Sports Personality Of The Year

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Sports Personality Of The Year

Postby LustForLeith » Thu Feb 05, 2015 7:43 pm

Gut instinct. Last year I fancied Lewis Hamilton to win but didn't back him and could only watch in agony as he beat Rory McIlroy to the title in December.

Can he hamilton win it again? He could, but I think the barbell be raised after last years exploits. And van Mcilroy go one better? Perhaps he could but after winning lots last year, will his bar be raised?

Who else is there? Steven Gerrard had been mentioned, especially if he guides Liverpool to the FA Cup on his birthday I his last game in Enlgland he'd get the sentiment vote, but would that be enough?

Gary Anderson had a brilliant start to the year. He battled personal grief off the oche and beat Phil Taylor in a great final but Taylor himself struggles to get the recognition he deserves and he's the best ever!

So what sports could have a big impact on the British public this year and in turn propel a sports star to super stardom?

What about rugby? It's the six nations this weekend and then later on in the year it's the World Cup. England host the World Cup and in theory could have a clear route to the final where they'd play New Zealnad.

Confession time. I'm no rugby expert. But I believe New Zealand haven't won the World Cup when it's been played outside the Southern Hemisphere.

Can England win it? Maybe? Can it be on the back of six nations win? Maybe there's a danger they'd take their eye off the first in the hunt for the second.

Imagine if they did win both? Surely a member of their team would be up there for contention?

Step forward Sam Burgess.

As mentioned, I'm no expert but from what I hear Burgess is a bit of a rugby superstar already. Rugby League perhaps but he's making the transaction to Rugby Union after winning a tonne of titles, none more so than last year when many felt his exploits in Australia would have been enough to get him a nomination at least. It wasn't too be.

So I'm going for Sam Burgess as an Each Way shout. He's got a big year ahead of him and he's being fast tracked in. But if he lives up to half the potential he showed in rugby league, if Bath and England can work out his ideal position and if he helps England to win the Six Nations and maybe the World Cup then his name could be on the lips of everybody.

Sam Burgess sports personality of the year 25/1 Each Way

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Postby stereoman » Sat Feb 07, 2015 7:58 pm

Tony McCoy being backed into 10/1 and less as he's announced his retirement.

If Lewis Hamilton hadn't had won SPotY just, this might've been an interesting race between the petrolheads and the racing fraternity.

I don't think the petrolheads can be bothered to vote for Lewis again but can the horse racing brigade maintain their focus to vote in a ten minute window sometime in December for TEN months!?

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Postby inatimate » Sat Feb 07, 2015 8:29 pm

I\'m already on the same lines with the Rugby, but I have gone with George Ford. He kicked well yesterday and is still relatively new to the International scene, so in reality the only way for him is up. Wilko won it in 2003 thanks to that memorable moment against the Aussies in the Final. And I think that England if they are to win it then it will be on converting their penalties. He is now best priced at 66/1 after being best priced at 80/1. Which, considering he is probably going to be Englands fly-half given that he has taken his chance well and was Man of the Match last night, is still a huge price, also remember, the Final will be on the 31st October, so it will still be very fresh in the publics mind

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Postby LustForLeith » Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:33 pm

Can't believe I put this up then McCoy hands in his notice right after. Wonder if he read hm post?! :D

Absolutely would have no problem if McCoy got SPOTY award. He's a proper legend who shuns the celebrity nature of sport while still wanting to do his best with every ride.

Still, could have waited to next year!

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Postby Nunnylad » Wed May 13, 2015 10:23 pm

I think there is E/W money to be made here.

AP McCoy 7-2 - He has already retired and has won it before, hasn't really done anything this year worthy of winning it. If he hadn't won it before i'd say he has a chance, but he'll be 'forgotten' in the coming months and may well get a special award at the ceremony instead of this one.

Hamilton 4-1 - He won last year but the season finishes right when the ceremony is so it'll be fresh in peoples minds and will probably be the biggest achievement of anyone this year.

McIlroy 9-1 - He'd have to win at least 2 majors to have a chance and I just can't see him doing it but at 9-1 the odds look inviting.

Murray 9-1 - Not a lot to say about him really, has won it before and I don't think he'll win it again this year, not unless he wins a couple of majors which isn't likely.

I really can't make a great case for any of them but I do think that Chris Froome at 28-1 is way over priced, as is Amir Khan at 50-1.

Khan will win his fight against Algieri and if he fights Mayweather this year he has a chance of beating him. Some might think i'm delusional but Mayweather is getting older now and won't be able to dodge all of Khan's punches, and Khan punches faster than anyone right now. Yeah, he could get counter punched and KO'd but if Khan does win then he surely becomes one of the favourites for the SPOTY.

Froome is my favourite for the TDF and again, if he wins it it'll be a feat greater than what most of the above favourites for the award will do this year.

So a point E/W for both of them is how i've gone.

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Postby stereoman » Wed May 13, 2015 11:32 pm

Hadn't thought that Tony McCoy might be given a special award instead...they might very well do something sneaky like that.

TWENTY YEARS, CHAMPION JOCKEY!! It's the only thing Tony's got going for him...and that this year's ceremony is being held at the Odyssey Arena in *COUGH* Belfast. ... y/32515120

Rory McIlroy should've won it last year...two Majors and a big hand in helping to win the Ryder Cup! What does golf have to do to get a winner since Nick Faldo back in 1989!? ... Year_Award

What a sickener for history to be made by Lewis Hamilton being the first back-to-back winner. Formula One has waited since 1996 to get a winner but back-to-back is frankly unwarranted.

I can't see any women troubling the voters although Lizzy Yarnold has won the 'career Grand Slam' in um, skeleton and there's the athletics world championships with Katarina Johnson-Thompson being the main British hope for gold. They should 'place' by being in the shortlist but surely not do a Jo Pavey and end up in the top three.

OT: If Amir Khan beats Floyd Mayweather then that'd be just "WOW!!". I don't think it'll happen as Floyd's people don't want to take him on in the belief that nobody in the US wants to watch him fight Amir Khan despite a big British interest if it were to happen amongst other reasons. Mayweather is happy to coast to 49-0 and will pick a 'beatable' and 'easier' opponent for his next fight in September.

Floyd wanted to fight Marcos Maidana TWICE for easy money rather than take Amir on. Mayweather simply isn't interested even though Khan beat Maidana in an internet poll. Floyd lies.

The greatest trick Floyd Mayweather ever pulled was to convince people his fights were worth watching. He and his people are laughing in your face, every single time interest is built up in an almost inevitable win for him.

Chris Froome seems to be 'fragile' these days. Hopefully he won't suffer injury problems like he did in 2014 but there seems to be some reluctance to champion him...he won the frigging Tour de France in 2013 and didn't even finish in the top three of BBC SPotY as he only finished sixth. ... Year_Award

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Postby UnderdogsLover » Thu May 14, 2015 6:57 am

My choice be Stuart Bingham.
Took Stuart 20 odd years to win big major prize.
As well, he was the 3rd OLDEST player to win great prize.
If wins another big prize like Masters! Sure be in running.

The greatest trick Floyd Mayweather ever pulled was to convince people his fights were worth watching.
Not me having to pay to watch the fight.
The Ali fights was worth watching, those day s you not forced with
anything etc

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Postby Decoro54 » Thu May 14, 2015 7:38 am

Sports personality can be very difficult to predict, let's not forget it's the public who choose and sports that are on free view and main stream TV generally have a better chance. Rory traded as low as 1-9 last year and still lost.Think some people must be living under large rocks by not voting for him last year.Also some of the public voting must have short memories as sports that finish later in the year generally do better.Rory had won all his majors earlier in the year and although played a part in the ryder cup victory, that team were given their own acknowledgement.The formula 1 didn't finish til round November i think so most people voted for Lewis as formula 1 was still in their memory.Also not sure if this played a part but before Xmas Rory said he would play for Ireland in the next Olympics so maybe some people in the UK were annoyed at him wit making that decision.
For this year i would like Bingham to win it but can't see that happening, gone are the days when the country stopped to watch snooker so most people probably didn't even know the snooker was on.If froom wins the tour de France it's his or if Rory wins another major surely he'll win it this year.
Completely forgot that it's rugby world cup year wit England hosting, could be a rugby player!

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Postby stereoman » Sun May 24, 2015 1:49 am

Yeah, the reasons why Rory didn't win last year are mostly attributed to:

* The unsavoryness of splitting up with Caroline Wozniacki.
* The petrolheads organising themselves voting in their droves to vote for Lewis Hamilton..
* (and yes) Rory's achievements were 'too early' for everyone to remember.

Complete excuses. Seems almost like an anti-golf sentiment with the BBC but hey, maybe the GBP don't like golf that much!?

England will do well to get of a ludicrously difficult group in the Rugby World Cup and somehow beat two of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa to win the thing. Very likely it won't happen.

I'd imagine James DeGale will be in the shortlist of ten now but he will not win it.

Stuart Bingham? If Ronnie O'Sullivan hasn't been considered after winning FIVE World Snooker titles then Bingham surely won't.

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Postby stereoman » Mon May 25, 2015 5:34 pm

James Anderson being a 'history maker' (400th Test wicket!) may get him a place in the final ten.

The four most likely to be on the list so far based on achievement:

* James Anderson
* James DeGale
* Tony McCoy
* Lizzie Yarnold

The next six based on what they might achieve:

* Jessica Ennis-Hill
* Chris Froome
* Lewis Hamilton
* Rory McIlroy
* Andy Murray
* Katarina Johnson-Thompson

Only my opinion. I'm discounting anybody who takes part in the Rugby World Cup as I don't believe any of the 'Home Nations' will win.

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Postby stereoman » Wed Jul 01, 2015 1:20 am

Huh. Betfair have odds for the Overseas SPotY award:

Jordan Spieth 7/4
Serena Williams 9/2
Lionel Messi 9/2
Novak Djokovic 6/1
Richie McCaw 16/1
Cristiano Ronaldo 20/1
Usain Bolt 20/1
Luis Suarez 22/1
Julian Savea 25/1
Eden Hazard 25/1
Mitchell Starc 25/1
Floyd Mayweather 25/1
Jonathon Sexton 28/1
Roger Federer 28/1
James Faulkner 28/1
Conor McGregor 33/1
Sergio Aguero 33/1
Michael Clarke 33/1
Deontay Wilder 33/1
Alberto Contador 33/1
Yohan Blake 33/1
Frankie Dettori 40/1
Abby Wambach 40/1
Xavi Hernandez 40/1
Diego Costa 40/1
Michael Van Gerwen 50/1
Nico Rosberg 50/1
Dan Carter 50/1
Gerard Pique 66/1
Jorge Lorenzo 66/1
Gennady Golovkin 80/1
Katie Taylor 80/1
Valentino Rossi 80/1
Raymond Van Barneveld 100/1
Justin Gatlin 100/1
Joey Chestnut 200/1

My five most likely right now? Jordan Spieth, Serena Williams, Lionel Messi, Novak Djokovic and um, Floyd Mayweather. Frankie Dettori at a push and what a win double if it were him & Tony McCoy for the main award.

If Jordan Spieth somehow wins The Open or the US PGA, he likely wins but not just by winning two...Rory McIlroy didn't win SPotY so why should Jordan!? If Serena Williams wins both or either Wimbledon and the US Open then surely it has to be her....a woman hasn't won this since Steffi Graf back in 1988 (!?).

Lionel Messi is the default option and if Argentina beat Chile to win the Copa America then what a year it'd have been for him.

PUB TRIVIA: A computer won the fricking thing in 1997 (WTF!?). ... f_the_Year

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Postby garlicsauce » Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:43 pm

England Ladies should win the Team of the Year trophy, but will any of the team make the final ten? I suppose it depends how they get on tonight. Captain Steph Houghton could make the final list?

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