Football software your choices and thoughts?? (Not bots)

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Football software your choices and thoughts?? (Not bots)

Postby butcher84 » Mon May 18, 2015 10:32 am


I have a question been doing some reading im wondering iv seen people talk about different software they use for football can the people that use the software give me a quick low down on what you use it for, how it performs,

im looking to get some software that gives me more stats regarding the games im looking at or researching. at the mo im just using a few stats sites on the web and Betfair,

i have used betangel but found the soccer mystic to be confusing and trial ran out (granted was a year ago should have more of a understanding now) before i could get my teeth into it didn't fancy paying all that cash on something i cant use, im at the point now i need to push myself forward, with so many options i think i could do with some un-biased opinions on the software.

im not silly and know there is no holy grail but would love some honest info and feedback, pro's con's, tricks, reliability,

This is a very quiet forum and haven't found any really active ones either regarding trading?

appreciate any time u spend helping me guys

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