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UK Box Office

Postby LustForLeith » Mon Jul 31, 2017 3:42 pm

I was perusing he bookies specials to see anything of interest and I noticed this market. Eventually had a bit of success with it last year so thought I'd try again.

This time it appears to be highest grossing film in the UK this year. I'm unable to check the small print but it's between Beauty and the Beast and the new Star Wars film, the Last Jedi.

Beauty and the Beats has already made approx £72 million at the UK box office and Star Wars is released on December 15. So it would have two weeks to beat it! Can it do it?

I'm not too sure. When the Force Awakens came out there was a lot of hype around seeing there old characters back on screen. That's no longer the case although we should get a bit more Luke Skywlker!

There is the tragic passing of Carrie Fisher. If you take into account Heath Ledger passing ablest before The Dark Knight you could argue that p ole went to see his last performance.

I just think it's a lot for the film to make in a short period of time. Rouge One, in all fairness a spin off, didn't a break box office records. What was a novelty a couple of years back seems a bit stale just now.

I'm going for Beauty and the Beast at 5/4. The real winner is Diseny as they have both films!

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