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Brit Awards

Postby LustForLeith » Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:37 pm

I was in Sunbets and I was surprised to see this category come up as those in the know tend to know the results of this before the big live spectacle arrives.

An indication of who has a good chance of winning is quite simple. If they’re playing on the night there’s a good chance they’re winning!

So what catergories can you bet on?

Best British Female looks to be sewn up as Dua Lipa is 1/2. And she’s had a cracking time of it so Incan see her winning the catergory.

Best British Male and Best British Album could be closer.

Both look to be a fight between Stormzy and Ed Sheeran.

In one corner you’ve got the man whose brought Grime to the mainstream while in the other you’ve got one of the biggest selling singer songwriters in the world today.

My heart says Stormzy will win but my head says Sheeran. He’s won four Brit Awards already, twice winning Best Male and in 2015 winning Best Album.

Something that could be of interest but in no way a guarantee is that Sheeran producers Steve Mac has already been awarded this years Brit for Best British Producer of the year. Is that an indication of how things will turn out?

Best British Grouo for me is another head over heart shout. I’d love Wolf Alice to win it but I’m going for rock duo Royal Bllod. To be honest if they won it I won’t be gutted as both bands and hard working, honest to goodness rock acts. But I’m going for previous winners of this category Royal Blood.

Best British Male - Ed Sheeran 2/1

Best British Album - Ed Sheeran 5/2

Best British Group - Royal Blood 2/1

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Re: Brit Awards

Postby stereoman » Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:05 am

Sun Bets have understandably shut up shop sharpish with their rather generous odds as soon as Lust posted!

After years of being stung by those in the know, it is also quite understandable that few bookies are willing to price the Brit Awards up.

Have advocated this usually but if you turn up, you usually win. On the very strict off-chance that other bookies will put any odds up at all then here are my thoughts....

Love him or hate him, Ed Sheeran will very likely win Best British Album as it is the biggest selling of the five nominated. Last year with David Bowie winning was an exception to the rule where they wanted to honour a passing legend.

Dua Lipa has had a seemingly very good year and she is clearly being groomed as queen of this year's Brit awards. She is a stiflingly low 1/5 over at Ladbrokes/Coral to win British Breakthrough which is a publicly voted award but she should beat out the likes of J Hus 5/1, Sampha 6/1, Loyle Garner 16/1 and Dave 25/1 fairly handily if only going by her number of YouTube views.

I think the only two categories that are 'up in the air' are Best British Group and Best British Male.

"...but Ed Sheeran is nailed on for British Male!" you might very understandly say.

If there is any hint of condescension against Ed Sheeran then this category would seemingly be more more fitting than British Album. Rag'n'Bone Man really only has one song and Stormzy has social media acclaim though so for either of them to cause an upset would be seemingly difficult.

Liam Gallagher turned down an invitation to host apparently so he very likely won't you were. Wouldn't know who Loyle Carner was if he stood in front of me and said "Hi, I'm Loyle Carner!".

British Group has never been so low down the pecking order and with no nominees performing, it's difficult to determine who will actually win. Am drawn to Wolf Alice to cause an upset for some strange reason but not enough genuine reasons to actually think it will happen.

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