Who'll win the Rugby World Cup

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Postby ken678 » Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:52 am

Hello nors - hope you are well.

I agree it would be a disaster and this is a bet I am very happy (and indeed expect) to lose. But you know me - I am always going on about "the wrong prices" Of course the price doesn't influence the result of any contest (dirty dealings aside!) but if you offer me 2/1 about flipping a coin heads or tails I'll take it as long as you'll let me. Whichever I call is unaffected by my bet but if you're offering me 2/1 about an even money shot I'll come out ahead in the end.

As I say I hope to lose (the bet is for crumbs even by my reduced standards) but 1.2 is simply the wrong price, in my view.

All the best,


PS: 66/1 NAP yesterday beaten into second, the next one like that will probably be around with Halley's Comet!

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Postby UnderdogsLover » Fri Sep 18, 2015 11:21 am

Good today here at last exciting month of so of Rugby.. :)
Shall be watching a lot games this time round.
Did nt watch many last World Cup due to time difference..
So be making up for lost time...

Ken yes agree very brave gl...
Wasn t that same teams in the last Final??
Final New Zealand vs France Probably NZ, but at the prices I'll have a shekel on both to win it!
Anyway still going for England 9/2 good odds and on home soil.
France my god Each Way banker had 16/1.
Keep interest thru out the tournament.

Now just can't for tonight and next few weeks.
Be for you know it be Q.F. Stage that how quickly it goes..

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Postby ken678 » Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:22 am

Well if anything was ever certain (and it never was) after Japan's stunning performance yesterday it would all appear to be "up for grabs". Maybe, though perhaps its just me being a miserable old *** but I fancy this may be an example of the exception that proves the rule.

What is certain is that it is a damn shame that Japan have to turn out again so quickly after their amazing show - whatever else they are they must be absolutely knackered after the most full on, relentless performance I have ever seen on a rugby field at any level.

So good was the game in fact that I have to admit it eclipsed (just!) Alcester's win at the same time over Atherstone. We were absolutely murdered in the first half but in on of those odd circumstances that happens in all sport we turned round leading 5-0. They scored immediately of restart and it was 5-7 and one expected the flood gates to open - which they did, though not as expected. For no reason immediate discernible we then ran riot and ended up winning 32-7. Aah, there's value for the price of 2xLagers at £3!

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Postby bobslay13 » Sun Sep 20, 2015 4:31 pm

I had a feeling the minnows would completely make a mockery of their lines and that's been the case already. Japan were supposed to lose by 44 points and won, Uruguay by 65 and only lost by 45 yet people were calling them amateurs before the game! This tournament already looks like breaking the mould of the big teams winning at a canter which is great. I wonder if it will see a shock winner though? New Zealand don't look as good as everyone thought right now!
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Postby Brownie3 » Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:00 am

Interesting news for the Top Tryscorer market, New Zealand are starting with both Savea and Milner-Skudder against Nambia. In previous they'd have been rested, but you'd expect them to grab a fair few between them. Hills offer 8/15 for a Savea hatrick!

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Rugby World Cup Winner

Postby Randy Rann » Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:57 pm

I wasn't too despondent about England's start and that fourth try looks crucial. Fiji showed tonight again their not a bad outfit & though Australia were comfortable missing a bonus point might be a huge disadvantage to them.
Wales will play Fiji and by then the Fijians may be feeling the effects of two big efforts so Wales might be good to win & nick that bonus point.
So the games between England/Australia & Wales will be the deciders and I cant wait. I get the feeling Australia v Wales will be the cruncher.
The minnows have performed well and fair play to the Rugby bigwigs as Cricket wants to hold World Cups without the developing & second tier nations. Look what they add and tell me they shouldn't be here!
Still fancy England will improve with each game and find their best line up as they progress as will the Kiwis & Aussies.
Do fancy the England/NZ finalists and backing the best team & the host team has paid dividends many time before.
Anyway enjoy the first round matches & France up next!!!

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Postby ken678 » Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:36 pm

Writing this before getting on-line so more than ever I am going to be swayed by the odds, when I see them.

As a committed England fan, I am really rooting for their success but have admitted already to having laid England at 1.2 not to get out of the group. This is the crunch game of the group. (Though the real top game of the day overall is Alcester vs Claverdon following Alcester's stunning win last week over Atherstone, but sadly medical senile decay prevents me attending.)

If England are evens(ish) or better I'll back them but from what I read and/or hear from the pundits I gather that they are unlikely to be – though there may be value in the handicap market(s).

Wales will undoubtedly miss Halfpenny and their first choice scrum half – really cruel for both them personally and the team – and that may just shift the balance toward the home side but there are very real concerns for me with the England side. I am a fan of Lancaster (and he knows a great deal more about things than I do) but you cannot get away from (at least) three points.

a) England after years of lead up go into this vital game with a centre partnership that has never played together before. It may turn out to be inspired but it doesn't smack of “perfect preparationâ€.
b) Rather on the same lines is the ditching of Ford for Farrell. I am pretty agnostic in all honesty as to which is the better but again after the thick end of a year when Ford has appeared to be first-choice it is worrying that after just over a half of play last week Ford is out and replaced.
c) You need 15 men on the pitch. As I've said before Cortney Lawes remains a worry for me (and there are others) when the pressure is really on will he fight off the (allegedly “of the pastâ€) red mist.

The Welsh will certainly be niggling him and there might even just be the possibility they'll over do it and get the marching orders themselves.

Cracking prospect and having seen the prices my tiny punts (which I am quite happy to lose!) are :

LAY : England at 1.39
BACK : DRAW at 30
BACK : SENDING OFF, any player, 9/1

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Postby ken678 » Sat Oct 03, 2015 8:57 pm

Just won the bet that I truly didn't want to win - but you could hardly call it a close run thing.

I've got some thoughts as to why and with OLBG's indulgence I'll write a bit on it later - meantime I'll just go and cry myself to sleep


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Postby jaydubs » Sun Oct 04, 2015 11:16 am

Who do we think is in with a chance then ?

The Australian's flakey pack looks good and they looked sharp... i think SA are coming to the boil nicely .. NZ still look undercooked but have the potential as we all know...Ireland are the British best hope .. France totally one dimensional ...

Looking at this I would have Australia in the final v SA or NZ

Disappointed England are out but expected it to be honest .. they have been poor in all 3 games no,leaders no game plans

Lancaster has to go ... so do the backroom staff... Robshaw has to go as a 7 and Captain ... no to use your best asset (the back 3) was pretty much a disgrace after what we have seen in the last year

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Postby deswalker » Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:09 pm

I think Argentina are going to fancy themselves against anyone in the knockout stages. They are 50/1 to win the whole thing... I'm not saying its even marginally likely to happen, but its surely twice the price it should be?

Australia have looked incredibly good I think. I know everyone is disappointed about yesterdays result, but Oz have been the best side in the tournament probably so far. NZ haven't had the opposition to show how good they are I'd suggest?

Ireland... just not convinced. Wales... no chance. France... well they have looked very good. SA... I feel the wheels could come off any time, don't know why.

Pumas the value I'd suggest.
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Postby EireMunster » Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:46 pm

What\'s your opinion on Ireland now ken I\'m all ears\'.

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Postby Decoro54 » Sun Oct 11, 2015 5:52 pm

Great win by Ireland there, here's hoping they can continue the good form against Argentina next week :<a href=/school/lesson15.php>NAP</a>:, now to top it off Ireland to beat the poles in their home patch :hope:

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