Downhill skiing KITZBUHEL SUNDAY 23 Jan

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Downhill skiing KITZBUHEL SUNDAY 23 Jan

Postby bottomlesspit » Wed Jan 19, 2022 6:00 pm

Late edit - there is actually a downhill on Friday and Sunday
Slalom has been pushed forward to saturday because of heavy snowfall
Friday Downhill instead of traditional Super G if the weather allows.

I will be watching without money down on Friday and see if there are clues for sunday
I just can't get excited about a Friday downhill - it must be a replacement for the cancelled race in Lake Louise. Bah!

A couple of things to note this year
Firstly the course is slightly different, with the sting taken out of the final traverse, which is where the race is often won and lost.
Secondly, there is snow forecast for the weekend, so it might turn into a starting draw lottery.
'Result' of the first training today - Kilde, Mayer, Marsaglia, Innerhofer-
Marsaglia and Innerhofer do this in training every year here - I wouldn't be tempted by either price

4.0 Feuz, Kilde - 6.0 Mayer - 10-0 Paris, Kriechmayr 13.0 Odermatt 17.0 Innerhofer 25.0 Clarey

Feuz won both downhills here on both days last year, 2nd last weekend. 3rd the race before. One better on Saturday? Found out by the traverse in previous races, so new course setting possibly to his advantage
Kilde 9th and 1st (over the shorter course) in Wengen last weekend, 2nd in the championship. Probable favourite - and price will probably drop if he wins the super G on Friday
Mayer - previous winner here, but inconsistent. 5 races since last podium
Paris - 3.time winner here and twice on the podium, likes it icy, but might not get that on saturday, and no longer has the traverse in his favour. Interestingly has won twice after also winning in Bormio. He won in Bormio again this year.....3rd last weekend
Kriechmayr - suprised with a win last weekend and was favourite here last year
Odermatt - 4th last weekend. Young and improving all the time. Top 5 finish in 5 of the last 6 downhills
Innerhofer and Clarey both 100 years old, although Clarey came 3rd here last year

Keeping my powder dry for now. leaning slightly towards Paris at the moment, though....

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Re: Downhill skiing KITZBUHEL SUNDAY 23 Jan

Postby bottomlesspit » Sat Jan 22, 2022 4:15 pm

So - Clarey came 2nd on Friday at 41 years of age
Ryding won his first ever race - the slalom - today at 35
Is Kitzbuhel weekend turning into a pensioners' gala?

The Friday downhill (over slightly shortened course) told us a few things

Firstly - that Kilde(2,50) is going to be hard to beat. He was 0,42 secs ahead of Clarey in 2nd - which is a massive distance at this level and only 4 other skiers got within a second of him
Secondly that Clarey (12.0)clearly loves the track and must be respected, despite his age. He now has broken his own record from last year for being the oldest person on a WC podium!
Other olds are Innerhofer 37, Feuz 34, Nyman 39. Marsaglia 36 (Cuche is still the oldest winner having won in 2012 at 37)
Thirdly - that it might have been a freak result in poor weather with loads of the racers grumbling and 3rd place occupied by another french outsider - Glezendanner, who was on nobody's radar from start number 43. Available at 50-1 on Sunday. Be my guest.
The Other big guns mostly disappointed - Feuz (7.0) 8th, Paris 27th Kriechmayr 13th
Odermatt 5th - his 6th top 5 in the last 7, and only the second time he has been outside the top 4 all season
Mayer (7.0) 4th - might that hint at a return to form? Fastest on the lower half on Friday
The lowest starting number in the top 5 was 7

The weather forecast is poor, but after lots of snow in the last 2 days, that is a marked improvement.
Hard to see beyond the usual suspects, though
I am going to rule out Paris (13,0) as however much work they do on the track it probably won't be icy enough for him.
Feuz for me - fastest on the top half on Friday, previous winner, decent form and (although Feuz himself did it last year) it would be a big ask of Kilde to win twice in a weekend. Has not won since this race last year despite 6 podiums.
Odermatt 3.50 for a place. He is so consistent. Surely he must go one better at some stage - as indeed must I !!
Enjoy it - good luck!

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Re: Downhill skiing KITZBUHEL SUNDAY 23 Jan

Postby bottomlesspit » Sun Jan 23, 2022 11:16 am

Sleepless night last night about leaving out Paris
Despite my misgivings I am terrified of leaving him out
He is in a little today to 11,50 and I have had a nibble
3,80 just for the place

Had a look at the webcam - weather looks nearly perfect with a few lingering clouds
Just for the record, I have a feeling Ganong might do something, but 10-1 for place
is not long enough to be tempting
It should a least be a fair race after the weather-related random number generator of the last 2 days

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