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Strictly Come Dancing 2017 Series 15 #SCD #Strictly Week 7 Dances, Thoughts and Bets

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Once again, the blog goes out BEFORE the show and will be updated with scores and performances afterwards due to Bonfire festivities!

2017 Celebrities

  • Mollie King
  • Seventh Dance - Foxtrot to Call Me Irresponsible by Connie Francis
    Their confidence would have been knocked last week after being in the dance off, but they were never in danger of going home. I'm not sure what it is, but they really need to find their spark as something just isn't clicking. We're down to the final 10 now, so they need to find it soon. Their support should come out in force to save them this week!
    *Back in hold in the Ballroom where Mollie is most comfortable and it showed. There was a mistake, but she recovered beautifully. The routine was very graceful and sweet. They still ended up in the dance off, but were SAVED. There will be fallout because of the result, but on this weekend's dancing, they deserved to stay.
    SCORE 27
    Elimination Betting 9
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  • Davood Ghadami
  • Seventh Dance - American Smooth to This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) by Natalie Cole
    Nadyia needs to get the choreography right this week after being called out last week, not for the first time. The American Smooth may suit these two and I think they need a couple of spectacular lifts to wow the public. I feel Davood needs a real performance as they may end up in the bottom two regardless of their score. The better their score first time around, the better the chance they get out of the dance off, should they end up under the red light!
    *They closed the show and the routine was fantastic, fair play. The last lift was amazing and showed Davood's strength and balance. Their best dance yet and I'm glad they stayed in.
    SCORE 35
    Elimination Betting 3
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    Follow @NadiyaBychkova 1k Followers)
  • Ruth Langsford
  • Seventh Dance - Paso Doble to The Shady Dame From Seville by Julie Andrews
    Ruth looks to be growing in confidence each week, but she still continues to make silly mistakes. Will there be the customary costumes and wig this week to take your eyes off the dancing? The routine is bound to be as traditional as the music and they will be entertaining. Ruth is favourite to go with the Bookies this week, but I think her and Anton's legion of fans will keep them in another week.
    *Full of entertainment and comedy and it had the crowd on their feet and in tears at the end of the routine. The Judges had they heads in their hands, but this is what it's all about, pitching a routine correctly. Take note Janette, because in the end, the scores didn't matter.
    SCORE 22
    Elimination Betting 2.62
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    Follow @TheAntonDuBeke (181k followers)
  • Gemma Atkinson
  • Seventh Dance - Salsa to Sun Comes Up by Rudimental ft. James Arthur
    Some of the celebrities struggle with the Salsa, but Gemma has really applied herself to the dances so far and I don't think we will see any difference this week. It will be a challenge, but she has the ability and sex appeal to pull it off. They will be looking for a better performance this week, after they disappointed themselves on Halloween. I would be very surprised if they were anywhere near the bottom two.
    *Full of attitude, sexy and they looked to be really enjoying themselves. The lifts were a bit tentative at times, but they weren't easy. Not as good as they have been, but that's another dance out of the way.
    SCORE 26
    Elimination Betting 41
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  • Joe McFadden
  • Seventh Dance - Charleston to Alexander's Ragtime Band by Ella Fitzgerald
    Joe will get a chance this week to show us his cheeky side and I'm looking forward to this dance. Katya always seems to pitch the choreography perfectly for maximum impact. There will no doubt be the standard, must have swivel, but I'm hoping for originality. If he gets the timing right, I'm hoping for another Ten for them, this time deserved. Will they sail through, or get caught up in the elimination battle?
    *The routine was joyful and full of entertainment. The lifts, timing and swivel were excellent. Joe had the character nailed down and it was everything I expected and more.
    SCORE 36
    Elimination Betting 26
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    Follow @Mrs_katjones (17k followers)
  • Aston Merrygold
  • Seventh Dance - Viennese Waltz to Who's Loving You by The Jackson 5
    We continue to see the brilliance of Aston's dancing and Janette's choreography week on week. They got their highest score last week, including two well deserved Tens. This week, I think the Viennese Waltz will need to be a little more traditional to in keep with the Judges tastes, but that's not to say that it won't be superb.
    *I know it's easy on hindsight, but Janette pitched this so wrong. Not near traditional enough I'm afraid, right from the costumes to the choreography. I'm not a big fan of the VW anyway, but it didn't hit the mark for me or the Judges. In the dance off and a SHOCK ELIMINATION.
    SCORE 25
    Elimination Betting 101
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  • Susan Calman
  • Seventh Dance - Jive to The Ole House by Shakin' Stevens
    Susan's confidence took a hit last week when their Foxtrot didn't quite get the desired reaction from the Judges. The Jive this week will really test her stamina and I feel Kevin will need to be clever with his choreography. It will be challenging and they won't be topping the leader board, but I can see them prevailing and living to dance another day!
    *A full on Jive and while the kicks and flicks weren't sharp it still hit the mark. Susan struggled with the tempo at the end, but did keep the timing. Over scored I thought though. We need consistency.
    SCORE 29
    Elimination Betting 6
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  • Debbie McGee
  • Seventh Dance - Tango to I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas
    Debbie's leg extensions will be in play again this week and her dexterity from her ballet days will stand her in good stead for this type of dance. She will also need to get her posture correct and be sharp and attack the dance. Debbie has surprised me so far and I think she will continue to do so this week. Can they retain their place at the top?
    *Debbie kept the attack and focus all the way through, though I did think Craig's reaction was a bit over the top! The song wasn't good enough for the dance either. Still the Judges loved it and gave the first full house of the series.
    SCORE 40
    Elimination Betting 67
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  • Jonnie Peacock
  • Seventh Dance - Salsa to Turn Me On by Kevin Lyttle
    Jonnie struggled last week with the Halloween Cha Cha and it doesn't get any easier with the Salsa this week. He's not great in isolation and that may be his downfall. Can Jonnie make it sexy and get the technicalities right? I think this week will be difficult for him. Does he have the support to keep him from ending up under the red light as I'm not sure his scores will be that high?
    *I thought Jonnie looked uncomfortable and was just walking around the floor a lot of the time. He didn't use his hips, but once again, the Judges weren't as critical as they should have been.
    SCORE 27
    Elimination Betting 9
    Follow @JonniePeacock (74.2k followers)
    Follow @OtiMabuse (33.6k followers)
  • Alexandra Burke
  • Seventh Dance - Cha Cha to I Got The Music In Me by Marcia Hines
    Alexandra has the confidence and ability to get the much talked about Cha Cha action which so many have struggled with this series. She can really set the floor alight this weekend. It's been a couple of weeks since these two had a Ten, but this dance has only ever been awarded a full house twice in Strictly history. Can they smash it and go back to the top of the leader board?
    *They opened the show full of energy and entertainment. I really couldn't fault the routine in any respect. I'm not sure what Alexandra has to do to get a Ten from Craig?
    SCORE 39
    Elimination Betting 101
    Follow@alexandramusic (694k followers)
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Current Betting to WIN

Alexandra Burke 3.25
Aston Merrygold 3.25
Debbie McGee 5.5
Gemma Atkinson 5.5
Joe McFadden 13
Mollie King 21
Jonnie Peacock 23
Davood Ghadami 34
Susan Calman 51
Ruth Langsford 101
(With Paddy Power)
As I can see both Ruth and Susan making it to Blackpool at least, one of the ‘better' dancers could go this weekend. Mollie's supporters should come out in force this week after last week's dance off, so that leaves, Davood (for the second time) v either Jonnie or Joe (please no!).
As we have culled most of the ‘deadwood', this is where the competition starts to get interesting!

Who goes this week?
Will you be following @bbcstrictly?
New Blog after each show!
If you are having a bet, where will your money be going?
Comments appreciated in the box below.

Comments (2)


 Nov 6th, 2017 at 09:53

Aston to go must have been a huge price?


 Nov 6th, 2017 at 12:22

101 nors before they danced. Once he danced it probably dropped inplay, but it was a huge shock. Social media went into meltdown!

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