Greyhound results - Help required!

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Greyhound results - Help required!

Postby TeddyT » Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:31 am

Hi all,

After many requests over the years we are trying to add greyhound racing to the tipping competition but we are hitting a problem when it comes to Irish greyhound results. We have to cover all the tracks that come through in our betting feed and, on occasion, there is a meeting from Ireland. One such example was the meeting at Shelbourne Park on the 7th November. We can access results sites for that meeting but ideally we need the site to also name the non-runners in each race. These two examples do not appear to list the non-runners: ... k/20171107 ... 7-Nov-2017

Do any of our members who are greyhound fans use an alternative results site with better reference to non-runners?

If so it would be really helpful to for us to get some suggestions.

Thanks a lot
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Re: Greyhound results - Help required!

Postby Bobsselections » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:33 pm

Racing Post has results for Irish meetings.
Today they have results for Shelbourne and Enniscorthy.
Go to Greyhound section, then results and then scroll down to meeting and click on full meeting results available below the name of the meeting you are looking for.
When you get to that page non runners are listed.

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Re: Greyhound results - Help required!

Postby horage » Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:01 pm

the only way to bet on greyhounds these days is on the exchanges some of the bags shows in shops have been disgusting robbing the punters blind

with rubbish prices and rubbish fore/casts and tricasts payouts; all have been reduced over the last 30 years or so;they use to multiply the

odds to give you a tricast on the dogs i had some decent payouts in those days 456 combos in the wet;that all went years ago.

BAGS meetings are very poor these days unless you bet on the exchanges where if you back the 3 outsiders you can still find some value. I still like

the 6 dog in newcastle handicaps and the 1 dog at hove in the dry.

The most honest thing is as a punter since i joined OLBG i do not bet on dogs very often and i'm richer for it...horses football and golf seem

to make me most of my winnings these day and if this site has taught me anything its stick to what your good at and if you keep losing

realise; your not very good at it and try something else..........Endeth the friday sermon good luck :lol:

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