially among younger voters. It was interesting to monitor the frenzy of Twitter interest in Sweden and Eric Saade during the show. Social media and its influence is an emerging Eurovision factor. Sweden can consider themselves unlucky in terms of the draw. With only four slots remaining including three excellent late slots Eric must have been confident at the post SF2 press conference. However, he was last to 'choose' and so was handed the relatively poor early #7 slot. Fate probably denied Sweden a proper crack at victory...but that's life!

United Kingdom underperformed badly - vocals very weak and the stage show lacked dynamism to make up for it. Coupled with the fact it was an average song and the recent unpopularity of the UK in the contest, 11th place was about right. It never created a buzz and 'yesterday's men' Blue were treated sceptically I believe.

The whole France episode was curious. How did it become a favourite for this contest? I suspect its prominence in the pre-contest polls had more than a touch of self-fulfilment about it. Some people back favourites purely because they are favourite or seemingly fancied. Early on (i.e. several weeks ago) some bookies tightened up France's price because of a few speculative punts by ESC followers who rightly considered France's song different. Bookies always overreact when facing the unknown. After that I think the situation became self-fulfilling within Eurovision circles but the wider public were having none of it. Big lesson to learn. Glad I went with my instinct which can be a dangerous thing.
I've been wrong before (1,000s of times when it comes to betting!!) but I just cannot see the great Eurovision public buying France's operatic offering. Yes, it's a decent song which juries may get excited over, yes he's a bit of a dish (though not my type ducky), yes it's a great film soundtrack tune, yes it will stand out from the crowd ('oh you mean that opera one'), and yes France are guaranteed a place in the final whilst other fancied countries aren't.

But c''s a dreary song which will have the kettles of Europe whirring. It just ain't Eurovision and televoters won't go for it.
Italy was a surprise. First time in the contest for a few years and they clearly had broad support - not necessarily just for the song. A 'new' force to be reckoned with? One to watch for future years?

There has been some excellent, well-informed and reasoned discussion on this blog - contributors should feel proud to be part of it. Systemsman and Showlad in particular deserve much credit for their leadings roles. I guess that's my way of saying 'thank you' to them and to all. I've really enjoyed the banter and chipping in my tuppence worth over the last few weeks. :yes:

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Postby Big Polveir » Sun May 15, 2011 8:15 am

Sore head this morning.
A weird night and it seems almost that Azerbijan won by default.
Still - i kept the faith, nominated them very early on and despite my doubts about the female vocal actually topped up my bet on the day - im sure the good draw was a factor in their success. The song was of course beautifully staged.

My wife and daughter are happy this morning as i put them onto the winner and they both won 200+.

For me, adding in the Ireland Top 10, this was my best ever betting result -pays for my holiday in Portugal later in the year.

Yes, there were a few losing bets along the way (austria disappointed) but i really can't complain.

The surprise of the night was Italy - didn't see that coming and blew out of the water my handicap bets. The semi-final results were also a surprise.

A final thing to remember for next year is the importance of the draw and not to discount strong ethnic (disapora benefiting) offerings such as the one from Greece.

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