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Postby Capitanos2 » Sun Jun 19, 2016 6:12 am

For those interested, french sports channel L'Equipe21 says that the three players upfront against Switzerland will be Griezmann, Payet and Gignac. Midfielder Yohann Cabaye is also supposed to start against the swiss as is Pogba.
Thank you for the information! It seems that France will rest some players but still they are looking forward to winning against Switzerland, too.

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Postby Capitanos2 » Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:54 am

Being Romanian, I hope that I could help some of you with some insider information about our national football team.

As far as squad news are concerned, we do not have numerous injured players at the moment. We are really fine concerning this aspect of the game, but the value of our squad is not remarkable at all.

Do not get fooled by the outstanding defensive record in the preliminary round. (We conceded only 2 goals, the best performance in the qualifiers). Romania had arguably the weakest preliminary group in the history of the qualifiers and did not even manage to finish first in a group in which Greece was beaten twice by Faroe Islands, Finland was mediocre while Hungary and Northern Ireland did not play impressive football. It was just a horrendous group in which the quality of the matches was really low.

However, I am not saying that the Romanian team does not defend well at the moment. They proved it against Spain that they are capable of playing compact fotbal in defense but even so, the Spaniards had enough scoring chances.

Romania can play well defensively but I think this European Championship will show in fact that Romania is not that good at the back. Except for Grigore, who is a decent central defender, we do not have the stability that we previously had with Gică Popescu and more lately Cristian Chivu.

The managerial style of Anghel Iordănescu, the 65-year-old coach of Romania is very defensive. He is one of the most defensive-minded coach and conceding only 2 goals in the preliminary round speaks volumes about it given the fact that Romania was not supposed to defend against any of its opponents: Hungary, Northern Ireland, Finland, Greece and Faroe Islands. In fact, a group in which all the teams were defensive minded made Romania look appalling at times as Anghel Iordănescu insisted on not taking risks at all.

Romania does not have any star players at the moment. In 2008, we approached the Euro having Chivu and Mutu in our squad which meant some prestige to our squad. We now only have Rat, Maxim, Tatarusanu and Chiriches who have got some European prestige. If you have not heard of them, that is about what I am trying to intend.

The more positive side of this story is the fact that Romania plays like a team now. They seem to be more united than in the past and play more compact at the back. The passing game can be quite good at times but that depends very much on the pressure the Romanian players have to face.

It is known that Romanians often fall short in the important competitions because we do not manage to stay cool-headed.

I expect Romania to play very prudent football against France in the opening match of Euro. I feel that our campaign depends a lot on the result we will get against the home side. If Romania manages not to get defeated by France, we can certainly reach the last 16. Switzerland should beat us, however, as they are a superior team to us.

All in all, I believe Romania is sure to be incapable of winning the group, but might end anywhere between the 2-4 places. Romania vs. Albania is going to be a tighter match than a lot of people expect because they play football alike.

In conclusion, I expect Romania to be one of the lowest scoring teams in this Euro and to be unable of facing the huge amount of pressure. Romania could lose all the games if they will not take risks. The fate is in Anghel Iordanescu's hands. Will he take more risks now? I doubt it.
I do not like to brag about my successful bets or something like that, but I hope that my information was helpful for some of you. It appears that I was right regarding the overrated defensive record of Romania as they conceded in each game and a total of four goals, and Anghel Iordănescu has not taken risks. Looking back now at Romania s Euro, it is quite surprising that we did not lose to Switzerland in the second half and the fact that Romania played so well against France.

It is a pity that most Romanian players were satisfied with their performance in the opening game and with the idea of impressing people worldwide and that looked to be enough fulfillment for them. Of course, they fought a bit for qualifying but there was no real drive.

Except for Andone (the striker from Cordoba) and possibly Stanciu or Chipciu, this team needs to be built from scratch. The mentality is nowhere near where it was 15 years ago and the style of play is one of the most boring in the modern game.

The only good news is that Anghel Iordănescu is likely to quite managing the national football team of Romania.

Long passes from defenders will not win you games but Romania keeps on doing this kind of things. As a Romanian, I am not going to be very optimistic about the near future and I can guarantee they are not going to reach the 2018 World Cup. For those interested, they play in a group with Poland, Denmark, Montenegro, Armenia, and Kazakhstan. There should be solid odds for Romania to finish outside the top 3 in that group.

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