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Postby garlicsauce » Mon May 11, 2015 12:18 pm

Yes some very strange results. I'm trying not to be bitter :(
I was convinced that Sheridan Smith would beat Sarah Lancashire and resigned myself to that in the end. Was most surprised when the rank outsider won! I think you will be right for next year stereoman with The 'C' Word, but then what do we know!!

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Postby stereoman » Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:23 pm

This year's nominations for the TV awards are out: ... s-in-full/

Will wait to see if there are odds. After last year's various sneaky betting patterns which proved correct, bookies might not be in the mood to put up any.

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Postby stereoman » Thu Apr 07, 2016 2:13 am

Huh. A bit of a curveball this but the BAFTA Games awards are tonight and Betway have odds on 'Best Game'.

BAFTA Games Awards Best Game 2016

1/1 Everybody's Gone to the Rapture
11/4 Fallout 4
11/2 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
6/1 Life is Strange
6/1 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
10/1 Rocket League

The Daily Telegraph are tentatively tipping 'The Witcher 3' but not with any confidence. It'd rather that 'Metal Gear Solid V' won instead. ... atch-it-p/

List of previous winners: ... _Best_Game

Scrabbling around for for predictions and a couple of gamers want 'Life is Strange' to win but are predicting 'The Witcher 3' (around the ten minutes mark).

Me? I have no opinion on who should or will win this (not really a gamer these days for one thing) but 11/2 seems worth a shot that 'The Witcher 3' somehow wins. Am not scared that 'Everybody's Gone to the Rapture' has the most nominations at all*. Nope. No, sir.

More of a hit-and-hope prediction than anything solid. Good luck to anyone having a bet on this.

* 'Alien: Isolation' led the nominations last didn't win 'Best Game' as it lost to 'Destiny' instead. ... ominations

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Postby stereoman » Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:19 pm

Meh. Right thinking in going against the favourite but I picked the wrong one as 'Fallout 4' wins instead. ... me-baftas/

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Postby stereoman » Sat May 07, 2016 7:34 pm

Am more than a bit late but is anybody else having a go!? No, only me.

The TV awards are tomorrow but you'd barely know it. Digital Spy have no coverage and only The Guardian's Mark Lawson has seemingly bothered to come up with any predictions. ... his-sunday

Leading Actor: Mark Rylance
Leading Actress: Sheridan Smith (heart) or Suranne Jones (head).
Female Performance - Comedy Programme: Michaela Coel (Chewing Gum)
Male Performance - Comedy Programme. Peter Kay (Peter Kay's Car Share)
Reality and Constructed Factual: First Dates
Features: The Great British Bake-Off

Oddschecker has gone to the dogs in yet another needless redesign so I'm having to compare odds manually with whatever bookies are still willing to have a go.

Best odds available stated.

Leading Actor ~

Mark Rylance (Wolf Hall) 11/10 (Coral)
Idris Elba (Luther) 5/2 (William Hill)
Stephen Graham (This Is England '90) 7/1 (Ladbrokes)
Ben Whishaw (London Spy) 7/1 (Ladbrokes/William Hill)

Mr Mumbles inexplicably mumbled his way to an Oscar as we go into round 3 of Elba vs. Rylance. Idris is the history man and will always be the man who won a SAG award despite not being nominated for an Oscar.

BAFTA are in love with Mark Rylance though and his odds have been smashed. He was available at 9/4 at Coral initially but I assume there must be some Idris Elba fans about who still think this is a contest. Rylance is as low as 4/9 at Paddy Power.

Neither Graham or Whishaw should stand a chance.

Prediction? Mark Rylance won't turn up but he will still win.

Leading Actress ~

Sheridan Smith (The C-Word) 11/8 (William Hill)
Suranne Jones (Doctor Foster) 13/8 (William Hill)
Claire Foy (Wolf Hall) 6/1 (Coral)
Ruth Madeley (Don't Take My Baby) 8/1 (Paddy Power)

Last year proved to be a surprise as Georgina Campbell won for a BBC Three production ahead of the big hitters of Sheridan Smith and Sarah Lancashire...can Ruth Madeley make it two years in a row!? A huge novelty factor at play for Ruth Madeley as people confined to a wheelchair generally aren't nominated for acting awards.

I'd imagine that the popularity of 'Doctor Foster' should have made Suranne Jones more of a favourite but she strangely isn't as she's either joint favourite or second favourite behind Sheridan Smith's generally well received turn in 'The C-Word'. Will recent tabloid revelations turn voters away from Sheridan Smith!? Who really knows!?

Alas Smith and Jones, there likely won't be a head-to-head battle between the two and there could be a surprise here...but not from Claire Foy's portrayal of Anne Boleyn.

Prediction? Ruth Madeley in a "WTF!?" moment as both Smith and Jones both fall by the proverbial wayside.

Continuing Drama ~

Coronation Street 10/11 (Betfair/William Hill)
EastEnders 5/4 (Betfair/Coral)
Emmerdale 12/1 (Coral)
Holby CIty 25/1 (Betfair/Coral)

Superficially no reason why 'Corrie' won't repeat again. 'EastEnders' will have their backers but if it couldn't win last year then why would it win this time around!? 'Emmerdale' could be a surprise spanner in the works if the Broadcast awards are anything to go by though.

Prediction? 'Coronation Street' but probably by sheer laziness from the voters. If the odds on 'Emmerdale' or even 'Holby City' drop overnight then someone knows as they've looked at the envelopes.

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Postby stereoman » Sat May 07, 2016 8:23 pm

Drama Series ~

Wolf Hall 8/11 (Betfair)
Humans 3/1 (Coral)
No Offence 15/2 (Coral)
The Last Panthers 25/1 (Betfair)

Would've thought 'Wolf Hall' would have had it's odds smashed in like a right wrong 'un but only Paddy Power have them as low as 4/11. It seems like 'No Offence' has it's fair share of backers to cause a fairly big upset but nothing out of the ordinary to even usurp 'Humans' as second favourite.

'The Last Panthers' being on Sky probably hinders it somewhat.

Prediction? I don't see the upset coming from either 'Humans' or 'No Offence' and that 'Wolf Hall' will mostly clean up.

Mini-Series ~

Doctor Foster 2/1 (Coral)
This Is England '90 9/4 (William Hill)
London Spy 5/2 (William Hill)
The Enfield Haunting 8/1 (Coral/Ladbrokes/William Hill)

A very hotly contested category where only 'The Enfield Haunting' seems oddly weak (the Sky factor again). It's the last chance to reward the Shane Meadows projects if they decide to give it to 'This Is England '90' but 'Doctor Foster' is the 'hot new thing' even ahead of something like 'London Spy'' which was dreadful but it'll have it's hoity-toity fans.

Prediction? 'Doctor Foster' if only as it's the biggest hit of the four.

Scripted Comedy ~

Peter Kay's Car Share 1/7 (Betfair)
Peep Show 6/1 (Betway)
Chewing Gum 20/1 (Betfair)
People Just Do Nothing (Betfair)

The PC brigade probably got 'Chewing Gum' and 'People Just Do Nothing' surprise nominations ahead of 'Catastrophe' and last year's surprise champion 'Detectorists'. Michaela Coel will win in female performance but I doubt she can do the win double.

Can 'Peep Show' prevail in a last hurrah!? Probably not if going by the odds it's a seemingly done deal..

Prediction? No sentiment as Peter Kay finally wins in a largely Ricky Gervais-free zone for his '...Car Share'.

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Postby stereoman » Sat May 07, 2016 10:59 pm

Entertainment Programme ~

Adele at the BBC 2/5 (Coral)
Strictly Come Dancing 5/1 (Betway)
Britain's Got Talent 12/1 (Betfair)
TFI Friday Anniversary Special 18/1 (Betfair)

A hodge podge of of usual suspects and a seeming ringer. Seems easy enough to assess. They aren't going to give a Simon Cowell show a BAFTA and they generally don't care for 'SCD'. The 'TFI Friday' one-off was better than the recent run of shows so superficially no surprise that was nominated.

Prediction? Seems designed to recognize Adele as I suspect her acting is ropey but they can give her a BAFTA for this.

Sport ~

Six Nations - Final Day 6/5 (Ladbrokes)
The Grand National 11/4 (Betfair)
The Ashes 7/2 (Betfair)
MOTD Live: FA Cup Final (Arsenal vs. Aston Villa) 12/1 (Betfair)

Such an oddity over the years. It depends how you feel about the sports involved. I think the football loses here though.

Prediction? I'd be stunned if the Six Nations final day coverage didn't win this.

The rest of the odds are provided by Betway.

Comedy Programme ~

Charlie Brooker's Election Wipe 11/8
Have I Got News For You 6/4
QI 3/1
Would I Lie To You 13/2

Three panel shows versus a poacher-turned-gamekeeper that is Mr Charlie Brooker.

Prediction? I think as this is Stephen Fry's last year and with no previous wins, that 'QI' is probably very much overdue even if it did have as one of it's many new panelists somebody I absolutely detest.

Only a very tentative vote though.

Live Event ~

Stargazing Live 2/5
Big Blue Live 7/2
The Vote 4/1
The Sound of Music Live 8/1

I think I remember a lot of people on social media gushing over 'Stargazing Live' so...

Prediction? 'Stargazing Live'.

Reality and Constructed Factual ~

First Dates 2/5
Gogglebox 11/4
I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! 7/1
The Secret Life of Five Year Olds 7/1

'Gogglebox' is old hat compared to 'First Dates' if only going by social media reaction.

Prediction? Almost certainly 'First Dates'.

Radio Times Audience Award ~

Doctor Foster 1/2
Peter Kay's Car Share 2/1
The Great British Bake Off 3/1
Poldark 10/1
Making a Murderer 20/1
Humans 20/1

Which of these shows has a dedicated enough fanbase!? Think it's between 'Doctor Foster', 'The Great British Bake Off' and 'Poldark'. 'Making a Murderer' is a wildcard...

Prediction? ...but 'Poldark' considering it has no other nominations could make it a surprise winner if its fanbase is focused enough.

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Postby stereoman » Sun May 08, 2016 12:00 am

EDIT-PROOF!! Not sure which of the bookies has a midday deadline so if you want to put any bets on, be quick about it.

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Postby stereoman » Sun May 08, 2016 8:45 pm

Meh. No mood to give Adele anything as 'SCD' won Entertainment Show instead. Superficially I shouldn't be surprised as it's a whole series vs. a one-off show, and the series came out on top this time. The odds-on quotes completely threw me for a loop though.

Other results:

* 'Wolf Hall' won Drama Series (quelle surprise!),
* 'This Is England '90' won Mini-Series (Coral had it as their favourite!),
* 'Big Blue Live' won Live Event (oceans beat space!? Who'd have thunk it!?),
* The Ashes won Sport (am stunned. Sky win something at least),
* 'First Dates' won Reality & Constructed Factual (no surprise to me)
* 'Poldark' won the Radio Times Audience Award (absolute guess from me on that one I freely admit!)
* 'Have I Got News For You' won Comedy Programme (should've been 'QI' instead even with a new panelist I hate that was on it)
* 'EastEnders' wins Continuing Drama (did it to mess with me...just pick the opposite!)
* 'Peter Kay's Car Share' won Scripted Comedy (quelle surprise!).
* Suranne Jones won Actress (kind of surprised but I shouldn't be)
* Mark Rylance won Actor (quelle surprise!) ... s-in-full/

A slight improvement on last year's hideous subpar couldn't get a single one right performance with a big priced winner in 'Poldark' and several other correct predictions but still not very good. Meh.

Leigh Francis winning a competitive BAFTA is a very bad joke.

Searched The Daily Telegraph's website...didn't find any predictions but apparently there were. ... -will-win/

Mark Lawson went through his card like a demon depending what you think of his prediction of not committing to just one of Sheridan Smith or Suranne Jones.

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Postby stereoman » Sun May 14, 2017 12:48 pm

Huh. The TV awards are TONIGHT!? You wouldn't know it! Been looking high and low but no-one wants to price them up!

May just do me usual predictions if I can be bothered to though.

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Postby stereoman » Sun May 14, 2017 9:08 pm

Meh. Wouldn't have predicted most of these. Saved myself from predictable heartache for the third year in a row.

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