Partner people with betting exchange account

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Partner people with betting exchange account

Postby unbelievable2 » Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:24 am


Assuming you have a Betfair / Matchbook / Smarket account, I would like to submit a profit sharing proposal.

I did a simulation run to test out my Lay and Back correct score strategy for matches in English Premier League (EPL), German League (Bundesliga) , Italian League (Serie A) and Spanish League (LaLiga) for the past 3 seasons.

Refer to summary screenshot, based on a starting bank of 30,000 units, staking unit of 1,000 per match it can be grown
up to 100k - 200k in a football season (10 months August to following year May)

To prove my track record I'm posting my match selections a popular forum
without edit weekly starting at October this season (PM me, links will be provided). Laying strategy is a long term process not a weekly expect to win all process. The stack has to be consistent throughout the season to average out at end of the season.

If its so profitable why give out weekly tips? Accessing Betfair main page gets redirected to error page intermittently,
although I've written in to Betfair customer support to confirm its not banned in my country, I'm not willing
to risk depositing credits only to have my balance stuck or unable to place bets during match day

I encourage you to follow my track record for a few weeks or months for free and see for yourself whether my tipping system work.

When you're comfortable and feel that my tips are profitable for you, I would like to propose I share 30% commission on winning and share 30% on losing for each month. Whenever there is a winning month, you can bank in winning commission to me mid and end of the month. If there is a negative month, the losing will be carried forward to deduct from next month winning balance. As you can see from screenshots, by the end of the season, winning months can cover losing months and still generate profit X3 or X7 times


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