Cheltenham - Getting Your Bets On - When and Where?

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Cheltenham - Getting Your Bets On - When and Where?

Postby monkeytennis » Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:15 pm

As a pretty serious punter on the flat I always try and get my bets on as soon as the prices are available the evening before (usually around 5pm) as I find my selections usually shorten (dramatically) between that time and the time of the race.

However with bookies competing for everyone's bets over Cheltenham I often see the bookies betting to much smaller margins late morning day of race.

So what I want to know from other members is:

What time do you place your bets - the evening before, first thing in the morning, lunchtime or ahead of each race?

What sort of bets do you place - singles, multis (which ones?), a combination of the two?

Do you bet on all or the majority of races - only the Grade 1s, only the handicaps, only the live races?

Where do you bet - Not which bookie specifically but online or offline, same bookie all week or wherever has the best odds/offers?

Hopefully we can find out how OLBG members approach the Festival and what the best strategy for making the most out of our bets is!


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Postby jennywales » Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:59 pm

Interesting question....

As a "non serious" punter, who attends all 4 days on course, I usually do the following.

Look up form (as a reminder) and prices the evening before - I may take a price on something I fancy then, on line, and usually on Betfair. But those will be few and far between.

No multiples (although I have been known to be tempted into a L15 beforehand).

I bet on each race on the course, because my view is that this is part of the fun. On the Tote (because at present the profit goes back into racing, although that might change when the current license runs out in 2017 - I think....)

I don't on the whole bet with bookmakers on course. Or with high street bookmakers in the shops.

On line or on course for me. Nowt else in between!

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Postby Shrews » Tue Mar 01, 2016 9:42 pm

I've had multiple accounts for many years now but generally just stick to Hills and Ladbrokes online at Cheltenham time. I just find (through past experience) that these two sites operate best when it's busy i.e the bets go through ok!

I stick to Lucky 15's and accumulators in the main as it's the best time of the year to enjoy the chance of a retirement bet for me. This year I will have an 80 point bank and I am happy that can be written off i.e I can afford to lose it.

If I'm decisive or can't resist the restless trigger finger, I will generally put the bets on in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Possibly as many as four of the eight I have planned to take advantage of big prices that I think will shorten significantly later in the week. After that it's normally one or two a day depending on how well they do.

For example, I might have a lucky 15 covering all four days and if I get two winners on the first couple of days then I will re-invest that money won onto another bet i.e if the two winners returns 50pts that will be reinvested into another bet and if the two others win (4 winners)then I obviously win big, but if I lose then I know the money is invested to give me another chance of a big win.

It never really unravels until the Friday, which is great! If I have winners on Monday or Tuesday then I know I will have plenty of open bets for the final two days. If I have no winners then I know I still have some in the bank to cover Thursday and Friday.

The important thing is not to go mad on Tuesday (easier said then done).

If, at the end of the week I have lost 80pts down, then so be it, it's been a bad but still fantastic Cheltenham. If I break even I am happy, any more is a bonus. If it's like last year I will have a smile on my face until next March (but still going to work).

If it wins big then it's goodbye work and hello freedom!

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Postby slimey » Tue Mar 01, 2016 11:36 pm

Paddy Power has just sent me an email that on all races, if your horse comes second you get your moneyback as a free bet!

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Postby Alphabet » Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:41 am

I will spend the night before just firming up my plans. I might back one or two based on a judgement call of the price shortening or not on the morning of racing. The others I will leave until the morning. My bets are usually singles, and during Cheltenham will usually have a little go at the placepot each day.

Not my usual approach, but for the Festival I do like to at least form an opinion on most races and so will have some sort of bet as a result. The small fields with a strong yet not invincible favourite are the ones I steer clear of - this year the Arkle and Champion Chase look like falling into that bracket.

All my bets these days are online, and will usually add a couple of new accounts to my 'portfolio' for their offers each year. Generally though I use the same two or three regularly.

As always I will be at Cheltenham on the Tuesday this year, and will relax watching some top quality racing knowing all my bets are down. If I log into an account in profit that night, it's a good start. If not, we go again Wednesday! As Shrews mentioned, the key is not blowing the lot on the first day.

Good luck all, and enjoy.

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Postby The Shark » Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:53 am

Wow yes thats a good offer from Paddy

Max £25 per customer per race . Win and win part of each way singles. (i.e. doesn't count on multiple bets)

We also currently have a nice bet £10 get £30 account opening offer through OLBG with Paddy Power - via this link - Paddy Power

In answer to the question though, it does vary for me - a few ante post, mostly NRNB. Some in the days leading up, some night before and occasionally morning of racing.

I do find from experience though that any later than early morning and the prices do tend to really shorten up. Racing Post tips, price wise especially of course have a huge influence so if you haven't got your bet on and price wise go and tip it up, you wont get great odds.

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