2015 Six Nations tipping competition with £200 in prizes

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2015 Six Nations tipping competition with £200 in prizes

Postby TeddyT » Thu Feb 05, 2015 2:23 pm

Ireland are the current Six Nations Champions and are the bookies favourites to take the title again in 2015. On OLBG we will be holding a tipping comments competition spread over the length of the tournament with £200 on offer.

More and more visitors are reading the comments via tablet and mobile, so its imperative that the comments are of a good helpful standard as it reflects on OLBG.

You do not have to enter this separately. If you are a member of OLBG then you just need to add tips (with comments) to the Six Nations Tipping competition.

This means Level Stakes Profit. So it doesn't matter if you select a stake of 50 or 500 for these tips. If you place a win tip on a 5/1 winner, you will then have a LSP of + 5 points. If you then have three losing win tips, your level stakes profit will be down to + 2 points.

The top 13 tipsters will win 50/25/25 and ten further prizes of £10. This prize fund is in addition to the normal monthly prizes which you can still win based on the criteria for the other leagues.

LSP>0, tips>5
Those little arrows mean greater than. So you must place more than five qualifying tips. So that’s six or more!

Tipping Table

The tipping table will be updated the following day as each market is settled.

Tipping Comments

Winning Tips without tip comments are excluded (all losing tips are included) You must add good comments as to why you are tipping each player when the tip is placed. No comments or comments added later and winning tips won’t count.

Poor comments, or short comments on winning tips won’t count. We just need a few good reasons as to why you are choosing the selection. 30 + words should be long enough.

Also no copy and pasting of comments - you will need different comments for each tip! If the comments are not deemed of a good enough standard then those comments will be voided and the tipster will not win a prize.

Comments will be checked and verified when the tournament has finished. If tipsters can make sure that their comments adhere to the rules, are clear, and written and punctuated well. Lots of visitors are now following the advices, so let’s show them the quality on offer.


- Facts And Stats Relevant To Match Outcome

- Rugby News

- Value Odds

- Player Form going into the tournament

- Style Of Play And Match Analysis

- Reasons For Your Conclusions

How To Add A Rugby Tip And Comment:

> http://www.olbg.com/members/maketip.php

> Click Tip Now on the Rugby Line

> Pick Rugby Union

> Make Your Selection.

> Add Your Comment (Minimum of 30 words of reasoned and helpful text that helps the reader.) Click here for the comment guidelines.

> Stake Virtual Amount 50 -500 (For this competition the stake amount is not important - but please make sure you have enough virtual funds for future tips.)

> Bet Type

> Odds (Take the price on offer)

> Confirm Tip

> Confirm

To check your tips have registered visit your current tips page.

And Finally.....

1. Please make the moderators job easy by making the comments reasoned.

2. Inform the readers in a clear helpful way to make a good betting decision.

3. Best of luck
OLBG Tipster Competition Manager

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Postby nors » Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:49 pm

First game tonight if anyone need reminding live on BBC 1, don't forget your tips and comments on the game.


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Postby nors » Wed Mar 25, 2015 1:24 pm

An exciting climax to the Six Nations with Ireland winning whist not on the pitch.

Didnt see all the games but saw England and was more impressed with them this season, they seemed more expansive an trying to play exciting Rugby. however they do seem to give away a lot of penaltys.

Tipping comments will have to adhere to the guidelines and the table will be confirmed, then payments will be made.

Thanks to everyone who added quality comments.

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Postby nors » Thu Apr 02, 2015 8:38 am

The winner of the Six Nations tipping competition was ju29ro he collects the £50 first prize.

Like all competitions on OLBG its free to enter and the following members won the runners up cash. The winnings are now showing on your OLBG Real Money Balance.

Alen86 £25
IamRichT £25

bosfor £10
Diego5 £10
glenn161274 £10
jmferreiro £10
klloyd89 £10
meath01 £10
Randy Rann £10
Rudger £10
scoobydoo68 £10
ssforte44 £10

Thanks to all those who added helpful and reasoned comments in the competition.

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