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Postby stereoman » Fri Dec 04, 2015 5:03 am

An interesting gamble has emerged on Kevin Sinfield. He could finish a surprise second or third. The money though is strangely on Andy Murray to be the spoiler ahead of Jessica Ennis.

If the odds are anything to go by then there isn't much of an appetite to give Lewis Hamilton an unprecedented back-to-back win. If it was backed up by a move in the odds than I'd treat him as a much more serious contender. If he hadn't surprised Rory McIlroy last year then he'd have surely won it this year but 'familiarity breeding contempt' and all that.

Will Lewis get 200k+ votes like last year? Probably not. ... Year_Award

Don't underestimate the weight of money as to who's being primed to win.

I'd have thought Andy's only reward would be as part of 'Team of the Year' for being the main reason why Great Britain won the Davis Cup but a win double by winning the main award as well!? SURELY NOT!!

Tyson Fury was 50/1 then as low as 7/2 then out to 10/1+. He likely won't win it unless there's fervent support from boxing fans and um, the 'travelling community'.

It remains to be seen if it genuinely wasn't a fluke and that he won't be mentioned in the same regard as James 'Buster' Douglas or Hasim Rahman. I would honestly put money on Deontay Wilder or Anthony Joshua to beat Tyson Fury.

Roy Brindley is hilariously pimping desperately over on Twitter for Jessica Ennis to win.

If I was writing the script, I would have Jessica Ennis win it this year to shut those moaning that women never win it (last female winner? Zara Phillips!) and NEXT YEAR have Mo Farah win it.

Incredible that a two-time Tour de France winner, a three time F1 champ, a world heavyweight boxing champion and a guy who wins double gold at the World Athletics Championships ALL might not feature in the top three.

It seems to be Andy Murray, Jessica Ennis and Kevin Sinfield as your top three this year.[/u]

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Postby The Shark » Fri Dec 04, 2015 8:26 am

Yeah I think he'll still get around 200k votes, just Murray will probably get more - he won with over 400k in 2013 although the opposition arguably wasn't as strong.

F1 still gets viewing figures towards 4m a race.
Davis Cup final averaged 3million

Both sports have a shared demographic with those who watch and vote on Sports personality.

In 2011 Mo Farrah won a gold and silver at the worlds and gained 29k votes
2010 Jess Ennis gained gold in the europeans, just 62k votes

Outside an olympics year I just can't see an athlete getting enough votes so for me that leaves the second spot open a bit and maybe 150-200k votes would be enough.

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Postby stereoman » Sun Dec 13, 2015 6:54 am

I don't know who the syndicates or whatever have got their phone jockeys primed for next week's ten minute window but Andy Murray is still backable albeit a slightly uneasy favourite. A well-coordinated gamble whatever happens. I'd point my finger at Kevin Sinfield as the spoiler as his odds have tumbled form 10s into 6s! Someone's planning something next week!

There is supposed to be an organized 'protest vote' for Tyson Fury as a backlash to the backlash but I'll doubt it'll happen.

The odds as they are right now:


To finish second (from Ladbrokes):

Andy Murray 11/10
Jessica Ennis-Hill 7/4
Kevin Sinfield 5/1
Tyson Fury 12/1
Lewis Hamilton 25/1
Chris Froome 80/1
Mo Farah 100/1
Greg Rutherford 100/1
Adam Peaty 300/1
Max Whitlock 300/1
Lizzie Armistead 300/1
Lucy Bronze 300/1

To finish third (from Ladbrokes):

Kevin Sinfield 5/2
Tyson Fury 3/1
Jessica Ennis-Hill 7/2
Lewis Hamilton 6/1
Andy Murray 7/1
Chris Froome 10/1
Mo Farah 25/1
Greg Rutherford 25/1
Adam Peaty 100/1
Lizzie Armistead 100/1
Lucy Bronze 100/1
Max Whitlock 100/1

Top 3 finish:


Overseas Personality of the Year:


They usually pre-record this award as they're usually too busy/famous/not bothered so I'm surprised there are odds available. Dan Carter...second favourite from seemingly nowhere? Does somebody know something!?

The RTE Sports Person of the Year award is mighty interesting now. The odds at Betfair before they announced the nominees were...

Paul O'Connell 5/4
Michael Conlan 6/4
Conor McGregor 10/3
Jon Walters 22/1
Shane Lowry 25/1
Andy Lee 40/1
Michael McKillop 66/1
Rory McIlroy 125/1
Leighton Aspell (not quoted)
Rena Buckley (not quoted)
Jack McCaffery (not quoted)
TJ Reid (not quoted)
Sophie Spence (not quoted)
Richie Towell (not quoted)

RTE have FOURTEEN nominees. ... rt-awards/

Conor's put himself into prime contention in the last hour or so with an incredible THIRTEEN SECOND KO of a ten year reigning champ (hmmm...that sounds familiar) but they'll probably give it to Paul O'Connell.

Conor McGregor runs his mouth but not to to the extent that Tyson Fury does. Conor's a lot smarter than that.

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Postby stereoman » Fri Dec 18, 2015 3:40 am

RTE Sports Person of the Year odds from Betfair:

Conor McGregor 'evens'
Michael Conlan 13/8
Paul O'Connell 7/2
Jon Walters 25/1
Shane Lowry 28/1
Andy Lee 50/1
Rory McIlroy 100/1
Michael McKillop 150/1
Leighton Aspell 125/1
Rena Buckley 100/1
Jack McCaffery 150/1
TJ Reid 125/1
Sophie Spence 150/1
Richie Towell 150/1

Andy Lee could surprise and 'place' in the top three. Will RTE have cameras ringside in Manchester for Andy's fight against Billy Joe Saunders?

It seems chockful of fighters though but it seems oddly prime for Michael Conlan to be the spoiler now as his odds have come in slightly after winning the BBC Northern Ireland SPotY prize.

Conor McGregor, like Tyson Fury in the BBC's shortlist, arguably has the 'biggest' personality of the bunch and possible even a fanbase to 'stuff the ballot' with but these things can be ever so political.

Here's an opinion piece about why it should be Michael Conlan and not Conor McGregor winning on Saturday: ... -the-year/

I'd go 1. Conor McGregor 2. Paul O'Connell 3. Michael Conlan but I'm not voting.

No Jonathan Rea or Tony McCoy in a list of fourteen!? Wowzers. Hope Tony gets a special recognition award on Saturday on RTE as he's getting one on Sunday on BBC. ... ent-award/

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Postby Fredgarv » Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:39 am

I don't really get involved with the sports personality of the year it's like the oscars just a group of people patting each other on the back for doing a good job in their field which they get well paid for anyway however I do have an opinion on this and think ANDY MURRAY is a sure thing after leading the Davis cup team to victory and a good individual season himself I must admit it is only recently I have changed my mind about the scot and actually quite like him now but didn't before mainly because of his Anglophobia in the past , he must win especially as his nearest rival seemingly Jessica Ennistown Hill hasn't done anything this year except adverts on TV and Tyson Fury DONT MAKE ME LAUGH :lol:

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Postby bobslay13 » Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:50 am

Lewis Hamilton has to be worth a look at 40s surely? I'm well aware that F1 and his success hasn't received anywhere near as much credit as Andy Murray's Davis Cup win but really expected Hamilton to be 2nd favourite? Maybe I'm being ignorant but I don't even know who Kevin Sinfield is!!
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Postby Decoro54 » Fri Dec 18, 2015 9:53 am

Thought id throw my hat in the ring and Murray should win the uk SPOTY .if you look at the trends the winner generally comes from a sport which has finished on the back end of the year,on free to air tele and is a good joe soap.Murray ticks all the boxes.god only knows how Rory McElroy didn't win it last year.he achieved more in one year than most golfers in their life and was a 1/9 shot for SPOTY.
Anyway for irish one it has to be o Connell,retiring from int rugby and again a good joe gregor is hoping for a domestic fight in croke park and he claims he can fill the 80000 seater so maybe next year will be his chance.

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Postby Decoro54 » Fri Dec 18, 2015 9:57 am

Lewis Hamilton has to be worth a look at 40 surely?no person has ever retained the award that's probably why he's a big price.

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Postby Fredgarv » Fri Dec 18, 2015 10:06 am

Lewis Hamilton has to be worth a look at 40 surely?no person has ever retained the award that's probably why he's a big price.
Yeah I think your right there you have to do something really extraordinary to win it the second time after winning it the previous year.
Would just like to add Dan Carter for overseas personality and he is a big personality and with the popularity of the rugby World Cup and the kiwis winning .

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Postby titans choice » Sat Dec 19, 2015 1:20 pm

I have to say i can't see Kevin Sinfield winning it but it's good to see him getting some support legend is used a lot in sport but Kevin is definitely one.Leeds Rhino's lost 3 stars at the end of last year due to retirement and the biggest thing you can say is that Kevin will probably be the biggest miss of all of them.He is probably one of the greatest players ever to play for Leeds and is definitely one of the best and most succesfull Captains to play for them.And every person up for the award is a credit to their sports and the country but Kevin Seinfield has done it longer then any other person in the competition and it would be a well deserved victory he has put his body on the line in one of the most phyisical sports there is week in and week out and has had great success how many people in this competition have had success for 10 years?.

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Postby kilburn » Sat Dec 19, 2015 2:38 pm

Ennis is interesting. has been fav since winning worlds but in a tough non Olympic year I have always wondered why she was so short. Is it because she is a mother. The mothers I know aren't the most likely voters at SPOTY

Hamilton ew at 40s would appeal with 3 places but the winner is most likely Murray as the rugby league vote can't be that strong

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Postby joannemalone1 » Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:44 pm

Michael Conlan won RTE sports person of the year.

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