Women's World Cup 2019 - £200 to be won!

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Women's World Cup 2019 - £200 to be won!

Postby TeddyT » Mon May 20, 2019 1:10 pm

The Women’s World Cup takes centre stage in the football world this summer with all the games will be available live on the BBC.

Hosts France open proceedings on Friday 7th June and the tournament concludes with the Final on Sunday 7th July, so there will be a total of 52 matches and the OLBG Women’s World Cup Tipping Competition will run for the duration of the tournament.

Here's a full rundown of the Women’s World Cup Tipping Competition rules and please feel free to reply and ask any questions if unsure as regards the competition set up criteria.

You do not have to enter this separately from the usual monthly Football tipping competition. If you are a member of OLBG then you just need to add Women’s World Cup tips (with comments) on any of the Women’s World Cup Outright and Match markets via the ‘Make a Tip’ menu –


The Women’s World Cup Tipping competition is FREE to enter and you must have 15 or more settled tips (with comments) on the World Cup markets/matches to potentially qualify for a prize.

The Outright Tournament Winner, Group Stage Winners and First Group Match markets are already available so you can add tips on these markets right away and will be included in the tipping competition.

There is a total prize fund of £200 and 27 prizes.

The Winner will receive £50 which will be the member with the highest accumulated level stakes profit (LSP) over the duration of the Women’s World Cup Tipping Competition and must have placed at least 15 tips with comments on the Women’s World Cup markets.

The Runner Up will receive £25

3rd to 27th places will receive £5 each.

This is in addition to the normal monthly football tipster competition prizes which you can still win during June and July based on the criteria for the Football competition table.

As usual, prizes are doubled for Elite Football Tipsters and trebled for Super Elite Football Tipsters. You can check your current status for Football via your ‘My Performance’ page –


LSP (Level Stakes Profit) -
One point will be placed on win tips, 1/2 a point Each Way (Outright Market, Golden Boot etc) for Each Way tips at the odds taken. So it doesn’t matter if you select a stake of 50 or 500 virtual credits for these tips, if you place a win tip on a 3/1 winning tip you will then have a LSP of + 3 points. 1 Point is deducted for a losing tip so if you then had 2 losing tips, your accumulative level stakes profit for the competition will be down to + 1 point.


Members must finish the tipping competition with a positive LSP to potentially qualify for a prize.

TIPS & COMMENTS = 15 or more.
To potentially qualify for a prize, you must place at least 15 tips with comments that contain at least 20 words or longer with good quality reasoning justifying your tip for OLBG followers.

Tips without comments are excluded, also poor comments without good reasoning or any that contain less than the minimum criteria will mean the tip will be excluded from the competition.

For example,

“I am tipping England to beat France because they are the best team in the world, come on England!" is NOT an acceptable tip comment, reasoning has to be informative for OLBG followers looking to follow your tipping advice before placing a bet.

We just need a few good reasons as to why you are choosing your selection.

Also NO copy and pasting of tip comments - you will need to add different and original comments for each tip you make and in particular when tipping on multiple markets on the same match (Correct Score, To Win the Match, Total Goals, BTTS etc.... Mass duplication of tip content does not look very good on the website and app for users reading the match analysis offered by tipsters.

Also NO copying tip comments from other members or websites, as we will check and any found will be excluded, deleted and accounts closed.

For clarification if unsure what's acceptable, the OLBG Tip Comment Guide with useful pointers can be viewed via the link below -


The tip comments will be analysed throughout the tipping competition and if OLBG deem them not to be of good enough quality they will be excluded and deleted from the competition so please strive for the highest quality, good spelling and punctuation, as this makes it easier for your followers to read on the OLBG App and website.

The Women’s World Cup is obviously a world-wide event and we want members to share their key insights about their tips and why they are a good bet, then OLBG website and app users many of whom will be novice punters looking to place bets to watch during the Women’s World Cup can gain useful knowledge and additional guidance before placing their bets.

You will be able to keep track of the current Women’s World Cup Tipping Competition table standings via the 'Tipster Tables' under the 'Members & Tipster Competition' section on the Members Menu:


When the Women’s World Cup has concluded, upon completion of checking comment and tip eligibility the final tipping competition table will then be confirmed and published during the week commencing 16th July and prizes will be paid into OLBG account within 14 days.

That's it!

Please feel free to reply below and ask any questions you may have regarding the OLBG Women’s World Cup tipping Competition and don't forget if you have any football friends who have not yet joined OLBG then now is a great opportunity to get them involved.

Good luck with your Women’s World Cup tips and enjoy the festival of footy for a whole month!
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Re: Women's World Cup 2019 - £200 to be won!

Postby nors » Tue Jun 11, 2019 2:56 pm

I saw a little of the England v Scotland game and was as impressed by Scotland as I was by England, despite the result.

The key game is now Scotland v Japan with both needing a win.

There are no prices yet but may be worth backing Scotland who will be underdogs, and should be a value price.
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Re: Women's World Cup 2019 - £200 to be won!

Postby nors » Mon Jun 17, 2019 7:43 am

The USA may have played inferior opponents but they have been incredibly impressive, they look a step quicker, have better fitness, and have a strong bench. Even at 2/1 with many firms they look a decent bet. I fear for England if we come up against them.
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Re: Women's World Cup 2019 - £200 to be won!

Postby nors » Mon Jul 01, 2019 2:40 pm

I have bought USA - 1 on Spreadex at 9.8 in their game against England tomorrow.

The settlement is as follows 25 -10- 0.

25 points if the USA win by more than the handicap

10 pts if USA win by the handicap exactly

0 pts for any other result.

Obviously, if England win it's not good for me !!

For those new to spread betting we have a brilliant article on the Two main spread betting companies.
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Re: Women's World Cup 2019 - £200 to be won!

Postby nors » Wed Jul 03, 2019 7:41 am

As soon as the USA opened the scoring I closed the trade which in this instance gave me the following 5.2 multiplied by my stake.

Closed: 02/07/2019 20:10 USA -1 Handicap England (W) v USA (W) 14.9 Closed

Opened: 01/07/2019 14:04 USA -1 Handicap England (W) v USA (W) 9.7 Opened

If you think a team will open the scoring/dominate then this bet can be lucrative.

It doesn't always work so would advise when you place spread bets you are have done all your research.
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Re: Women's World Cup 2019 - £200 to be won!

Postby PompeyJim » Tue Jul 09, 2019 10:23 am

Well done to nors spot on with USA throughout the Women's World Cup and also a big well done to ognjen89 for winning the £50 top prize for finishing the Women's World Cup Tipping Competition with an excellent 60.7 level stakes profit from 48 tips placed, that's a 126.5% return on investment and 66.7% strike rate!

Baz2014 took the £25 runners up prize with a very good 49.1 level stakes profit from 63 tips placed.

54 tipsters finished the tipping competition with a positive level stakes profit and having placed the minimum requirement of 15 tips.

The prize winners are listed below -

1. ognjen89 (48 tips) 60.7 (lsp)
2. Baz2014 (63) 49.1
3. Brysar (125) 25.7
4. Stu310579 (20) 25.0
5. Kazeka1886 (76) 24.8
6. schneedler25 (103) 22.8
7. manugray (53) 18.9
8. Pint Size (119) 18.5
9. tippygit (40) 16.9
10. nothings forever (97) 15.7
11. minimax (25) 15.5
12. steenie1 (64) 14.3
13. Hiljaduruza (53) 14.2
14. truealtaf (38) 13.9
15. fighterschane (42) 13.1
16. bomboogie (19) 13.0
17. griffin6 (77) 12.8
18. HarryPabla (66) 12.6
19. Stani681 (91) 12.5
20. JFootballCan (40) 11.7
21. garlicsauce (117) 11.6
22. petethebet (88) 10.8
23. saddlerman (30) 10.5
24. bluemal (56) 10.4
25. Tirkesh (58) 9.9
26. gillybrook64 (34) 9.5
27. footballfreak (16) 9.5

The detailed final table standings can be viewed here -


Well done to ognjen89, Baz2014 and all the prize winners.

Big thank you to all participating members, the tip numbers were very good across the World Cup matches.

Prizes will be paid into OLBG accounts shortly.
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