I am excited about the opportunities Sporting Index have for the World Cup and hope to do as well as I did during Euro 2016, when I made a substantial return.

For those who havent yet got a Sporting Index account, they are currently giving £150 to new customers to bet with!

My first World Cup Spread Betting Advice is to Sell England at 27.

My Modus operandi with Spread Betting is:

  • 1. Take on the shorter priced favourites.

  • 2. Close my bets as soon as a profit is made, however small!

  • 3. Find the best markets with lots of upside and less downside.

  • 4. Look for teams and players underpriced.

  • You can see England’s predicted points total in the “Sporting Index World Cup Outright Market” (27-30).

    You can also see how the points are allocated, the further you go in the tournament the more points you win.

    The Sporting Index outright market mirrors the bookies with Brazil and Germany as favourites followed by Spain, France, and Argentina.


    Points are awarded as follows:
  • Winner = 100pts.

  • Runner-up = 75pts.

  • Lose Semi-Final = 50pts.

  • Lose Quarter-Final = 25pts.

  • Last 16 = 10pts.

  • All others = 0.

  • Sporting index screenshot

    You can see on the Sporting Index price table that if the favourites Brazil went on to win the World Cup that you would receive 100 points, if you had bought them at 44 you would win 56 X your stake.

    However if Tite’s side didn’t make it out of the group stages (unlikely I know, but not impossible) you would lose 44 x your stake.You always need to take into account the downside, which is why I will be looking at teams with less downside, number 1 of these is the Three Lions.

    Patriotism in some forms is not healthy, when it comes to the England national football team it’s downright dangerous.

    I will be selling England at 27, and even if the impossible happens and they make it to the Quarter Final, that will surely be that for Gareth Southgate’s side, and a small profit for me. If they go out in the round of 16 then even more money is made.

    We are just not tactically astute enough to win tournaments and still play against the best teams in the world as if it it is Saturday afternoon in the EPL, with way too many balls “down the line” “ or into space”.

    We have not learnt that retention of the ball is not just paramount but utterly essential, until we do, and I can see this in action, I will be against England at every opportunity.

    Passes down the line and into space tire players out, far better to pass the ball to the player, make it easy for him to control, and then him carefully move the ball on.

    Chasing long balls and misplaced passes means come the second half we are a spent force, and more superior technicians cut thru our weary midfield and defence.

    englandThe attackers are knackered from chasing lost causes and we are reliant on a mistake, which international teams rarely make.

    If England make it out of the group they should face either Poland or Colombia, although i have a feeling Senegal may do well in that group.

    If they shock me to the core and get thru that stage its likley to be Brazil or Germany, and we all know what happens when we meet those countries.

    Selling England on Sporting Index to me seems a wise move, at the current spread price.

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    I will be back with my Spread Betting World Cup Diary, and hope to make myself and readers a few quid on the way.

    Have a great World Cup one and all!!

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    World Cup Spread Bets

    All bets to £1 a point.



  • How many games will be played until the following event first occurs?

  • A 0-0 Result

  • Sell Buy

  • 8.5 9.5 with Sporting Index.

  • I have sold at 8.5, so need a 0-0 in any of the 1st 8 games

  • Profit/Loss:A cataclysmic loss due in part to VAR, with no 0-0 in any of the group matches, an unheard of occurrence, a loss of 12 points.

  • Bet2


  • Total goals scored by each team at the World Cup. Whole tournament counts.

  • Brazil 10.25 10.75 with Sporting Index.

  • I have bought Brazilian goals so need the Brazilians to hit the ground running.

  • Profit/Loss