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Postby Nontriersagent » Fri Feb 22, 2008 12:55 pm

The main thing I want to discuss is the contant false statements being made by Clerks of the Course about the going. This is not a minor issue.

I [and indeed most tipsters] have tipping strengths when there are extremes of going ie very fast [firm] or very slow especially heavy going. The reason for this is obvious some horses simply cannot do one or the other.

Horses that have won last time out in the same grade and distance are usually made favourite or short priced and this directly affects forecast gamblers who tend to include one selection with the favourite. If the going is wrong all the selections made in forecasts and multiple bets even before the racing starts have been effetively sabotaged because any selection based on one soft when the going is fast has no chance at all. Few horses are good at any going although I concede there are some.

Iv'e lost count of the times I have placed a heinze or multiple bet based on fast going and then seen the first race on the television when the horses are plowing through mud and you see your selections pulled up or tail ff through the card. Its sickening that they [and the bookmakewrs that profit from this false information] get away with it every day week in week out.

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