1xbet scam. Can they do this?

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1xbet scam. Can they do this?

Postby tamariki » Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:30 am

I opened the account at 1xBet and that was a first mistake. I thought odds are good and honestly did not read reviews about them online but a friend recommended them. I deposited twice, first time around 150 and later around 500 euros and I was playing, won couple of times and at the end my balance was 2590 euros. I tried withdrawing maybe 500 euros and then games begun. They asked to upload passport, when I did that they still did not verify my account. When I contacted them maybe 10th time, they asked to send passport via mail. After that they asked to send print screens of my Skrill wallet, 5 or six print sreeens, also the proofs of my deposits to 1xBet. When I called to say that this is very strange, that they are asking me to send photos of my Skrill wallet because there are my personal data, they were very rude and said I can only talk with Security department via mail, there is no one who can help me by phone. At the end, I decided to send photos of my Skrill because I have nothing to hide and I played and won fair and square and I really need my money, they asked me to send PHOTO OF ME HOLDING PASSPORT AND IN THE BACK SHOULD BE E MAILS WITH THEM. This was so humiliating, why do they have to see e mails in the back, it took me 20 minutes to take this kind of photo but I did it. In the end, they said that I should go to my profile and follow my verification proces there. And now the craziest part starts. I went to login, like 3 minutes after receiving that mail, and system did not allow me to do so, it said my account is restricted. I called, they said I can login. I tried again, nope. They said to clear cookies and catch, I did it and still could not and still I am not able to do it, even though they say I can. I wrote very angry mail to Account security and still no answer. I have been using many bookies but this is the far worst situation I was ever in. I gave them all of the documents, I played honestly and they are now playing some kind of sadistic game with me. On the private note, I am pregnant and this situation is really stressing me out and I was wondering, is it possible that this is legal and I can not do anything about it? Guy, be aware and thanks in advance to all of those who could help me with some kind of advice.
P.S. Sorry for some grammar mistakes, I am not native speaker.

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Re: 1xbet scam. Can they do this?

Postby horage » Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:43 am

sorry to hear about your troubles in trying to collect your winnings but you have made a critical mistake;you won some money;now some of these bookies you have never heard of never like paying out if they can avoid it;I notice they did not demand all types of verification and ID before you deposited the money.

The best advice is to not have anything to do with mickey mouse online bookmakers...as nearly all will take your cash but some don't like paying out your
winnings without putting up as many obstacles as possible....

these are the bookies I would recommend;

Betfair....Paddy Power.....William Hill.....Coral......

These bookmakers are regulated by the gambling commission in the U.K. and they will nearly always payout your winnings eventually.

If they refuse to payout you can contact the gambling commission and they will look into it for you......

Remember in gambling as in the rest of the world...


Good luck ..

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Re: 1xbet scam. Can they do this?

Postby pumpdaball » Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:06 pm

How were you able to pay funds into your account without it being verified in the first place? and even then! how did you get bets on without verification of your account?

From my own experience with Betfair, i could not input funds or obviously then have bets after joining them, until I had verified with passport etc.
Which I actually like, I am not opposed to security, it's for your own protection after all.

Don't subscribe to those scammy little bookies, as the person said in the above post.
Use one of the reputable bookmakers, even though there are problems with them sometimes, but that's where the liquidity is at and that's where you need to be.

I have no idea what you can do, if its all legitimate but with those unscrupulous types, you might find some small writing which of course will be in their favor and not your's.

I hope you get paid, and if you do, you would be well advised to close that account and take a look on OLBG, ton's of information and recommendations from fellow happy punters. and some good sign up offers too.
Good Luck
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Re: 1xbet scam. Can they do this?

Postby tamariki » Sat Jul 22, 2017 1:46 pm

Hm, I also have Betfair account and actually I could deposit and play without verifying account, but could not withdraw. This is normal for most of the bookies, even for the best ones but I see your point. I know that I made a huge mistake but I was just wondering, if a person can sue huge food company for finding a bug in their food, how come people don't sue scam bookies for deliberately drag out verification proces and play dumb, ask for some crazy things etc to pay out money that was MADE and EARNED. I earned my money because I have knowledge that I invested in for years. How can they treat me like sh*t and I can not do anything about it, this is beyond me.

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Re: 1xbet scam. Can they do this?

Postby Mr Blue » Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:17 am

Hi tamariki
I just checked and this company is based in the Netherlands Antilles.
I don't even trust the ones based /registered in Malta .
You ask a good question .
Perha0s you should approach your bank and directly accuse this company of deliberately defrauding you of your deposit ?
Then perhaps you can try the trading standards . I'm not sure if you are in `Britain or not so the equivalent of trading standards in your country.
I have just been told by a friend of an utterly rediculous situation involving another company that isn't British seemingly .
I will post it in the near future once he's got to the bottom of it.
But he's going to miss out on £9250 because a treble he placed for £160 was changed to three £10 singles without him having a clue.
I loathe thse companies with all my heart and soul.
And I loathe them because it's apparently not enought hat they make money by exploiting the weal and the stupid they also gave to chest them too.
They disgust me .

By the way I'm intruiged by your apparent ability to win so easily . May I ask what you were betting on ?

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Re: 1xbet scam. Can they do this?

Postby meni13 » Tue Oct 31, 2017 12:11 pm

i can help if problem not finish just tell and akso if you have image can proved ?

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