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Lotto Syndicate Advice Required,open to suggestions

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 4:48 pm
by afrandi
I know theres a wealth of information right here in this forum, so I intend to put this out there to tap into it. Please feel free to critique and offer creative feedback where you feel impelled to do so.
Ok Im in Australia. Among the many lotto games being played here, I have selected to administrate for a work syndicate of 14, to play in the Oz7lotto game played Tuesday nights. As the name indicates its a winning drop of Seven balls (+ 2 supps), from a pool of 45 balls. Now the Jackpots are in this weekly order of 3,5,7,10,13,15,20,30,40 million respectively. I set up a syndicate to play only from jackpots upwards of $10 million, why, because my intention is to hit it hard with each share to pay $25-$30, to fund a bankroll to play 3 x full system 10's, and I find to diificult to ask for this amount week in week out, from the average punter, but it seems to go down O.K when explaining this amount is for $10 mill jackpots plus.
I think 3 x systems is minimum in order to create a varying spread of numbers. What do you think?
We started last week at 3 x system 10's,( @$124.30 each) total cost $372, for last weeks jackpot of $15million. Now I suggested to team of 3 x quickpick system 10's, and make the winning lines redundant.
On the subject of Quickpick, the first real benefit is rather 14 differing opinions, it is how it says quick. Now I have read some of those ebook peddlers suggesting 1) Dont quick pick as the computers are random generators, tilted, to provide long shot (as in very rare) odds. 2) Go study the 'most frequently dropped balls chart' and create from that list. Question. Before I go off and do some back testing of my own, can anyone vouch for or negate the validity of this second suggestion, from their own back testing/ experience?
Results from last week, we got four numbers, paying 20 x div 6($21.35)=$427. Jackpot didn't go off. So I've asked my team to top this $427 upto total of $621.50 in order for us to play for the 20 mill. $621.50 is 5 x system 10's, (keep two lines, make winning line redundant, and quickpick 3 more.) Now I made this decision pretty much the night of the last result, in order to generate a greater spread of numbers. However, my problem is, looking at the maths, that if we were to get four numbers again we would be at a loss, meaning, the cost of adding those two lines, needs at least 4 + Supp, to gain a profitable situation, (I hope I have explained this scenario clearly enough), to clarify the cost of adding the extra spread of numbers, needs a minimum div. five result to be profitable.
Whereas I could, and still can (as I haven't yet bought tickets), upgrade the system, to 1x system 11, 2 x 10s', and 1 x 9, for the same cost, $621. For, in the hope that, if a system 11, was to get four numbers, it would pay, 35 x div 6 ($752 (on last weeks divs)). Which is a profitable situation.
My dilemma is, which is deemed mathematically more effective? A greater spread? i,e adding two extra lines of 10, or, A higher probability (i,e upgrading to system a 11. Cost of 1 x system 11 @ $330.)

Any suggestions, comments contributions?

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 4:14 am
by OlbgDeleted39883
I can only comment on the fact that I dabble with this via bet365's Lotto menu.

(Damn, that's about eight times have mentioned bet365 now .....) :oops: (sorry)

Anyway, aforementioned betting site offers numerous betting opportunities on various Lotto games - Irish, New York, Spanish, German, Australian & Canadian. There's also the twice daily 49's. I don't mean to sound like an advert for them for goodness sake

Numbers betting is kinda a personal choice, but my 3 picks are 32, 34, 45. Might throw in 43 or 33 every now and again but they're my main choices.

I tend to try & stick with 3 or 4 numbers & do a full coverage bet (Patent or Lucky 15 for example) but if I go with a bigger set of numbers I tend to stick to singles & doubles.

I'm pretty sure that what I've just said isn't the kind of response you would've liked but I hope it's ok :?

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 5:48 pm
by afrandi
Thanks for reply

Quite timely too cause only today we made a decision to go a system 11(ie 11 numbers from 45) at a cost of $241/8 shares=$30 each.For a 6 number lotto (+ 2 supps).

Will let you know how we get on.

Did try the 3 x system tens and we were getting 4/10 very frequently however the win wasn't covering the outlay.

I think I have an idea of what game you play, either its your 3/4 numbers 'with the field' or your 3/4 numbers as a ticket.

Anyway good luck with yours and let me know how you get on also.

All the best with that. :hope:

Re: Lotto Syndicate Advice Required,open to suggestions

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 6:44 pm
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Re: Lotto Syndicate Advice Required,open to suggestions

Posted: Mon Oct 25, 2021 10:51 am
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