£1000 World Cup 2022 Tipping Competition

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£1000 World Cup 2022 Tipping Competition

Postby PompeyJim » Thu Nov 03, 2022 3:34 pm

OLBG are delighted to announce our FREE to enter World Cup 2022 Tipping Competition. There is a total prize fund of £1000 with 68 cash prizes in total and a £200 top prize!

The World Cup starts on Sunday 20th November with hosts Qatar playing Ecuador and concludes with the final on Sunday 18th December.

Here's the World Cup Tipping Competition rules and criteria, please feel free to ask any questions on the thread below.


You do not have to enter this tipping competition separately, if you are a member of OLBG then you just need to add tips (with comments) via the 'Make A Tip' menu (link below) for the World Cup matches and tournament markets. All World Cup markets (outright and Match) will count in the competition.



Total Prize Fund: £1000

Cash prizes: 68

1st prize = £200 - This will be the tipster with the highest accumulated level stakes profit (LSP) on the World Cup matches/markets over the duration of the World Cup Tournament.

2nd prize = £100

3rd prize = £50

4th to 68th prizes = £10

These cash prizes are in addition to the various monthly football tipster competition table prizes which you can still win during November and December based on the criteria for the other football competition tables.

As usual, prizes are doubled for Elite Tipsters and trebled for Super Elite Tipsters for football. If unsure of your current football tipster status you can check via your ‘Elite Status’ page -



This means Level Stakes Profit. One point will be placed on the selection for win tips, 1/2 a point Each Way for Each Way tips (tournament markets etc) at the odds taken . So it doesn't matter if you select a stake of 50 or 500 virtual points for these tips, if you place a win tip on a 5/1 winning selection you will then have an LSP of + 5 points. One point is deducted for a losing tip so if you then have 3 losing tips, your level stakes profit will be down to + 2 points etc...

LSP > 0

The arrow means greater than and as with all tipster competitions on OLBG, you must have a positive LSP at the end of the World Cup Tipping Competition to potentially be in with a chance of a prize.

Tips = 15 or more

To potentially qualify for a prize you must enter at least 15 tips with comments on the World Cup matches/markets containing at least 20 words with good quality reasoning justifying your selection. Tips without comments are excluded, also poor comments without reasoning or any that contain less than the minimum criteria will mean the tip will be excluded from the competition, we just need good reasoning as to why you are choosing the selection for OLBG followers.

Profitable Tips = 10 or more

Ten or more of your World Cup tips must return a profit, this is indicated in your tips history by any return which is shown in green, indicating a profit. Each Way tips (where applicable) which place and return a profit are included.

Tip Comments

What we want here is for tipsters to share key insights about their selections and why they think they are a good bet. Then other members and app users can read through lots of facts and detailed analysis before following a tipster and placing a bet.

Also NO copy and pasting of comments, you will need different/original comments for each tip and NO copying of comments from other members or tipping/sporting websites as this will result in account disqualification.

The tip comments will be analysed and if OLBG deems them not to be of sufficient quality they will be excluded from the competition so please strive for the highest quality, good spelling and punctuation as this makes it easier for your followers to read on the OLBG App.

The World Cup is obviously a huge major sporting tournament for OLBG attracting new followers. Members tip comments will be read and exposed to a wide TV audience and we want to show the quality we have on OLBG, so please make your comments the best possible

World Cup 2022 Competition Table

Members can check their daily progress and accumulative LSP via the competition table link below.


Prize Allocation

Upon completion of our final checks for tip eligibility and comment quality, the final World Cup competition table will then be published in the week commencing 19th December.

Tell Your Friends

If you have any sporting friends who do very well with their football bets and would make an excellent tipster and have not yet signed up to OLBG now would be a great time to introduce them, just send them to this link to register, what have they got to lose?


Enjoy the World Cup and best of luck :hope:
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Re: £1000 World Cup 2022 Tipping Competition

Postby PompeyJim » Tue Dec 20, 2022 1:20 pm

Well done to rustie on winning the £200 top prize after finishing the World Cup tipping competition with a 68.96 level stakes profit from 283 tips placed and 43 profitable.

minimals takes the 2nd place prize of £100 after finishing with a 60.26 LSP from 58 tips placed and 13 profitable and the £50 3rd spot prize goes to Lockdown2020 with a 60.04 LSP from 47 tips placed and 15 profitable.

The full list of prize winners are as follows:

1 rustie 68.96 (LSP)
2 minimals 60.26
3 Lockdown2020 60.04
4 fabianboiciuc 37.11
5 feri1944 35.14
6 edandumdum 32.42
7 Footballnutter 32.30
8 6golftipster85 30.90
9 PhilDray 26.42
10 mooster100 26.06
11 faanden 24.04
12 marks9 22.18
13 bungalow24 20.62
14 king pete 18.56
15 howzatcam 17.34
16 the prophet 17.24
17 iantheimp 16.52
18 FirefoxxFootballTips 16.14
19 HarryPabla 16.01
20 phokamba 15.02
21 skol1983 13.78
22 shirleyswonderracingbirmingham 13.11
23 leewall 12.55
24 BouncingAss 11.98
25 andywood69 11.88
26 Bayortawfik 11.56
27 Mallaz84 11.38
28 Paddyg 11.30
29 spence58 11.26
30 saddlerman 10.86
31 snuggleupwithagoodbook 10.82
32 theviper21 10.20
33 RenkilAtas 9.78
34 petethebet 9.44
35 dacris69 9.12
36 Robbie Box 8.62
37 johnnydonnelly 8.49
38 kevingarnett 8.24
39 Allansibhassan78 8.12
40 haneblake 8.09
41 lola1183 8.08
42 MarlosTips 7.86
43 AlexChick29 7.77
44 Levaan 7.62
45 nawoo 7.58
46 nanualex 7.54
47 Brysar 7.42
48 ramchen 7.38
49 Andyg2812 6.80
50 SharpShooter27 6.74
51 Hogsback 6.72
52 wald 6.26
53 badtuga76 6.10
54 tipstonga 5.98
55 LDalgarno 5.74
56 RkidDamo 5.68
57 iontheball 5.59
58 AceKing 5.18
59 NoError 4.93
60 JiggsCasey 4.80
61 bomboogie 4.66
62 fivegrandplz 4.65
63 footballfreak 4.58
64 Permanent 4.52
65 Dave1962 4.50
66 Zexy1990 4.44
67 Sportsman42 4.23
68 Mar84tin 4.11

The detailed final table can be viewed here:


Massive thank you to all participating tipsters and well done again to rustie and the prize winners. Prizes will be allocated to olbg accounts in due course.
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