Skiing Wengen - 15/01 11.30

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Skiing Wengen - 15/01 11.30

Postby bottomlesspit » Fri Jan 14, 2022 7:45 pm

A matter of opinion of course, but Wengen/Kitzbuhel/Schladming are my favourite sporting 10 days of the year. It is always brilliant to have Christmas out of the way so you can look forward to them properly

Kick off is in Wengen on Saturday
They had a downhill today in Wengen BUT over a shortened course - Klde won, Odermatt 2nd, Feuz 3rd. Make of you what you will, as tomorrow is the full 2.30 minute leg burner
Fastest in training was the Austrian Franz (15.0), who came 5th today.
The present World Cup Downhill Rankings are Kilde, Mayer, Paris, Odermatt, Feuz

It is 2 years since the last race here - when Feuz beat Paris and Dressen, and it seems to me that the big names then are all getting a little long in the tooth for this marathon, and my tea leaves say a younger pair of legs is going to win it this year.
In fact they are pretty specific - Marco Odermatt[ 10.0

He has been 2nd in the last 2 downhills, is turning the Giant slalom into a procession (11211), won the last Super G here 2 days ago (100211), is only 24 and is in front of a (sadly probably reduced) home crowd. The chink in his armour could be that he is not a downhill 'specialist', but he is clearly so talented on planks that he would need to tow an anchor to not be there or thereabouts.

The obvious danger is Kilde (3.25), who is taking ownership of the Super G trophy (2111) and won the DH today - his 2nd in the last 4.

Everyone else is picking up their scraps
One of them might be the Austrian Hemetsberger 15.0 who has been knocking at the door from absolutely nowhere with 2 4th placed finishes in the last 2 races

And then the usual suspects - Feuz (34yo), 3x winner 3.25 (home advantage, 30533) Mayer 13.0 (60021) Paris 13.0 (01450), neither of whom have ever won here, despite plenty of opportunities
Feuz seems to me to be too short, but is the best downhiller of the last 5 years and must be respected for a place
There would be a tear in my eye if Innerhofer (25.0) won it (won here 2013), but let's face it - he is almost 100, and has no realistic chance

I know it will be hard, but despite your excitement, try and get a good night's sleep!

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