New Bookies Require Your Reviews

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New Bookies Require Your Reviews

Postby nors » Fri Jul 28, 2017 10:52 am

Hi Guys
We’ve recently add some new bookies to the site in LeoVegas & BetSafe, and they are yet to receive any reviews from members. We have a lot of new members who are looking for experienced members to guide them.

Does anyone have experience of using either of these bookies? It’d be great to give the your fellow members/users and us an idea of what they have to offer, what they do well, and perhaps what their site is like.

If anyone would like to give them a try, you can join them using the links below. Just don’t forget to leave a fair and frank review :)

Please click this link
LeoVegas: LeoVegas

Please click this link
BetSafe: BetSafe

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Re: New Bookies Require Your Reviews

Postby Grobler » Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:15 pm

probably not the right place for a review...but its fresh in my I'm gonna post !
1. Betsafe
the opening offer is deposit £ 30...get £30 bonus. Sounds good eh ? The small print is that you have to turn the lot around 6 thats place £360 worth of bets ! Unless I'm missing something....ALL the initial £30 is locked until £360 worth of bets placed. cant change your mind !
Its a long hard slog to safely bet through £60 six times....
However...the good thing is that the "promotion" is easy to monitor....I have currently got 33% of the way there (I place a lot of £1 bets) , and I still have about £50 in the pot...with about £15 in outstanding bets . I hope to at least make a profit from the deal.
Oh...hang on ?...thats not what you want me to review?
Well...the best thing about this site is the bets seem to be settled INSTANT. My balance moves up as soon as the final whistle sounds. I hope any eventual cash withdrawal is as quick !
Its a decent looking site...the odds are certainly competitive....I like it a lot (however I'm still annoyed at not checking the small print prior to depositing that £30 :(
Now...this is a sexy opening offer....stick a tenner get two £5 "tokens" to play which double up the would have to be a greedy muppet to not make this one work. OK...I got lucky with £5 on Leeds....and then £5 on Huddersfield...but I have already banked £42 profit :D
This is the simplest site I have ever seen...not much going on at all...nothing to confuse you. I think this is GREAT , though maybe my judgement is clouded cos I won :?
If you just want to place simple bets with no fuss....well worth checking out
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Re: New Bookies Require Your Reviews

Postby Dymond27 » Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:16 pm

Hi Grobler,

Thanks for your response :) Betsafe pride themselves on having the 'fastest withdrawal times in the business', so hopefully you can get your money just as soon as you've reached 100% of the playthrough!

As for Leovegas, I find their search function really good. I do hate clicking through endless menus to find what I want, so it's perfect for me. Great job on getting 2 winners with the £5 tokens as well!

Now that you've had some experience with both of these bookies, it would be great if you could leave a couple of reviews in our 'Bookmaker Reviews' section. Should be able to find it on the bottom left of the pages linked below if you're on desktop.

Leave a LeoVegas review

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