Dancing On Ice 2012

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Dancing On Ice 2012

Postby king pete » Sun Jan 08, 2012 4:05 pm

There is some really tragic news this year. No its not Chesney Hawkes breaking his leg, THERE WILL BE NO WILLOUGHBY'S WALLABIES. Christine Bleakley has taken over holly willoughbys role. AND more tragic news ive just found out is that Louie Spence is one of the judges (do they want viewers for this show or not ? im going to have to be changing channels every time he speaks or dances on to the screen )


Matthew Wolfenden - Emmerdale actor - 11/4 (will be a danger but im not sure he will be good enough to beat the two girls)
Jennifer Ellison - Actress - 10/3 (my fav, will have the dance moves, will be fine on the ice and will take this seriously)
Chemmy Alcott - profesional skier - 6/1 (should be fine on the ice and can dance but others too good)
Jorgie Porter - Actress Hollyoaks - 13/2 (my joint fav, can dance and looks to have taken to the ice well)
Haidi Range - Singer sugerbabes - 9/1 (might do well although doesnt look as confident or graceful as the other girls)
Andy Akinwolere - Tv Presenter - 12/1 (Might not do too bad. Has Maria Filippov as his partner whichis a big plus)
Senastien Foucan - Founder of Freerunning - 12/1 (dont think he will go far)
Chico - Im not sure what to put here (who cares) - 16/1 (will have his fans at first and might not be too bad on the ice but cant see him being any danger)
Mark Rhodes - Tv Prseenter - 20/1 (will be popluar with the kids watching, might do quite well)
Sam Nixon - Tv Prseenter - 20/1 (as above but not as good)
Andy Whyment - Actor Coronation Street - 33/1 (popular comedy act)
Corey Feldman - Hollywood Actor - 33/1 (Will put his acting skills (i say skills) to good use, wont go too far)
Rosemary Conley - Fitness Guru - 33/1 (won go much further than above)
Charlene Tilton - american actress - 66/1 (might do quite well on the ice but one of the first out)
Laila Morse - Actress Eastenders - 66/1 (popular but there will be more of a comedy vote for her)

This looks to me like it will be between Matthew Wolfenden, Jennifer Ellison and Jorgie Porter. Im thinking this year will be won by a women and i like the look of Ellison and Porter. (who wouldnt :wink: ) They can dance, they will take to the ice and the latter will be wanting to try all the dangerous moves. I might have a little EW bet on Mark Rhodes aswell.

My two main bets are:
Mark Rhodes EW

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Postby Tricky Tree » Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:27 pm

had to endure some of this last night and when they showed clips of each skate I couldn't differentiate between the star and the celeb on one of them so looked it up and it was Jorgie so I went to check the odds.

best priced 2/1

now shorter

http://www.oddschecker.com/specials/tv/ ... ice/winner

Hope you had a lump at 13/2!

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