Yarmouth tonight

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Yarmouth tonight

Postby dartinggreyhound » Wed Jan 12, 2022 12:48 pm

Hello everyone just though i would check in on here

For anyone interested this is my thought's on tonight Yarmouth card

18.26 T6 Drumdoit Nova
18.41 T6 Wilbrook Freeway
18.59 T2 Graigues Cowboy
19.16 T5 Blackrose Phase
19.34 T6 Take Off Star
19.51 T1 Drumdoit Nala
20.06 T4 Jura Go Max
20.21 T1 Saving Hay
20.36 T3 Swift Raisin
20.52 T3 Decoy Woody
21.11 T3 Pinkys Lady
21.26 T6 Take Off Dixie

Main Selections

19.34 T6 Take Off Star
Scott Ballard's charge has plenty of early pace in the tank and I think she can use this to full effect here to lead this race she has been consistent on calculated times around the mid 28.70 mark and she is only a youngster and open to improvement the danger could be Brennan's Billie who likes to run on at the end of races.

20.06 T4 Jura Go Max
This greyhound has great early pace and can race in sprints as he did in his last run winning but this is over 4 bends but once out in front Max is hard to peg back and on his times he should go close here. Offshore Falcon has been running well in recent races without getting a "w" but I feel he need to lead to win and I think Max will out ruin him to the bend

20.21 T1 Saving Hay
I am giving this lad another chance here his times are consistent if taking his last run away but as always with Hay he will have to pass every hound on the track to win but I see him getting a clear run on the rail as trap 2 should lead him far enough for him to turn in a handy position for him to run them home

20.36 T3 Swift Raisin
I fancied this greyhound on Friday at Romford but it was a tad disappointing finishing 4th back here at Yarmouth it looks as though the grader has given him another chance here as he has some good consistent times on the card the main danger would have to be Dominance in trap 4 who's times are also eye catching but last ran on Boxing Day so may just need the run

Good Luck If You Follow !

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