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Next Gen Finals

Postby Emmasa » Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:48 am

A new ATP event will be played this week starting today, in Milan, with the best 8 under 21 players, plus a 300 ranked italian guy.

2 round robin groups:

Group A: Chung, Rublev, Shapovalov, Quinzi (?)
Group B: Khachanov, Donaldson, Coric. Medvedev

The tournament will experiment new rules: to win a set you need 4 games, not 6; let will be played on service (so if the ball touches the net is still playable), coaching between sets and a new Hawk-eye system.

I personally think these changes are a disgrace to tennis, but anyway... what do u think? Anybody taking betting chances on this event? Or is it just an italian bull***?

ps: you can't miss the draw ceremony, look in youtube

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