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Re: Tennis Fade List

Postby Emmasa » Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:04 am

I agree that without Serena anybody can beat anybody in the top 200, that's WTA these last seasons. The women circuit is 3rd class level comparing to men circuit. I stopped betting on woman tennis years ago, because in women tennis there's no logic at all. And that's because, in my opinion, women tennis players make more money off the court than on the court. Modeling, photoshoot, sponsors. So why should they work hard on the court if there's effortless money waiting for them just outside the court? So my fade list for the WTA include all the players.

A black list in ATP, I think it's necessary and helpful. There are players who are just unreliable and you shouldn't be betting on them under any circumstances. Good thing about tennis is that you have dozens of matches every day, so you can skip many of them and still have a good amount of selections. A black list is a good idea to avoid those players who proved to be "rotten" in some way: crazy guys, under performers, tankers .. u name it

Having a players stable is a good idea: if you can follow some players regularly , you can try to understand which days they should be reliable and which days they're not.

My ATP black list in top 100: Paire, Fognini, Kyrgios, Tomic, Verdasco, S.Johnson, B.Coric, Chardy

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