College Football 2021/22

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College Football 2021/22

Postby arniehi » Mon Sep 27, 2021 2:43 pm

It's a few weeks late. I'm not sure how much interest this will generate, or if there's any traffic coming to these boards anymore, but I figured I'd throw out a post because it's been _quite_ the start to the new season. Here are some very quick talking points.

Georgia are very, very good.
Clemson are not (which is very upsetting, but I really should've seen coming).
Everyone is a little bit worse than anyone thought they'd be (except Cincinnati, Penn State, Michigan State, Oregon, and Georgia).

I can't remember which podcast or commentator mentioned it - I think it may have been Bud Elliot - but he made the point that was really important. A lot of people took the extra year of eligibility and a lot of those people weren't skill position players at the big schools.

This has created a year where quarterbacks are looking like they're going to have a very, very hard time of things. DJ can't get anything done at Clemson with what's a bad offensive line but he seems very short of confidence and all of Clemson's team is apparently injured now. I absolutely love Justyn Ross and his comeback is great but when he and Ngata are your only weapons because Lawrence and Etienne sort of carried what was a bad offensive line for years and Rodgers was a hugely successful deep threat after your best WR was drafted in the first round previously, you're going to have problems scoring on teams who have defenses that are another year older.

I feel like this kind of affects Bryce Young at Alabama, too. Sure, it's Alabama. They're a rock at the top of the ratings no one has really got close to for an extended period, except for obviously Clemson over the last 6 years (because Deshaun Watson and Trevor Lawrence were two generational QBs that came one after the other) and Urban Meyer's Ohio State, but it was apparent in the Florida game where they almost lost (and would've with another say, 3 minutes) after going in to the 2nd quarter with a 21-3 lead. The calling seems to be about protecting him, maybe(!) because there's nothing really in reserve. It'll be very interesting to see how Ole Miss do against them (spoiler: I think they'll cover the 14.5 point spread).

Anyway, I kind of did this to gauge any interest. If someone wants to chat CFB, say hi and I'll continue. Else prod me on twitter on fantasy football or somewhere. I'll put picks up in the tipping comp sometimes; when time allows, anyway.

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