What is your most common football betting mistake?

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Re: What is your most common football betting mistake?

Postby Mr Blue » Sun Feb 05, 2017 3:37 pm

God, there are so many you can make. Worst thing is I don't learn and it does infuriate me.

Greed, chasing losses and boredom are the first three that come to mind.

Greed when you're on a winning run, the kind of day when you've won every single time and you're looking for another. And of course that one takes all your profit away.

Chasing losses. I don't think I need to explain...

Boredom ? Well it's rainy and you're on your computer, there's nothing on tv and you put a bet on something you wouldn't normally. And 9 out of ten you lose.

Having a smaller wager on a team where your confidence is high and a bigger on one you aren't that confident is another and that goes very much for horseracing.

With all due respect, if you or anyone else are making these kind of mistakes regularly your biggest betting mistake is betting.

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Re: What is your most common football betting mistake?

Postby Crofty11 » Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:17 pm

I think that is a very interesting comment Mr blue. And i agree with it wholeheartedly,

I saw an interesting article about treating Alcholics in Canada, basically they bring them off the street and put them in hostel, each hour they are given a glass of wine, and in the morning, they get a double portion. If they drink any more than that or take drugs they are evicted. These individuals when they were on the street would commit many many petty crimes , robbery shoplifting etc etc. The people under this regime all stopped petty crime, they had access to washing facilities and were ' clean ' for the first time in years. The main anti alcohol organisations deplore this approach as their view is if you are an alcoholic, the only treatment is complete and total abstinence.

Now the reason for this post is, that this echoes my experience with gambling, I am 60 and when i was young the term was compulsive gambler. And i was / am one of these , nowadays you are a gambling addict.

Now in my past I have gambled huge sums of money compared to my income, so a months wages on one bet when i was young was not unusual, i frequented casinos regularly, etc etc, as got older i owned racehorses, i was invited to cheltenham by Betfair, and went to big functions with Ladbrokes.

In the past I have attended Gamblers anon, the trouble is that their approach is total abstinence, I can't function properly if i haven't got a bet going on...it is part of me. So betting recklessly puts me in a bad place, but not betting also puts me in a bad place.

So about 5 years ago, I closed very single internet account that i had or could have, i even opened some just to close them. ( i bet loads of bets on internet sites , just because i could), In my world internet gambling is just the worst thing ever, closely followed by the machines in the bookies, I never use them and feel sorry for the people using them. These gambling channels given the opportunity to bet when you are bored, feeling low, losing loads or indeed winning loads, in my day it was the bookies then down to the dogs followed by the casino. It is really easy today to just get carried away.

Now i allow myself a 'betting allowance' , I only bet cash and i post my bets here.

I am posting this not to be pleased with myself, but to say to anyone else whom has this type of an issue, its not all or nothing , you can have a bet but it must be managed by yourself, be ruthlessly honest with yourself, if your daily allowance is 5 pounds, them it must be 5 pounds even if you win 25 , or if you lose 8 days in row.

Currently I have had about 10 bets this moth and almost all have lost , the urge to double up/ down is massive...but i will resist.

And part of this post is to remind myself to resist.

Mr Blue you are right, but life is quite complex for people like me..and we keep trying to keep the genie in the bottle.

I like this site because it gives my a chance to interact with people who have a shared interest and admire those for whom it is not a problem. I told my wife about it, and the first question she asked was can you bet through it? (A good thing i got from GA is that i am completely honest with my wife about my gambling), I said no, but of course the real answer is that if you are so minded, like me, it does encourage you to gamble. But i do resist.

To any moderators who read this, perhaps you might consider some literature or links to sites , for individual who may have the same type of problem as me.( edit i have noticed the link to gamble aware on the front page aplologies)

If anyone reads this and it strikes a cord i will be happy to have an offline conversation if you think it would help.

Lots of love to anyone struggling , the same way I do..

And if i drop out of the site for a while you know i will stuffing the genie back in the bottle!!!
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Re: What is your most common football betting mistake?

Postby Inquisitorem » Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:01 pm


I've mentioned this book in another post, but going to mention it again because it's massively relevant to your point.
I am currently reading 'Squares and Sharps, Suckers and Sharks' by Joseph Buchdahl ( The science, psychology and philosophy of gambling )

I think you will find it fascinating and insightful.
There's a fantastic chapter on dopamine ( the happy hormone ), and its link with reward uncertainty. Highly recommended.
Football research with serious intent, but not without a sense of humour. Share in my good fortune or, at the very least, have a laugh at my expense!

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Re: What is your most common football betting mistake?

Postby mathsbet » Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:19 pm

Thanks for the book tip, it sounds very interesting.

The psychology of problem gamblers can be bewildering to behold. The most absurd problem gambler I have personally encountered was a Chinese friend of a friend, who asked my friend for tips on the upcoming World Cup (the one before last), as he didn't know anything about football but fancied a bet. Bad place to start: with no basic knowledge but a raging desire to take on multi-billion dollar markets!

Anyway, my friend actually put some work into it, did some research besides his own basic knowledge, and made notes on all of the games. I can't recall the exact games, but say a very obvious game like Brazil v Iran, my friend would say there's no way Iran can win this, look into taking Brazil to win by 2 or more, for example - all in these meticulously compiled notes that my friend had lovingly put together for his work colleague in China.

And what did the Chinese guy do with this? He bet against every single recommendation. His explanation for this: the odds were so big, and all he could think about was the winnings (even though he had just bet on Iran to beat Brazil or the equivalent thereof and so the chances of him seeing any winnings was virtually nil). For him, when he put a bet on at, say 66/1 for Saudi Arabia to beat Argentina by 2 goals or more, he could already see himself with the massive profits. Indeed, these visions of his were so powerful that they compelled him to put one, two, three weeks wages on these absurd bets.

As it happens, my friend's tips were eerily astute, and by betting against them, the Chinese dreamer ended up losing every single bet, and with that, several months wages :shock:

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Re: What is your most common football betting mistake?

Postby nors » Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:59 pm

There's a fantastic chapter on dopamine ( the happy hormone ), and its link with reward uncertainty. Highly recommended.

This blog by members spoke about endorphins

8. We find an early in the day winner and are flushed with success and cash. This winner we found was down to the diligent study we had undertaken the previous night and early morning. Our confidence is high and we can do no wrong, so we decide that the impossible handicap that we dismissed last night as "too tricky" is now a perfect opportunity. Had we not found the early winner we would still be of the opinion that the handicap was "too tricky" but our brains are filled with happy endorphins so we wade in. The result is as unpredictable as you thought last night and you are poorer and miserable. Stick with bets you know you have done the study on and ignore those where you are truly guessing.

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Re: What is your most common football betting mistake?

Postby Zabier2016 » Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:59 am

A mistake I constantly make is always adding that one selection too many to my accumulators. I should stop at a four-fold or five-fold with odds of 5.00 but I always get sucked in to that one extra selection that does boost the odds by a fair bit but is always the selection that lets me down! :no:

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Re: What is your most common football betting mistake?

Postby nors » Wed Feb 15, 2017 11:13 am

I was looking at acca offers yesterday, check which bookies give you an offer/ refund/free bet on 1 loser accas.


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