William Hill - Be careful, or better, stay away !!

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William Hill - Be careful, or better, stay away !!

Postby limvolikce » Tue Feb 21, 2017 8:29 pm

Be careful with William Hill, another bookmaker that dont like to pay out money and dont like successfull bettors.

Here is my story. I have account at William Hill in several years now. Before i was not so successfull and didint made so great profit as i do today, but at the samme time i didint lose so much money..My balance at William Hill was always around zero, and never had problems with payments (both deposits or withdrawals,) As i can remember they were really good with this and i could use several payment methods both for deposits and withdrawals. But last yar i closed account because i found better bookmakers.

Last week i asked them to reopen my account and they activated my account again. i made first deposit with one of online payment methods (Paysafecard) and shortly another deposit with Skrill. I had on my account 200 euro and started to use my account. It was in last week. I had very successfull weeken with turkish footbal, and i made great profit. Shortly my balance increased to 2800 euro. On monday (yesterday), i asked them to pay out on part of that money. I wanted to make withdrawal to my Skrill. And then started my nightmare with William Hill. My withdrawal was rejected. I contacted customer support and they told me that my account need to be verified to be able to make withdrawal. OK i sad and sent to them my doccuments. I made it several times on another bookmakers and know procedure. After i sent documents, i received messagge that it was not good enough and that i need to send moe documents. It was strange because with this documents i verified my all another account. I sent more documents, included now copy of my passpor, driving licence, several bil on my name with my adress, bank statement and more..After all, i received new messagge, documents are not visible, they asked me to send again. I made it again. And again. And again. I started to use chat service and was talking with them several hours. Always samme answer. I need to send more and new documents, when i do that, then new answer, documents are not visable, please send again....In last 2 days, i spent several hours contacting William Hill support and sent more then 50 documents to them (around 15 of different documents)..Also their last answer was the samme, documents are not visable, please do it again, you need to show all pages, all edges, must be clear..Different answers..Then i started to doubt in all this and asked them is that only because i won money and that they do all this just to not me paid my money?
Then one idion on their chat supprt told me that i am lucky and that i continue to place new bets...This was very unprofessional. After all i became very frustrated. I wanted my money, but there was no way to pay it out. People there in their customer support started to ignore me. Have not idea how to pay out my money. I think that i will need to contact one advocate to take this case.

But here i want to send you one messagge before you start to use Willaim Hill seriously. Be careful with your money. They like only users and dont have respect to customers. Stay away, it is better, because there on marked there is a lot of better online bookmakers...

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