As the time approaches for the World’s best players to be preparing for action, we as World Cup football tipsters should be doing likewise. If you are organised and careful as a World Cup bettor you should or could have a profitable Russia 2018.

On olbg we will have a host of football tips from a huge amount of members all guiding you to make shrewd World Cup bets, many of these members have been betting on football for a long time.

The World Cup 2018 can’t be treated in the same way as domestic league or cup matches. Coaches are generally less familiar with their opponents, and the nature of the group stages often dictates how they approach each match. This is most noticeable in tight World Cup groups and the opening matches in most groups.

You also need to be shrewd in selecting which World Cup bookmaker you should open a new account with. Some will offer a very generous bonus, cash sign up offers and betting freebies, others will offer the best odds on markets you are interested in, you need to be diligent in taking the best World Cup offers and best World Cup odds at all times.

Rather than a scattergun type selection of bets, punters are advised to follow one of two paths:

Know Your Teams.

This entails a close study of a few Russia 2018 teams and becoming well versed in their style, approach, strengths, and weaknesses both as a team and individual players.

Concentrate on specific World Cup Betting markets.

In this blog, I shall look at 10 World Cup betting markets, some more common than others, where there should be good opportunities to seek some profit.

1. Outright World Cup Winner.

As the name suggests, the objective is to select the World Cup tournament winner. It is quite common to back more than one team here. This will increase your chance of backing the winner but would mean less profit if the original fancy wins.

1- Outright World Cup Winner

2. World Cup Group Winners.

Most groups have a strong World Cup favourite. They will try to top the group as that will usually entail an easier match in the next round. They are often included in multiples due to the short odds on offer. Finding the winner of a tough World Cup group, or any surprise winner, will be more rewarding.

2-World Cup Group Winners your selection

3. World Cup Match Result.

Care must be taken here. In the World Cup group stages, teams that have already qualified for the next stage may rest some players in the final group match. When the knockout stage is reached, extra time and penalties are not included in this bet UNLESS you select the ‘To Qualify’ option. Teams can also play in a style to avoid losing their first match in the group rather than going all out for a win.

3 - World Cup Match Result

4. A Team To Win To Nil.

Your team must win without the opponents scoring. Be particularly wary of teams prone to conceding a late consolation goal once the match is in the bag.

4-A Team To Win To Nil

5. World Cup Asian Handicap.

This is similar to a standard handicap bet except that the ‘tie’ results in your money being refunded (push) rather than being lost. Most Asian Handicaps involve a fraction. Be familiar with settlement before placing a bet as +0.25, +0.50, +0.75, and +1.00 mean quite different things. Take a look at this blog on Asian Handicap betting.

5-World Cup Asian Handicap

6. World Cup Both Teams To Score.

This requires both teams to score at least one goal, but the result of the match is immaterial. Care should be taken when sides can’t afford to lose matches. This is often the case with the first round of group matches and can lead to some low scoring games.

BTTS Betting image

7. World Cup Total Goals - over/under.

These are two entirely different markets really but I shall treat them as cousins at least. With over/under, the bar is set at a certain number (usually 2.5) and the total goals scored only needs to 3 or more for over, or 0-2 for under. The same principle applies if using an alternative such as 1.5 or 3.5 goals.

7- World Cup Total Goals

Total goals is normally split into bands such as 0-1, 2-3, 4-5, and 6+. This can reap better returns but is far less predictable.

number of goals in match

8. World Cup Higher Scoring Half.

With three options, (first, second, and tie), this can be a good way of keeping an interest for a huge chunk of a match in which you have little other interest. On the other hand, matches that tend to be cagey affairs in the first half are a source for ‘second half’ as being the preferred option.

8-World Cup Higher Scoring Half

9. World Cup Most Corners or (Asian) Corner Handicaps .

Often easier to predict than the overall number of corners. Two main stumbling blocks are teams in control that decide to keep possession and conserve energy may get fewer corners than while the match is competitive. On the other hand, teams chasing a match may get considerably more.

9-World Cup Most Corners For bet rules, see Asian Handicap above.

10.Total World Cup Cards or World Cup Booking Points

This can be a rewarding market (even with individual players) but the importance of both the match and the need for certain players not go receive a suspension always have to be considered. Try to compare with similar such matches in qualification.

10-Total World Cup Cards
There will also be a large number of novelty bets, most of which have very high bookmaker margins, these high margings do not make them very good value.

  • Correct Score.

  • First, last, or anytime goal scorer.

  • Time of first or last goal.

  • Will there be a sending-off?

  • Will a penalty be scored?

  • I hope the above will help novice bettors and tipsters make good World Cup bets, you can check all the individual World Cup 2018 Football Tips by clicking the highlighted link.

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    I will be adding my best bets ahead of and during the World Cup on this blog, I hope I can guide you towards a tournament of profits, please check back regularly.

    Betting suggestions.

    To win the World Cup.

    After the disappointment of the 2014 renewal, Spain, England, Brazil, and to a lesser extent France and Belgium will be looking to progress further in this tournament.

    The draw for the group stage has seen England and Belgium head a group that contains two of the three rank outsiders. It would be a massive shock if either failed to qualify. In the last 16, they would face the top two teams from what is almost certainly the weakest group, so if having any thoughts of winning the event, getting to the quarter-finals with the minimum of fuss seems essential.

    Assuming Spain get through from Group B, they would face a team from Group A. This should be comfortable unless final placings match them with Uruguay. I have backed both Spain @ 7.4 and Uruguay @ 32 to win the tournament with the latter being primarily intended as a trade.

    A more ambitious trade would be Switzerland, backed @170. They often prove difficult to beat and odds would be significantly shorter should they emerge from the group. Unfortunately, their most likely opponents in the last 16 would be Germany, meaning their odds would not be as short as if they avoided them.

    To reach the Quarter-finals.

    In this market, I am intending to back Belgium (1.63) and Uruguay (2.76), while laying Poland (3.85) and possibly Portugal (2.30).

    Group betting.

    Nothing stands out here. However, I do not expect England to beat Belgium as a draw may even suit both teams. Should the group winner be decided on goal difference, Belgium's open play seems more likely to score several goals against the minnows than England's. Therefore, if entering this market at all, Belgium could be my only investment.

    Any figures in parentheses are currently unmatched.

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