How would you describe your Gambling Activity?

What best describes your gambling activity?

I make a consistent profit
I more or less break even
I lose consistently
I may have a gambling problem
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Postby betking » Tue Dec 11, 2007 12:45 am

I'm between "consistently make a profit" and "break even". I know it doesnt make sense really, but I'll try to explain.

When I'm strict with what I bet on, I generally make a steady profit. But occasionally I get urges to bet for the sake of it, which is obviously detrimental to the profit! Chasing losses is something that occasionally gets me, but more often its a case of me trading out at 1.01 (or whatever) to safeproof the stake, and then the bet losing in the last minute (Example - I was heavy on Sunderland/Derby 0-0, traded out in the 85th minute or so, big green on 0-0, break even on anything else, and Sunderland score in stoppage time :lose: ). Also while I'm talking bug bears, another one is if I pass up a bet that then wins, I go chasing the win that I didnt get.

So all in all, I cant control myself at times, and its these times that really stop me making a bigger consistent profit.

I dont even know if my post makes any sense now :lol: :?
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Postby Dammo Qwirky » Tue Dec 11, 2007 12:59 am

Why dont u try trading out more than breaking even in future. eg if uve bet £100 on evens, its costing u £1 to lay back yer stake at 1.01. laying back £200 more or less equalises yer profit whatever happens. for the sake of a quid or two its silly not to. u know it happens more than one in a hundred times! also dont feel u have to wait til it gets to 1.01, u can lay it off gradually up til that point to safeguard yer investment.
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Postby OlbgDeleted18435 » Tue Dec 11, 2007 7:39 am


I can definitely relate! I feel I might have a serious problem, but I can do without gambling for months... so it's rather confusing!

You know, many high powered professional jobs can actually be equated to what we do here - calculated risks. Putting down a large wager is akin to spread betting on the Footsie!

I am incapable of small bets, so I either lose really big or win really big. I never do anything more than trebles, usually singles and doubles and AH. I know that I'm lucky to have decent job and as Jose Mourinho put it... John Terry earns £100K+ a week, so a £5k punt cannot be made out to be a gambling problem. I only gamble what I am willing to lose. If I incur a loss (say an unexpected loss), I work harder to make up for it. Or am I making excuses for myself?

Seriously, if you look at the scale or the recent credit markets, greed and stupidity (not at all relying too much on quants) were the drivers. There are true gamblers in all these big banks!

Opinions most welcome.

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Postby Lampah » Thu Dec 13, 2007 4:03 pm

I'm the sort of person who will gamble on almost anything. So it really depends on what I gamble on. If its horseracing or dogs then in the long run I do end up losing. Snooker and premiership matches I tend to make a small profit each season. If I play table games such as blackjack or roulette then its an almost certain long run loss. Poker among friends its more or less break even.Besides I'm not fully out to win their money and usually drunk by the end of the night. :wink:

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Postby OlbgDeleted37915 » Tue Dec 25, 2007 7:29 pm

I bet to make a profit no matter whether its a tenner or a grand.. Of course its fun and my love of NH Racing fuels this goal.

I certainly dont bet everyday or post on this site everday with an opinion.

I do post when I am having a bet and put my selections up. I tend to make it obvious which horses I am going for and ones I think formites should keep an eye on.

I love the game and dont feel I have to make my opinions public but... now and again some punters go down the wrong route (oh I feel a large omellete on my face soon) and if I can make a point about a long term aim or plan then I will put it up, i.e.> will watch for future reference etc ?

I could'nt be into this game without the fun of the craic and knowing I or someone else hasn't stuffed the old enemy.

Of course we all have losing days but if I know in my book and heart I have made a few bob and large I am very content .

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Postby tomario » Fri Feb 29, 2008 9:22 am

I find that if i can control myself and be selective then i can make a profit. I.e. pick my horses and put my bets on and leave the rest well alone. However if i have a day off and am on the pc all afternoon i tend not to do my homework properly :oops: and bet on a horse in each race. It is at times like this that i tend to lose.
This was never a problem when i had to walk to the bookies there is no way i could get away with being in the bookies all afternoon.
So it is easy to see that on-line betting could cause gambling problems, as it is so easy to place a bet.
That said, i only bet what i can afford to lose which is a maxim i learnt from a bookie when i first started betting 30 years ago.
And all you young punters would do well to keep to it!!! :D
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Postby Carpo Marx » Sun Mar 02, 2008 9:02 pm

Some people will think that because they are not compulsive gamblers they've got everything under control but a lot of these people may be impulsive and by not showing some sort of discipline they will eventually end up losing as well.

As I class horseracing as a hobby I generally limit myself to two types of bets, a yankee, (e.w. if I feel that the odds justify it), and the placepot. The placepot is the bet that I feel suits me the best. The discipline is that I know I have to wait until all six races on the card fall into a certain pattern, i.e. no large fields or races where there is a limited amount of form. The only exception would be at a meeting like Cheltenham (sometimes larger fields) where I think the payout would justify the greater risk even to the extent of a permutation.

I've probably only had twenty placepots in the last year (£1 stakes) but I've picked up four times one of which was nearly £300 the smaller pick-up was only twenty odd pounds but I know straight away because of the discipline with the amount of bets I've had, and just the largest payout of the four, that i'm showing a healthy profit.

Whether I could up the stakes so that my winning returns are enough to make a living I would say not. It would put me under enormous pressure and i'm sure it would change the way I select the horses that I do. I have to remember also that 16 times I was wrong when I thought that everything was perfect for my bet.

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Postby OlbgDeleted66932 » Mon Mar 17, 2008 8:04 am

I've selected the 'I lose consistently' option.

Hey, at least I'm honest.

The quality of my bets have gone downhill recently, I've lost any discipline I had and find myself betting a lot of accy's and doubles now, and some on things I know little about.

My only area of knowledge is Premier League footie and thats the only area I'm profitable on, but I end up betting on other leagues and losing it, often after a good little run.

Anyway, I'm having a go at dutching correct scores and fingers crossed that'll work out.

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Postby yoyoleo » Fri Apr 11, 2008 10:24 pm

The quality of my bets have gone downhill recently, I've lost any discipline I had and find myself betting a lot of accy's and doubles now, and some on things I know little about.
i admire your honesty but i'd advise a break from betting for a while...things can only get worse once your discipline has gone...
best wishes.. :win:
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Postby OlbgDeleted70198 » Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:25 am

I think that anyone who is serious about their gambling (and wants to make a profit) MUST either learn from their mistakes and make themselves some hard and fast rules AND STICK TO THEM or completely give up!
Recognise that it is THE BUZZ you get from winning that is addictive and NOT the amount of money you gamble! That is why many people on these boards 'satisfy' their 'buzz' from fantasy betting. You can get just as high a buzz from a ten pound stake as you can from a hundred quid one, the only difference is it doesn't hurt so much when you lose!
If you feel that you have a problem then for goodness sake ask for help. There are thousands of gambling addicts out there and professionally, thank goodness it is now recognised as a real problem for some people.
Just a few golden rules (there are more) that you should NEVER break otherwise don't gamble...
1. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. This is old hat I know but so very very true!
2. When you've had a win, take your money! Do NOT leave your winnings in a bookies account. Too many people then think of it as 'the bookies money' and bet with it again. It IS NOT the bookies money but YOURS because you've won it. With 'winnings' in an account people tend to feel better off and take more risks with their next bet (and then usually lose it!)
3. Stick to level stakes betting. It's no good winning 50% of the time if you usually only win on your £10 bets and then lose on your odd £50 stakes! The bookies just love it!
4. Never bet mad! If you've had a loss DO NOT try and chase it. Sometimes it can come off but more often than not you are just turning a bad situation into a worse situation. Just walk away, get pist and lick your wounds!
5. Every now and then DON'T BET for a month. This is very hard to do but IT DOES keep you fresh and keeps things in perspective for you. When you go back to it you enjoy it even more then!
6. Remember, you get winning runs but they never last forever just the same as you get losing runs, they never last forever either.
7. NEVER bet blind or on anything you know nothing about. IF you do this then go and see a doctor because you have problems and need counselling!
8. Never bet on impulse. Do your research and study the stats. If you still lose then at least you know it wasn't for a lack of trying!
9. The only certaincies in life are death and taxes. Even the most nailed on favourites/bankers lose, that is why bookies are so rich!

Good luck to ALL my fellow punters and remember don't ever feel guilty by your legal and pleasurable pass time. IF you are not hurting anyone else by your bets and you ARE enjoying yourself BLOODY GOOD LUCK!

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