Over 0.5 Goals per GAME

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Over 0.5 Goals per GAME

Postby cgatzoyas » Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:55 pm

https://www.olbg.com/blogs/post.php?id=403931 I saw it here and I wrote my opinion. :shock:
Hello to everybody Micko70 this is one of the best systems to play I am in for 3 years. In Major Europeans Leagues the possibilities to loose are < 3.2 if you are very well prepared. I started with 100 Euros on 23/11/2013. Every 50 or 60 bets I withdraw the money and I am starting with 1000 Euros. Keep in mind that we can play from 1 to 10 or 15 bets/day on some occasions. In that cooperates with OLBG you can find useful tools for this job. Olso http://int.soccerway.com/ and http://injuriesandsuspensions.com/ are some powerful tools for this kind of Bet. I lost 6 times for these 3 years. Yesterday 01/02/2017 we had Manchester Un Vs Hull over 0.5 was 1.025!!!!!!! so they push you to play over 1.5 goals but NEVER-NEVER does that mistake. I didn't play it because 1.025 final results 0-0. Yesterday and the day before French cup were amazing to play. 14 games 13 of them over 0.5. only one of them 0-0. Because of my poor experience generally in bet I found this solution as my Holy Gray. I prefer to play over 0.5 instead of a regular game that pays me for ex. 1.60 but the other team scores a goal and then in the rest of the game Catenaccio. This is just my opinion and my experience so far on over 0.5 goals/game. Now I can combine easily 234 even 5 games per bet. But is forbidden for beginners.Generally still looking websites and other tools to make it even better. Please let me know if you have info about that.
Thank you
PS: As the most of you here we receive every day a newsletter with tips. Sorry telling that but this week was a disaster. Tell me 1 ticket that won this week. Big risk ok big money ok but is not ok if every day we are losing money. Sorry from the OLBG Team that are sending us their tips but is the truth. Especially for someone like me that my effort all day is to look for games over 0.5. I do not have the time to look for other kinds of bets so I trust the best ones.
If someone is interesting please let me know.

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Re: Over 0.5 Goals per GAME

Postby Micko70 » Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:32 am

Thanks for the comments Chris, but in future dont post monetary amounts about your winnings.

The blog was written back in 2012, which is why the prices on offer now are hugely different.

There is another blog that i think you might be interested, click the footy link underneath my comments

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