English Rugby League: League 1 Doncaster v Oxford.

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English Rugby League: League 1 Doncaster v Oxford.

Postby RogueWeka » Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:53 pm

This game Kicks off at 6:30pm at Featherstone Rovers’ L.D. Nutrition Stadium. Both sides are on a 3 day turn-around after playing on the Weekend. Both are on losing streaks.

Home side, Doncaster, who under a new Coach in Richard Horne, have had opportunities to get up in the last two matches but discipline has been an issue and lop-sided penalty counts have cost them dearly. Against 'Haven, Doncaster started as 10 point underdogs and carried the fight to the home side trailing 6-14 at the break they rallied to rattle 14 points and hold Whitehaven scoreless in the last quarter to go down 25-20. They had a lot more energy coming down the stretch and could have taken this match as they were finding holes in the Haven defence, but stupid penalties kept giving Haven relief.

Signs looked good as the headed into last weekends home match against Newcastle, but the match was almost a repeat of their last with a last quarter comeback scoring 10 points whist holding the Thunder scoreless, but once again penalties stopped the Dons from sinking their teeth in and the game ended with a 10 point loss to Doncaster.

Oxford are in deep mud at present. The season started with a lot of promise and up until 5 weeks ago Oxford were 7 wins from 12 games across all competitions. But the rot set in against Whitehaven at home on 4th of June, with a 48-12 loss. Next was a 31-18 loss at Skolars, then humiliation at home to Newcastle , flogged 0-52, their biggest defeat in over a year. Against the All Golds a fortnight ago I thought that they would be competitive enough to push Gloucestershire, and they were to a point. Trailing 10-8 at the break and 16-10 at 3/4 time, Oxford looked to have an opportunity to instal some warm fuzzies into their supporters who had traveled the short distance, but the 4th period capitulation was unavoidable and the home side ran in 22 unanswered points to finish 38-10 victors. Oxford true state of competitiveness was revealed at the hands of Nth Wales on Sunday last. At Home Oxford suffered another defeat with their opponents scoring +50 points, and for the 2nd week in a row have given up 22 points in the last 20 min alone. They have now conceded 150 points in their last 3 home games.

The comparisons between the two sides is pretty straight forward. In Doncaster you have a side that is desperately trying to find some form and looking for their first win under a new coach. They have been a side that has finished well but suffering from poor starts, they won't be lacking in motivation for this match and must surely scent blood in the water. Oxford are the opposite, having dropped off the pace in the last 20 mins to suffer big defeats. morale is rock bottom and a tremendous injury list to contend with.

The Bookies have The Don's as 36 point favourites. this is a staggeringly large number, but with fatigue, Form, Travel, Injuries and desire all a factor here, they may well cover this. I'm of the mind that Doncaster won't stop if they get a good run on, they are so hungry for a win I think they will be the Bully here and enjoy extracting everything the can out a tearful Oxford.

Good Luck

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