Post Your Advice To Help Other Tennis Tipsters

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Re: Post Your Advice To Help Other Tennis Tipsters

Postby zorrobet1 » Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:17 pm

Just learn tennis from inside, be an analyst!

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Re: Post Your Advice To Help Other Tennis Tipsters

Postby kenenek » Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:37 pm

I can say the best bet types of tennis betting.
1. Outright : tournament winner, match winner and correct match
2. accumulators
I prefer accoumulator, it inceases my returns. But sometimes it is risky, well, like all the betting :)

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Re: Post Your Advice To Help Other Tennis Tipsters

Postby Emmasa » Tue Feb 21, 2017 3:30 pm

Tennis any given day, with moderation

When a tennis events starts, there are lots of matches and it’s very important to stay calm and make good selections. Our goal is not to make as more bets as possible, but to have a profit at the end of the day/week/month. Tennis events usually last a week, from monday to sunday. That’s the main draw. Qualifications for an event usually start saturday of the week before, but could start before.

Anyway this is about having a long term sight in terms of the event itself. We have one week of competitions and dozens of games. How to choose the right ones? When should we start to bet?

First of all my advice is to start betting on wednesday, leaving monday and tuesday (and sometimes wednesday also) to watch matches and analyse players. So we basically skip the very first match of every player. That’s because the first match is always very important and sometimes tricky. It’s like the first day in a new place. Even if the players have trained usually 3-4 days, it’s the first competition match and pressure can be there. Nobody wants to lose in the first round, because it’s like going to a party and leaving after 10 minutes. Even the underdogs, even the players that are supposed to lose at the first round, they will fight. At least a bit.

But this is about skipping the very first round to try and watch a few players and make yourself an idea of their form. Sometimes we have to adjust to schedule, but if we can choose we should follow players of our “stable”, players we think we’ll bet a lot on during the season. To have a stable made of 10-15 players is a good way to have a deep knowledge of those players. The more you watch a player, the more you will learn about him, his personality and his reactions.

So we leave monday and tuesday to watch matches. Then wednesday we make our first selections based on what we saw, on what we feel about this/that player, and on the odds of course. Sometimes you’ll see a player winning a first round but still looking shaky. And if it’s historial is shaky and he still wins the first match, he could be a target for the second round. (This is about seeds to fall early). Winning the first match in nice style could mean “getting into” a tournament, find a feeling with the crowd or the court (this is about underdogs to gain confidence and win also the second match).

So we’ll start our walk on thin ice on wednesday, selecting a couple of match per day for example. On thursday we usually have 16 players left and we could have watched 2 matches of a player. We have more informations. We should try to smell what’s going on down there where the party is, reading local news and monitoring all we can about the event.

Friday is for quarter-finals, and I find them tricky, but you could start trying figuring out who is the valuable bet to win the tournament, with just 8 guys left. At this point I watch the market of tournament winner, with 8 selections, and it's like watching a horse racing market, isn't it? Many times we have that number of selections (more or less) in horse races. Do we feel we can try to put a stake on a valuable winner? Friday is a good day.

Saturday is the best day for me, for some reason. Maybe because you just have 2 matches to focus on and those 4 players have an historial you have witnessed in last days. You saw them shooting winners and making double faults: you saw them reacting to the good and the evil, the richness and the poverty. Those 4 guys playing semifinals are survivals in some ways. Forget about Federer/Nadal/Djokovic/ Murray, that’s just a little % of ATP Tour. 90% of the Tour is a very balanced scenario where no player usually wins more than 2-3 events per year at the most.

Sunday is always the day of the final in tennis events. I usually try to skip the final because it’s most of the times a close match, where you have two in-form players, and these guys can often take out hidden resources in extreme situations. On Sundays, you can enjoy the final (the loser won’t be happy the next week) or you can also start following th qualification draw of the next event.

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