Been on before....... looking to find some people

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Been on before....... looking to find some people

Postby gambler2018 » Mon Jun 27, 2022 10:52 am

Right this may be a bit complicated at first but all will become clear. I have been on here twice before (i think my last name was thegambler3700) and I met some decent people on here. However with life things happen and I had to leave.

Tommy Buckley
Mull Dog (Steve Mullington)
Joanne (cant remember her 2nd name but she was from Ireland)
The Pizza Man (it was something like that)

Andy Powell (was he zipster?)

Are these people still on here id like to get back in touch on here. Ive left twitter that place became very toxic and I just couldnt be bothered with it am going get back to what I do. If anyone wants to get in touch just message me i will get around to it . Any help appreciated

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