Newbie question

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Newbie question

Postby OTGLU001 » Fri Dec 08, 2017 10:59 am

Morning guys and girls.

Please forgive the ignorance / naivety, but wondered if you guys could offer some info on something.

I notice alot of tips come in the form of favourites, i can appreciate this not to be unusual, as is supply and demand etc, but as a newbie, with no knowledge of football (never followed, not a fan,so no emotion when placing bets, other than risk of funds), but after a simple profitable method of betting, how would a 3 or 4 fold acca of the favourite 1X2 markets (especially with the likes of Betfairs ACCA Edge) stand as an edge in profitability in your opinions? Low risk, albeit lower reward?

I understand the work that goes in to providing the tips,and the efforts and knowledge gain =ed and required to make judgements, and I appreciate the effots that the tipsters go to, please do not think I am trying to over simplify their roles and abilities, they will in long run find better value and greater ROI on their bets. It is me who is after something simple.

Appreciate your inputs.

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