The annoyance of trainer/jockey multi-entries

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The annoyance of trainer/jockey multi-entries

Postby Shrews » Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:24 pm

I'm sure everyone else is sat at home now getting a bit miffed that trainers can't seem to make up their minds what races their horses are running in and who is riding.

I understand that leaving them in for later in the week is a good strategy i.e the ground may be more suitable or the horse might suffer an 'unseated rider' exit earlier in the week.

I also understand that this is all extremely competitive and a trainer might be waiting for another to 'show their hand' before showing theirs.

However, there's some I just don't undertsand. For example David Pipe (and for me he's usually one of the better ones) and his entries for Champagne On Ice. He's entered for both the 3m 1f Ultima and the 4m NH Chase on the same day. Sure, he may feel his horse has a better chance in either/or and may well be waiting to see what his rivals do, but this is a distance difference of 7f and surely he knows what distance is best for his horse.

He has stated in ATR stable tour that the 4m race will probably be the target, so why still the hesitation?

And as for Mullins/Ruby, either Ruby is the most indecisive person ever, or the phone lines and broadband connections in that part of the world are akin to the Amazonian jungle.

Pre-Cheltenham rant over. :D

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Re: The annoyance of trainer/jockey multi-entries

Postby nors » Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:08 am

On the Sunday Forum they discussed this, Alistair Down said "it was up to the owners/trainers and was vociferous in opposition to John Hunt's idea that trainers could only enter 1 horse at a particular stage.

What i found interesting was that the panel were all of a certain age and pooh poohed the idea with Down the most against.

He then in the next discussions referred to himself as a dinosaur. He couldn't see that his opposition to this subject was exactly this "dinosaur attitude to change".

There is not a perfect solution but to attract new bettors to horse racing this multi entrys fiasco needs to be looked at. New bettors are confused.

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