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  What Our Users Say About Us

We're very proud of what we have built here and many of our users regularly praise us for offering such a comprehensive free service.

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"Great Community"

Deano, Derby

This site has a great spirit and sense of real community, not only is it a great betting resource its also a place to get support and make some good friends. Fun and banter makes the whole gambling experience just that little more enjoyable. The information this site offers is second to none. Great site that deserves every success it gets.


"Superb site!!!"

Deco121, Cork

The best tipsters around on a superb site. A great way to improve your gambling skills and learn more detailed ways of betting on your chosen sport. Very helpful members always willing to help you out and superb competitions and banter amongst the different teams. All the above mean this is the best site in its genre on the net. Superb work everyone...keep it up! ps. IT'S FREE!!!!!!!!!


"OLBG Site"

Roger Green, West Country

20 years of betting and "tipping" and this is the best site around. The forum is excellent and some serious tipsters give top class info and opinion.



Mike Mackintosh , Inverness

Wow is all i can say.In the beginning i thought surely this is too good to be true a free site giving away large sums of money? but this is not correct as i have received all of my money to date. And the customers support is second to none especially nigel! haha



scoobydoo68, Bradford

This website is by far the best in the world you get £1000 in play money to place bets on a wide range of markets to win real cash!!! not only that but OLBG has a close relationship with the bookmakers as a result there are often £500 in free bets to be won i myself have just won a tenner free bet.Superb site friendly members on the forum and a very helpful moderating team give it a try you wont be sorry *thumbs up*


"Friendly Forums"

Andy, Ipswich

I think the main reason myself and others enjoy using this site is due to the friendliness of the forums. If you have problems all you do is ask and you will get a reply from either admin or other members, the same goes if you want info on a betting subject/market. All together the best and friendliest tipping site you will ever find on the net.


"A regular supply of winning tips across all sports"

Steve, Swindon

Who could ask for more? OLBG have gathered arguably the very best group of sports tipsters from all four corners of the globe (Do globes have corners?) Anyway, regular, reliable tips backed up with extensive reasoning and debate, all add up to make this possibly the very best sports tipping site on the enture world wide web. Not to mention the frendlliest and most helpful, for the most inexperienced to the most techniacl of experts. Come on in and profit from our knowledge


"Best site on the web"

Andy4Fingers, Manchester

Its not only the fantastic competitions and prizes that OLBG offers or the first class information and opinion sharing its the brilliant people on here thatll keep me coming back.


"the information on olbg is amazing"

chris, london

The detailed info available in the forums section is incredible. some of the top tipsters on this site are clearly professionals!


"OLBG has helped me help others"

bluediamond, Welwyn Garden City

My experience of being a member of OLBG has helped my Tipping without the financial stress i have been a member since 2005 and i log in everyday to post my blog i feel very honoured to be one of the few bloggers and it has certainly given me a confidence in my Tipping so that others can benefit through the site. The guys who run OLBG are great and always very helpfull all we need is a horse running in full OLBG colours :


"OLBG is just fantastic!"

Alan Woodrow Alan6, Leeds

OLBG is a fantastic place for the betting community to share tips and discuss everything that is better related. The competition is fanstic and fun to join and very rewarding. OLBG is essential to me in everything I do in betting.



Jim, Glasgow

I am now making consistent profits thanks to the tipsters on this site. This is without doubt the best source of information that I have seen anywhere and its FREE!


"Good company at last"

PeeBee, Hants

With this amazing website one no longer feels alone when trying to make an honest quid..or two. With this site one can actually make a profit - at last!!


"new on site "

dizzy duck , newcastle upon tyne

Just been working my way round your site to get to know it lots of information giving espeally to some one who has never bet in their lives. Seems very friendly. Keep up the good work.


"For All Your Gambling Needs.."

SamTummo, Liverpool

A friendly fun place to learn, teach and enjoy gambling. A MUST bookmark site for any Tipster!


"Excellent Site"

leeagt, Broxburn

Excellent Site , excellent Tipsters. What more can I say. Keep up the great work !



Sandy, Herefordshie

The best site around friendly, tips are excellent helps you improve your own skills. This site fills all your needs.


"It's an experience..."

KanKeano, Yorkshire

Tipsters from all walks of life, some good, some bad but the main thing is we are like a family. You learn something new everyday on here and everyone is welcome to contribute to the knowledge and share in our success. I've made friendships on here that will last a lifetime and had laughs that will be retold to my kids one day. If there is one site that you should add to your favourites this is the one. Long Live the power of OLBG!



geordiemax, suffolk

i would like to thank o.l.b.g.for allowing me to use the site to try out my methods.i am still searching for that holy grail.but you never know do you?.good luck geordiemax.


"thank you"

stuart lakshmi, london

this is the most helpful and informative website i have ever come across and will without doubt help me to become a better and more responsable gambler i will be recommending you to all my contactsi only wish i had come accross you soonerthanks and very very well done



Lokiman, Cheltenham

Would just like to say what an incredible FREE service you are offering. With yr tips and more importantly, yr advice,I have already improved the way I punt and would just like to say thanx and keep up the GREAT WORK.


"free tip filters"

merovee, london

I have been a long time user of this site and find it particularly helpful for testing out theories and systems. However i would just like to say thanks for the free tips filters - since i have been using these my profits have increased massively - please dont ever change them they are awesome.


"New to the games Betting"

akenasm, London

I started betting very late in life and lost a few thousands due to ignorance of the gamesbut with site like this OLBG I soon hope to tell my employer to pack up his job. Well done OLBG and long live to all contributors as well as site management teams. akenasm.


"Sports and Betting"

Victoria, Taipei Taiwan- Hanoi VietNam

I played this website in 2006, and also stood at the Pro table. Because of my work, I have not played in long time, and now I come back. OLBG is the fantastic website about sport where support to you many information and thinking about each sport event. I can discuss and analysis it with my friends. And taste the feeling of betting a tip. Happy when you win, wait the match and check the prediction. OLBG is the dear friend to me. I thank so much to all managers of website and forum. I hope OLBG will be stronger and more interesting in the its development.


"OLBG is simply the best"

Micko70, Co Durham

There some guys on the site who really know there stuff and members are always willing to help you out if you have anything to ask.The daily competitions are great to enter and the best thing is everybody starts the month on a level playing field.Give it a try you will be hooked


"Words cannot do justice."

Matthew Jarvis, Birmingham

Excellent community, excellent tipsters with a vast knowledge and a variety of different backgrounds. Friendly people throughout the community and people are more than willing to help you out and leave positive, constructive feedback. Ive been on many racing forums and without a shadow of a doubt this is by far the best with by far the best members!


"Every tipster can feel at home"

nedrabb, Scotland

OLBG makes me - one of the world's worst tipsters - feel totally comfortable to rub shoulders with some of the best around.. Who cares if my tips suck and theirs sparkle! And I can have a hell of a lot of fun in the forums while playing at tipster, pointing out the errors of a misspent betting career for the benefit of others


"Just come across the site"

Simon, London

I just want to say what an amazing site this is! I've just come across it and could not believe the amount of infromation and the tools available



Garry, Fife

Just started gambling again, never knew such a site would exist! and its free! say goodbye to your social life! and maybe your job if the boss catches you :P


"just plain "brill""

mastertipster, birkenhead

been on a couple of sites eg,(gg.com) but this is by far the site to be with keep it up "OLBG"!


"an absolute must site!!"

discodave, dublin

a fantastic & friendly site thats full of profit & full of my favorate kind of people.......bookie bashers!! fantastic job from all members!



Badra, London

I love this site, its improved my betting drastically thanks so much!!!!



jung, malaysia

this site is great! i stop losing money since getting this site!!


"What a great site"

Dremeber, Maasmechelen

The only downside is that it is adictive.




This site is simply the best just started following some great tips look out bookie here i come.


"horse racing"

steve, birmingham

first class site with the best info around.theres a wealth of knowledge to be gleaned from the members and their the most open and friendliest around bar none.well done olbg and may you and all members prosper.the odds are you will using this site.


".... OLBG ~ The Best...."

Pint Size...., London

OLBG .... On~Line Betting Guide is by far the BEST Betting Site You will ever find Anywhere.... I would advise anybody with even the slightest interest in Sport Gambling Or even Statistics of Sport To Sign~Up to OLBG.Com As this Site has it all Everything from a Betting School .... To Help You Learn To Betting Odds and Tips of Worldwide Sport From Freindly Forums where You can Discuss the Sports that Intrest You Personally To Forum Competitions Where You can Win REAL MONEY And so much More....I have been a Member of OLBG for just over 4 Months now .... 9th December 2011 And have Logged~In Everyday since And have already WON £15 in Competion Money And FREE TICKETS to an OLBG Sponsered Race at Cheltenham TWICE .... Having an absolutely amazing day on both occassions Biiiiiig Thankyou OLBG.... And as for the Tips Avaliable Well.... They are Bar~None.... IF Still not sure of the Quality On~Site Google OLBG Toilet Tips @ Cheltenham And you will see that 8 outta 10 of OLBGs Toilet Tips came 1st And by Backing the First 8 Tips in an Accumulator would have Resulted in a Profit of OVER £40.000 .... Wish I had Backedem from the beginning myself hehe....Anyways IF You want Proof of How Good OLBG really IS Join~In the Most Fun Freindliest Intresting Intruiging And in My Opinion The BEST Website there is It will not only Help you become a better Gambler But as the old saying goes Its not just what you know But also whom you know Well.... OLBG IS the equivalent of What you know.... And.... Whom you know And best of all .... As IF that isnt enough OLBG IS absolutely 100 FREE to ALL....So A Pint Size Tip of the Day Is.... !!!! JOIN OLBG !!!!


"!!! OLBG - fantastic !!!"

Roger Tad, Santos

This site is really a great model of collaborative decision support in sports betting. There are plenty of filters and selections. An invaluable source of fun and learn every bet.


"Online Betting Guide"

John Davies, Flintshire

Gamblers Paradise and you dont lose any real money - Brilliant!


"Wonderful site!"

Neil, Coatbridge

Im pretty new to the site but already I know it must be the best site by miles for betting. I concentrate on horse racing and the tipsters are immense. Goodbye to the days of betting short priced losers! Thanks a million.


"free tips"

mick wilde, glasgow

thank you for the 4 winners today at the horses 7/2 100/30 6/5 2/5 ! keep the good work going !!



Joseph Olusola Folorunsho, Nigeria



"Olbg website"

Ian Alford, Staffs

Great site,members are very knowledgable and have given me many great tips as well



Ineta, Lithuania

Hello, this site is great!



Andrius, Kaunas

Nice site for all people who like betting!


"Fantastic site"

Sferrari, Naples

Compliments for these fantastic and usefull site !!!Thank you !!!!



Del Boy, Dublin

Its like the smokes,highly addictive,superb site lads,well done.


"Great job"


Hy! I am quite a new one here,BUT GUYS YOU ARE THE BEST!All the features here on your page are fantastic! You are doing great job!



johnlaw, limerick eire

i wasnt very good at picking winners but since i joined this site i must say i have been 40 to 50 percent better at it so keep up the good work and hopefully we wont have to work for a living only messn well done everyone involed


"horse racing"

micc, edinburgh

great sight, was a hapless gambler, now i can bet winners and also lay horses.


"tip filter"

jeff, bristol

words just cant describeabsolutely massiveevery morning i go into a sweatthinking its nolonger going to betherewicked wicked sitewicked


"Learned a lot"

Chuka, Hamm

The first time i registered with site i dont have the desire to check what it is all about,but for the past weeks i gave it a try my betting life have change for good.Thanks OLBG you guys are really wonderful and also thanks for all the guys who share their tips and bets for free,i really appreciate the efoorts of all the members who try to live as one family.




Great site lots to read about to keep you occupied.you can spend a lot of time on here as its a maze of great info and knowledge for all sports enthusiasts.so i myself have narrowed it down to just horse racing. good luck to all with intrest


"tips,competititions,everything here for your sport"

superdaveylad, London

this is a fantastic site if your horseracing mad like me,you will be well catered for, and whats more, its free !!


"All bettings"

Gunnar, Iceland

The best site on the net for all sports-bettingand you have the best pro tipstersand all for freeBest regards Gunnar Iceland



Jimmy Mc, Sunderland

This is a brilliant website and the competitions tips and tipsters just keep me coming back most days. Its great to try a system out or just to prove to your friends and family who the best tipster is. Keep up the good work OLBG Love it!


"OLBG Is Good"

Jose, Singapore

Try it then youll know.


"great, just great! "

Byron, Bristol

huge amounts of tipping thats free, opinions and reasoning, great competitions and very friendly. Im not sure you could say anymore than that.


"A newbie want share his thought."

marz0099, Philippines

Hi, I just want to tell you that what i think of this site,is this site will grow tremendously for the coming years.Base from the testimonials of its members i can sense that they are satisfied on the numerous features/tools of this sites that they can use to increase their skills in betting/gambling.Hope i can learn from them. More Power OLBG.


"OLBG is something punters cannot do without"

Jim Brown, Kilmarnock

Spread the word - OLBG is the best punter-orientated website on the web and its all free: free tipping comps with cash and free bet prizes and free information via the highly-informative blogs and discussion forums. OLBG offers so much to both new and experienced punters that I challenge anyone NOT to improve their betting thanks to the outstanding resources there.


"Fantastic Helper"

lawyer, Lahore Pakistan

OLBG is fantastic helper for me i have lost my all money when i was un aware of OLBG but now i m 100 confident that i will recover all of my money from the bookies with profit and there is no chance of loss in futre. Thnx OLBG



colin, ballymena

Good tips from tipsters ive been following:-actually got a bet up following tips hopefully ill get a few more.



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