One A Day Competition > 3 Prizes > December 2021

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One A Day Competition > 3 Prizes > December 2021

Postby Hogsback » Thu Nov 25, 2021 9:15 pm

Welcome to the December edition of the 2021 One A Day Competition

This competition is very simple to Play -

Please find below the Guidelines for the Competition

Anyone can join this Competition at any time.

There are 3 Prizes each and every month as follows:

Winner - £10
2nd Placed Runner Up - £5
3rd Placed Runner Up - £5

Format & Rules

A match will be selected per day from any League or Cup Competition anywhere in the World and you have to Predict the following:

1x2: Who will win the match or will it be a draw
HT/FT: Who will be winning at half time and full time or will it be a draw
Overs/Unders: Will there be more than 2.5 goals scores or less
Correct Score

In addition to predicting the above you will need to give at least 4 separate reasons as to why you have made the predictions on the basis that if you have predicted the home team to win that your other 3 predictions would reflect this.

You do not have to give 4 separate reasons for each prediction

*** Anyone that does not put any effort in or writes abc will win because I support them etc or copies and pastes things from other sites WILL NOT be considered ***

All scores are 90+ mins only - extra time does not count

Please make sure that your entries have the required content and are written in the English Language and have to contain at least "60 words".
Any prediction not containing at least ''60' Words'' (''59' Words'' DON'T Count - ''60 - 1000 Words DO'') Will 100% NOT BE SCORED, No Excuses !!!!.

Posts MUST be submitted ''5' minutes'' before the designated Kick Off Time to count.

No Editing of posts:
If you have made an error in your original post then kindly repost the entry or make a clarification in a new post rather than editing the original post. Edited posts will not be scored.

Scoring System;....

1X2: 10ts
HT/FT: 10pts
Correct Score: 10pts

If you manage to predict all 4 correctly there will be an additional 15 points awarded

The person who gains the most points during the month wins; in the event of a tie we will have a single match playoff

The following template MUST be used for your Predictions:

1X2 - Name of team to win or draw
HT/FT - Y/Y or X/Y or Draw/Y etc
Overs/Unders - Overs or Unders
Correct Score - 2-1 or 1-1 etc

Followed by your reasoning

Games will be Posted by 19:00pm for the following day along with an up-to-date table. If there is No Game Posted by 19:00pm, Then Please feel free to pick a Game to keep the Competition running smoothly and the 1st Game Posted will be the Selected/Designated Game.
(But, Please ensure a minimum of 8' Hours to allow Members Time to Post their Predictions.)

Hosts for 2021 One A Day Comp

January > nawoo
February > The Snail
March > The Snail
April > Hogsback
May > nawoo
June > Rachace
July > Rachace
August > Rachace
September > Hogsback
October > nawoo
November > nawoo
December > Hogsback

If any other member wants to lend a helping hand, kindly get in touch with the designated host. The same applies for the hosts, in case you are unable to host for any reason then kindly inform others so that someone can ensure continuity of this great comp.


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Re: One A Day Competition > 3 Prizes > December 2021

Postby Hogsback » Thu Nov 25, 2021 9:51 pm

Next Games

Double Header

Game 1’ – Wednesday 1st December – Premier League – Southampton v Leicester City – 19:30 – Amazon Prime


Game 2’ – Wednesday 1st December – Premier League – Everton v Liverpool – 20:15 – Amazon Prime


Game 3’ – Thursday 2nd December – Premier League – Manchester United v Arsenal – 20:15 – Amazon Prime

Game 4’ – Friday 3rd December – Championship – Fulham v Bournemouth – 19:45 – Sky

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