Eurovision 2018

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Re: Eurovision 2018

Postby botev1921 » Sat May 12, 2018 10:42 pm

Thank God the public still has something to say. That all comes to show how useless the jury vote is!

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Re: Eurovision 2018

Postby sandy123 » Sat May 12, 2018 10:57 pm

Bottomlesspit glad Israel came to your rescue, because of free bets I have made a small profit on Germany. But can't help being disappointed with the result. In a similar way to last year with Portugal, I would have preferred almost any other song to win than Israel. Next year I am going to bet on the song that I think is the biggest load of crap, I am bound to win :)

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Re: Eurovision 2018

Postby meldettori » Sat May 12, 2018 11:30 pm

I must say I disagree with the "public vote". This is a blend of people from a native country going to another country to vote for their own. And it's also a possibility of public liking soda pop or nonsense songs, even political ones or stick it to 'em songs.
I remember the "Batlanim" song from the late 80s or so, when Israel actually wanted to stick it to 'em, Europe, well that song was a parody as well but wasn't Israel's time again in the 80s.
What happened with the juries obviously going for more reserved songs in Austria and Sweden and Germany wasn't a shocker, although at first I thought it was, i forgot this was "jury votes". They always change who votes what and from who it comes.
This is why music shouldn't be voted, much like dance in figure skating, but oh well.

PS: I just realized this song, well the writers behind the song, or even more whoever wanted to get their "Stick it to 'em" ( 'em meaning mothers out there on Mother's Day in some countries around Europe) did just that with the "motha-bacca", in the official videoclip of the song you can hear the m-f slur, supposedly cool, the mudda-f'in beat. So the song just happened to come out around this period and make an impact.. "woman, so divine". Strange.

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Re: Eurovision 2018

Postby bottomlesspit » Sun May 13, 2018 6:01 am

Very Interesting market this year and a generally fair result, I think
Anyone holding a 33-1 ticket on Cyprus can pat themselves on the back even if it didn't quite butter the parsnips.
I think just about every song spent some time in the top 5 in the betting.
Early 5-1 favourite Finland 2nd last!

When you look at the songs too long it all starts to become a bit of a mush, doesn't it?
I flagged up Austria a long time ago as did someone else, and then went off it totally - certainly didn't have a penny on it,
I also did a hatchet job on France and then went and backed it 2 weeks later!
It all easy in hindsight, but there at least seemed to be a forum census that Cyprus wouldn't win, which is a decent start
Israel got me out of jail and Denmark at 9th gave me a reasonable strike rate, although I am in no position to tell the boss to shove it on monday morning

I will probably be waiting late again next year until the songs have performed
The longest Israel ever was was after the first semi, and the frontrunners in March and April all finished nowhere
As always, it has been a pleasure, chaps
Have a good year - see you back here in 2019 for more drivel!

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Re: Eurovision 2018

Postby ThePolytrackKing » Sun May 13, 2018 8:40 am

well that was an interesting night glad i was proved right in cyprus not winning but my only winner last night was israel. My finland bets what can i say nowhere near if anyone had austria,germany,italy for top 5 well done cause i did not see that coming i'm just in profit this year thank god israel won cause if they had not would of been a loss been good fun see you all next year.

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Re: Eurovision 2018

Postby adamross » Sun May 13, 2018 10:39 am

Congratulations to those who got on Israel. I see they actually won their semi final ahead of Cyprus so the market move there was a little strange.
At least it gave people the opportunity to get on Israel at far higher odds than the 2/1 advised and it actually presented a great Each Way opportunity where 4/1 or better at 1/4 odds a place with no lose if they placed.

Well done those who flagged up Cyprus (early) and mentioned Austria. Neither were on my radar. I struggled to find a viable challenger to Israel all through though I baulked at the sub 2/1 odds.

The market seemed much volatile than in past years and I got into poor positions on several of the early market favourites. That's a learning point for me for next year. On the plus side, some of my more substantial bets were steamers. Switzerland Top Ten and Ireland to win. Although Switzerland were nowhere near qualifying (13th) and Ireland finished bottom half (!) it was possible to make a nice profit - or at the very least have a free bet - if laying the bet. I actually layed Ireland to win at less than the price I got for the place - that is amazing and reflects how volatile the market was. (I appreciate if betting to small stakes, it often isn't worth laying.)

Some of the market moves were plain crazy. How was the UK gonna win or even get to near the top of the leaderboard because of a stage invasion when half of the points were allocated on the previous nights performance? Easy money to be made by the layers there.

Anyway, really good to hear all contributions again this year. We all have our own different angles and I really enjoy reading views across the spectrum.

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Re: Eurovision 2018

Postby garc » Mon May 14, 2018 10:13 pm

thanks to all who contributed on here, it really was great fun. won on my Cyprus 66/1 ew and Austria 125/1 ew but Israel cost me big time.
difference of about 1k in profit. also lost my Swiss 30/1 top 10 Bet. anyone think that if the contest was on a week later after what happened today in Gaza it would be a different result? anyway, I'll have to get over it, spilt milk and all that.

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Re: Eurovision 2018

Postby Systemsman » Wed May 16, 2018 6:14 pm

A very good win on Israel :<a href=/school/lesson15.php>NAP</a>: , Cyprus would have been a little better for me but still a excellent win and my first selection of two. Surprised Israel managed to pull it off with such a poor stage show but they had weeks of momentum behind them with their song all over social media and euro charts. Cyprus surprisingly failed to win the jury vote and this cost them big - they also gained momentum only in the last week and could not catch Israel, they has a great stage show (and perhaps peeked in semi final) but the song was only good rather than great. On a personal level I thought Germany did very very well on final night - it would appear that the jury now like that simple sort of song - the secret now is to strike a balance and get top 3 jury and top 1/2 public vote.

Will be back early next year now i have worked out how to log on to this site.

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