A Charity Poker Tournament - just for "Specials"!

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A Charity Poker Tournament - just for "Specials"!

Postby SuperCat » Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:23 am

Hello fellow OLBGers,

I have not been around for a while:-

I was diagnosed as having Chronic Lymphocytic Leukeamia in November 2008, this after being made redundant in September.

Ironically, my winnings on Rachel in BB9 which were destined for a holiday ended up paying the rent for 4 months until we had to move to a smaller flat.

To say that my life has been turned upside down in the last 6 months is an understatement. One day, working in my chosen career within the betting industry - a couple of months later, no job, severe health problems and a bleak future. I'm 47 tomorrow - I just have no idea what the future holds for me now.

I have a few other (unrelated) medical problems but add them all together and I see little prospect of finding meaningful employment again. When you suddenly find yourself in this situation the mental effect is devastating. I'm only in my 40's and I feel that so much that I intended to do with my life is now impossible.

* * *

Anyway, some of you may already know this, but I post on Betfair Specials Forum as "The Kitten". Well my buddies over there are arranging a Charity Poker Tournament in my name with half the stakes going to my chosen charity of Leukaemia Care who have been a great help to me since my diagnosis. Betfair are also matching the charity element of the buy-ins to effectively DOUBLE the charity donation element. There will be bounty prizes for anyone who knocks me and a couple of the other guys out of the Tourney too.

I attach the initial blurb below:-

The Kitten Charity Poker Tourney

Just before Xmas 2008, Betfair Forumite, Big Brother Guru, and Specials Poker Team Star Player in Battle of the Forums "The Kitten", aka Chris Cork, was diagnosed with Leukaemia. You can read about his "coming out" and some of the messages of support here......


(The thread is entitled "Leukaemia")

Some of his virtual friends on the Betfair forums suggested a fundraising event for a charity of Chris' choice, and The Kitten Poker Tourney was conceived. Chris has chosen the charity Leukaemia Care.

The tourney is being held on Betfair Poker, and is being pitched at everyone, whether you are a poker regular, or whether you are a complete donk like Chris and the rest of the Specials crowd. It's not going to break the bank, after all everyone's a winner on Betfair aren't they, as it will be a $20 entry fee, with $10 going to the prize pool, and $10 going to Leukaemia Care. In addition, Betfair will match the donation pool (thanks Betfair), doubling up the amount that is raised for charity.

In addition to the prize pool, there is a merchandise bounty on The Kitten (and maybe a few other Betfair Special Forum regulars)......take one of them out and you will receive a entry into a $$$$$ GTD tourney

For those of you wanting to make an additional donation (whether anonymously or using your forum/poker name or using your real name.....its up to you), go to :-


........anything you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Registration for the tourney will open one week beforehand - even if you're watching Corries or footy on TV, or playing an MTT on Betfair Poker, you can still show your support by playing this tourney at the same time.

Finally, please please please spread the word - could all you poker players mention the tourney at your tables, and an occasional mention in whatever forum each of you is active in will help to boost the numbers.

I don't have a date for it yet but expect an announcement from Betfair soon.

Thanks for reading all this and if you can afford a few quid at www.justgiving.com/thekitten I will be most grateful.
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