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2021 Six Nations Tipping Competition - £200 on Offer!

Posted: Sat Jan 23, 2021 1:26 pm
by PompeyJim
It seems like the 2020 Six Nations has not long concluded with the interrupted schedule, however the 2021 Rugby Union Six Nations tournament gets underway on Saturday 6th February and OLBG are delighted to announce we are offering members a chance to win a share of £200 in our FREE and easy to enter Six Nations Tipping Competition.

Here's a quick rundown of the Competition rules:


You do not have to enter this competition separately. If you are a member of OLBG then you just need to make a Rugby tip (with a comment) in the same way as for the monthly tipping competition, selecting Rugby Union and then from the Six Nations markets on the tipping menu -


£50 x 1, £25 x 2, £10 x 10.

The prize structure is £50 to the tipster with the highest level stakes profit accumulated at the end of the competition, £25 to second and third and then £10 for members placed 4th-13th.

The Six Nations prize fund is in addition to the normal monthly prizes which you can still win based on the criteria for the monthly Rugby Union Competition.

As usual, prizes are doubled for Rugby Elite Tipsters and trebled for Super Elite Tipsters. If unsure you can check your current Rugby tipster status via your 'My Performance' page -


This means Level Stakes Profit, so it doesn't matter if you select a stake of 50 or 500 for these tips. If you place a win tip on a 5/1 winner, you will then have a LSP of + 5 points. If you then have three losing tips, you lose 1 point per losing tip and your level stakes profit will be down to + 2 points.

Members must finish the competition with a positive LSP to be in with a chance of a prize.

Tips 10 or more:

A minimum of 10 tips must be placed on the 2020 Six Nations markets to potentially qualify for a prize, any members finishing the tournament with less than 10 tips added will not qualify even if in a prize position.

5 'Winning' Tips

A minimum of 5 winning tips must be placed to potentially qualify for a cash prize. If you finish in a cash prize position but have failed to add at least 5 profitable tips then you will not qualify for the prize.

Markets Available:

All markets available to tip on for the Six Nations 2021 will count towards this competition, these include the Outright Winner and the match markets (Match Result, Handicap, Double Result, Highest Scoring Half etc...)

Tipping Table:

The competition tipping table will be updated daily and available to view via the page link below, some results may require manual processing which may not update until the following day.

Tip Comments:

You must add good comment reasoning with your selection when the tip is placed, tips without comments are excluded. Poor, short comments without detailed reasoning will not count and will be deemed void for the competition.

Also no copy and pasting of comments across multiple tips, reasoning must be original and specific to the tip market selected.

Comments will be checked during and verified when the tournament has finished so please ensure comments adhere to the rules, are clear, well written and punctuated as they are displayed on the OLBG website and mobile app for OLBG followers, lots of visitors are now following the advice, so let's show them the quality on offer !!


- Facts And Stats Relevant To Match Outcome.

- Team Form and player news/injuries going into the Six Nations.

- Recent head to head records.

- Style Of Play And Match Analysis.

- Reasons For Your Conclusions

Click the link below for helpful comment guidelines -


To check your tips have registered visit your current tips page.

After the tournament has concluded the final competition table will be published during the week commencing the Monday 22nd March 2021 and prize winners will be confirmed within 14 days after we have completed our final checks for eligible tips and comment quality.

Can you scoop the £50 top prize with your 2021 Six Nations tips ?

Here's the 2020 Six Nations Tipping Competition Final Table -

1 RabidHorizon (19 tips) 15.22 (LSP)
2 milasantiago (12 tips) 7.02
3 fdavidfbe (10 tips) 5.40
4 ju29ro (16 tips) 4.82
5 frankidej (11 tips) 4.62
6 David04 (13 tips) 4.12
7 Monkeycat (11 tips) 3.50
8 Payne1164 (13 tips) 2.58
9 abarrybonds (21 tips) 2.36
10 Cheesex (12 tips) 1.90
11 surfsup (10 tips) 1.57
12 attitude adjuster (21 tips) 0.96
13 lankylad (33 tips) 0.48

Good luck to all participating members.

Re: 2021 Six Nations Tipping Competition - £200 on Offer!

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2021 12:10 pm
by Bodoski
That nice

Re: 2021 Six Nations Tipping Competition - £200 on Offer!

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2021 3:19 pm
by fem4mular
So any tipster that cannot add comments to their tips will not be able to participate?

Re: 2021 Six Nations Tipping Competition - £200 on Offer!

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2021 5:06 pm
by PompeyJim
So any tipster that cannot add comments to their tips will not be able to participate?
That's correct yes.

Re: 2021 Six Nations Tipping Competition - £200 on Offer!

Posted: Sat Mar 27, 2021 2:31 pm
by PompeyJim
Well done to dacris69 for winning the £50 top prize and finishing the Six Nations Tipping Competition with a 29.46 level stakes profit from 14 tips placed and 9 successful.

Alvaroanicha finished in 2nd spot on 27.32 and ognjen89 was 3rd on 18.02, both win £25.

The 13 cash prize winners are as follows -

1 - dacris69 29.46
2 - alvaroanicha 27.32
3 - ognjen89 18.02
4 - Wtrylika13 16.74
5 - nawoo 16.18
6 - 21Jackpot 14.38
7 - rockabilly kat 13.70
8 - cadillac06 10.78
9 - surfsup 9.08
10 - ju29ro 9.00
11 - EDHINO 8.96
12 - BettingFormula 8.68
13 - Cricchris 6.96

The detailed final table standings can be found here -

Well done to dacris69 and the prize winners and a big thank you to all participating members.

Cash prizes will be allocated to OLBG accounts within the next few days.