£1500 Euro 2020 Tipster Competition

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Re: £1500 Euro 2020 Tipster Competition

Postby dacris69 » Wed Jun 30, 2021 5:22 pm

switzerland to win the trophy @101, good odds imo, jump on them :cool:

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Re: £1500 Euro 2020 Tipster Competition

Postby dacris69 » Wed Jun 30, 2021 6:07 pm

Well, these are only my 2 cents but... i think this kind of competition should be changed a little bit. It's very common to see many tipsters not so "interested" the the competition, they only used to pick the highest odds possible. I could name right now a bounch of tipsters that used to pick in each sports/market/competition/ only the highest values: It's only a mathematical thing, sooner or later you will pick something unpredictable. And with higher prizes a single win could cover 1 year of trying. I think for real appelling competitions like this one (or the next world cup in Qatar :D ! ) the markets included should be changed: First goalscorer, HT/FT, booked players, correct score and all the markets with this kind of high odds shouldn't be allowed. I think it will be fair enough also for the spirit of the competition to avoid all the markets that could end the same competition after the first 3 games and force all the other people to pick randomly bets only based by the highest values. this Euro 2020 competition lasted only 4 or 5 games. If it was allowed only a 1x2, A.handicap, total goals, Nr. of cards and corner (is just an example, i don't remember which other markets could fit in this my personal list) there always a chance for everyone to build a good lsp even if "tipster X" won the strangest bet in the competition. If I remember correctly the highest odds has been at 13 and it's pretty different trying to chase 13 of lsp than 80. the competition will be very fought, in balance and for the whole tournament you will have many "active" tipster (it's obvious i will not continue to chase 80 and maybe with the risk to lose a prize position). Well I hope I was clear, and as usual a big thank for all OLBG staff
nice post, agree with you
also the prizes range could be more diverse which would be a great incentive to keep playing

there are 105 places with prizes now right? places 105-75 would get 5 real money, 74-44 10 real money, 43-13 15 real money, 13-5 20 real money and so on, or something like this; prizes spread like this would make you play even if you are in the lower places and 50-60 lsp away from the first spot for example.

hopefully will be the case for qatar if there is a competition then.

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Re: £1500 Euro 2020 Tipster Competition

Postby meoldmate » Sat Jul 10, 2021 11:24 pm

Competition practically over, one player clear with write ups on big results, good for him and sound reasoning for a change on all selections he has got right
Feri1944 79points take some pegging back.

It's far from over! It only takes one game to turn things around as Feri1944 proved yesterday! The number of tipping options that are still left is immense so for anyone to give it at this early stage would not be advised!

As I stated above and been highlighted one big price does the trick, to the normal punter and member who puts up practical write ups to assist their points

The leader last tip on the Euros was on the 17th June no more advise tips from then on, so how does he help the community ?????

I am sitting in first place with Greyhounds and I am still writing up good points, so punters know I helping to advise members, it is immaterial whether you leave correct scores in all not. what you need to do, is not fifteen entries but around 30 and make it over thirty words or even forty, these one liners from many members.

It was kindly pointed out to me with an email about American football with my reasons were not good, have a look at the cycling reasoning as a pointer, I been trying to find things out so I can put something sensible over but not to write " he is in a good position and can push hard up a hill and glide down one for safety reasons". twenty hard stuff words for this and win an award.

I been with OLBG for hell of a long time and enjoy this site and everything to offer but we always come back to the same debate on how to have a competition fairly run.

Come on Zipster you been here at the table long enough to know, we are on the same table for fair play, at least I stopped trying on the American football due to the email you sent me, which I thought is fair play.

But Euros was won a while back when I put my statement up and that member has not contributed anything since but at other sports.
Well done to him, as he is not the only one who has done this and will not be the last.

A friend of mine ask me why do you keep putting up reasoning tips when you are leading, my reply " I cannot help it, feel it is fair play and be member friendly", his reply "they are not member friendly to you", I know and left it that.

It is like discussion pages none of those tipsters got to the discussion pages and put over points of view or tips.

Here is a point, Add this in, No partake in discussion pages with less than twenty entries, per month, you could forfeit any competition winnings. therefore you will find out who are true members and who are not.
The annoying part OLBG make there money from hits from twitter etc, so understand why you need thousand upon thousands of members.
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Re: £1500 Euro 2020 Tipster Competition

Postby meoldmate » Sat Jul 10, 2021 11:32 pm

It is really great to be down low to win £5 but to be within touching distance of a bigger reward would be better still, I agree with what dacris69 has put over, not going to chase 80pts but I have been giving it a go but never got close.

The tennis competition is close and enjoyable as you get five write ups correct, you can be within a shout of being near the top, unless you tip up the outsider of the two players, the outsider in this game rarely wins.

Something has to change so we all can challenge for first place, not be over after a few matches like this one was.
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Re: £1500 Euro 2020 Tipster Competition

Postby stretchpaul » Sun Jul 11, 2021 9:29 am

'Something has to change so we all can challenge for first place, not be over after a few matches like this one was.'

I have been thinking about this too so how about this...

Have a monthly competition for say football and include only the following markets with sensible comments of course.

Both to Score (Yes or No)
Asian Handicap

As the prices would most likely range from 1.40-2.40 on each of those markets then that would most certainly keep things close and exciting as no member could possibly run away with it and any leader would have to keep contributing each day to keep their challenge as others could easily overtake if they did not.You probably would not win picking all the favorites or indeed all the underdogs on those markets either.
I am going to be playing the new football season comps as they are but something like this I would most certainly be up for as I feel its a difficult but fair challenge.

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Re: £1500 Euro 2020 Tipster Competition

Postby meoldmate » Sun Jul 11, 2021 11:59 am

Stretchpaul could not agree more, the more challenging the competition the better the competition gets and more than likely look at members reasoning if in profit to make a challenge and possibly add a yes or no to reasoning and a good percentage, many members put up good reasoning.

When competitions of this nature appears, chancers will go for high prices with the chance of ten written up one would pay off and give them a big score, they remind me of the poker players that wanted to know the password to play OLBG freeroll, not really to be a member but to get a fast buck for nothing and on 888 showed this when 2000 people were playing for $100 for a top prize around $4 for the winner and not a member amongst them.

I thoroughly enjoy this site, the best far as I am concern and the challenge is great but always up for the challenge and it is tough and competitive, the members that come to the discussion pages pleased to see and read views.

My write up for Euros is done and Scoring big with Italy and England predicted for the final at 25/1 with England to win 8/1 and Italy around the same price for each way, still will not cause a stir in the competition.

Good luck all with tipping.
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Re: £1500 Euro 2020 Tipster Competition

Postby dacris69 » Mon Jul 12, 2021 8:34 am

shaw first scorer @51 odds daaaaamn, and bonucci anytime scorer @21 i think, so 70 lsp, would have been nice 5-10 ppl to put this :lol:

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Re: £1500 Euro 2020 Tipster Competition

Postby PompeyJim » Wed Jul 14, 2021 11:33 am

Thanks for the feedback from those members posting before and during the competition, this has been collated. Well done to feri1944 for winning the £500 top prize finishing the competition with a 78.78 level stakes profit from 76 tips placed, 40 were profitable (52.6% strike rate).

cadillac06 collects the £200 runner up prize after finishing with a 51.92 lsp and 37 profit tips (33%) from 112 placed.

Just missing out on 2nd was zephyr who finished 3rd with a 51.86 lsp (31 profit tips (32%) from 97 placed), lufc888 was 4th with a 47.54 lsp (42 from 122 (34%) and lankylad finished 5th with a 43.88 lsp (84 from 170 (49%), all three members win £100 prizes.

100 members finished with a positive lsp, met the minimum tip requirement and obtained at least 10 profitable tips. The prize winners are as follows:

1 feri1944 78.78 - 2 cadillac06 51.92
3 zephyr 51.86 - 4 lufc888 47.54
5 lankylad 43.88 - 6 punziconia 42.38
7 Afternoon 31.76 - 8 Firecracker 30.68
9 olasco112 25.62 - 10 Seymour Winners 24.23
11 fdavidfbe 23.30 - 12 nanualex 21.10
13 Kazeka1886 16.74 - 14 Imaginarium 15.6
15 Hiljaduruza 15.54 - 16 CanYouBeatMe 14.56
17 themont1983 14.38 - 18 fibicon123 13.68
19 Robbie Box 13.38 - 20 perohabe1 13.34
21 Cheesex 11.50 - 22 ombudsman55 11.34
23 IamRichT 11.16 - 24 minimals 10.70
25 gogo105 10.70 - 26 Desijo 9.82
27 tipstonga 9.54 - 28 afrodita 9.43
29 flockof 8.92 - 30 NikolaSRB93 8.70
31 weyayeman 8.44 - 32 whippetman 8.22
33 Palace001 8.20 - 34 avilash4 8.13
35 Uncle Fiddler 8.05 - 36 Darknight2250 7.82
37 Johhny80 7.76 - 38 capereira 7.70
39 david1harry 7.38 - 40 logo4real 7.30
41 AirViana 7.08 - 42 Paxton101 7.00
43 pauls123 6.76 - 44 Hrhshee 6.73
45 davidnot 6.58 - 46 betternow 6.42
47 schneedler25 6.00 - 48 attitude adjuster 5.94
49 ju29ro 5.82 - 50 NELLBLUE 5.74
51 JiggsCasey 5.71 - 52 snuggleupwithagoodbook 5.59
53 gillybrook64 5.58 - 54 dacris69 5.32
55 kenedylen 5.29 - 56 dewalley 4.93
57 toprankhorses 4.82 - 58 sharpsides 4.64
59 JASLYDD 4.56 - 60 Levaan 4.54
61 RobertM86 4.46 - 62 Etlevi 4.34
63 frankidej 4.24 - 64 BebouGS 4.15
65 footballfreak 4.14 - 66 Randy Rann 4.02
67 NoError 3.97 - 68 kenny1504 3.80
69 nuts104 3.78 - 70 Oionto 3.73
71 Grizzly65 3.62 - 72 MrEko2001 3.58
73 Miglio 3.26 - 74 Devilimp 3.14
75 Tiresia 3.06 - 76 igorukr 2.56
77 Dundeeman 2.48 - 78 CatiTheBest 2.44
79 Mar84tin 2.43 - 80 Wolfgang 2.40
81 Rabbit22 2.24 - 82 kevingarnett 2.21
83 jimmy1947 2.12 - 84 RenkilAtas 1.96
85 lola1183 1.87 - 86 Hushwing 1.84
87 Salato 1.50 - 88 karlmcgowan 1.44
89 Skwalasss 1.36 - 90 389664 1.26
91 sassteve999 1.22 - 92 Andtel 1.12
93 afata4000 0.86 - 94 xtaz85 0.82
95 bowhillbear 0.70 - 96 Mighty Hammers 0.33
97 Graham10 0.26 - 98 king pete 0.20
99 Cowden1888 0.20 - 100 rockabilly kat 0.06

The detailed final Euro 2020 Competition table can be viewed here -


Thanks to all participating members throughout the competition and well done to feri1944 and the prize winners. prizes will be allocated to OLBG accounts shortly.
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