Strictly Come Dancing Tips and Dance Off Predictions Semi Final 2017

I have followed SCD betting and tipping since the couples were announced.

I hope I can point you in the right direction on finding the winner, and advising on who will be eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing.

Current SCD Betting to WIN

  • Joe McFadden 2

  • Debbie McGee 3

  • Alexandra Burke 9

  • Gemma Atkinson 10

  • Mollie King 11

  • All prices with bookmakers Paddy Power.

    We’re at the Semi Final stage and there’s two dances to master this week, which will be a challenge for some. The betting says Mollie to go, but I’m not so sure. She seems to have picked up momentum and the support of the public and the will they won’t they kiss, may just see them through to the Final.

    Social media are asking for a Debbie v Alexandra dance off, just to mess with the Judges, can you imagine!

    I think the Judges are in for a tough time this week as I can’t see Alexandra getting the votes again. If she goes up against Debbie or Joe with similar scores, who will the Judges keep in?

    Alexandra to be ELIMINATED @ 7 with Paddy Power


    I thought some of the dancing was poor for a semi final, but I thought the Judges scores were even worse. I know some of the celebrity contestants have been having tough times, but we the public are no mugs and we can see when they are being over scored. Mollie and Gemma’s support deserted them and they were both rightly in the bottom two and had to dance again. The Judges were correct to send Mollie home, but it’s us, the public who will crown our Champion next week! Thank goodness for that!

    2017 Celebrities

    • Mollie King

    • Semi Final Dances - Waltz to Angel by Sarah McLachlan and a Samba to Whenever, Wherever by Shakira

      Mollie’s confidence has grown as the weeks have flown by. I would have never had her down as a Semi Finalist in the early stages. Her previous Ballroom has been decent enough, so her Waltz should score at least 8’s, while she may struggle with bounce, rolls and volta’s of the Samba. The Judges will be picky, but their support may continue.

      *Let’s face it, the Samba isn’t the best dance to get in the semi final and Mollie looked completely out of her depth. She struggled throughout the dance and I didn’t think that AJ did her any favours with the choreography. Mollies weaknesses showed and she as teary at the end.

      The Waltz suited Mollie better but she was so nervous at the start. It was beautiful though, even romantic and dreamy. Unfortunately, she completely lost it in the middle and by the time she got the frame and smile back it was too late.

      They ended up in the dance off and rightly so. They danced the Waltz again, but it wasn’t enough and they were ELIMINATED.

      SCORE 24 & 32
      Elimination Betting 2.2
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    • Gemma Atkinson

    • Semi Final Dances - Rumba to Beneath Your Beautiful by Labrinth featuring Emeli Sandé and a Tango to My Sharona by The Knack (Royal Blood cover)

      Gemma’s destined to struggle with the Rumba, as with so many before her. No one has ever scored 40 and I don’t think she has the technical ability to nail this one. I expect her to perform better in the Tango and that’s where her higher score should come from. It’s a tough call as the betting says she should be in the dance off, but they have got the votes so far and I can see them getting them again.

      *Gemma’s Rumba action was better than I thought it would be, having said that, she did look a bit uncomfortable doing it. There was enough chemistry between them and Aljaz was clever with the choreography.

      Gemma’s determination shone through in the Tango. She had the attack, the intensity and a decent shape throughout. The lines were good and it was intricate at times.

      The public decided that they hadn’t done enough though and they had to dance the Tango again. They live to dance another day and reach the final after the Judges rightly SAVED them. They will have to improve next week though to compete at the level of Joe, Debbie and Alexandra.

      SCORE 30 & 32
      Elimination Betting 2.25
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    • Joe McFadden

    • Semi Final Dances - American Smooth to Have You Met Miss Jones by Robbie Williams and the Argentine Tango to Human by Rag n’ Bone Man

      Joe is another who has excelled in the latter stages of this competition, so much so, he is the current favourite. I’m really looking forward to the American Smooth, it could be one of the best we have seen technically and I’m sure he’s worked hard on the Argentine Tango sharpness and all week. This week is sure to test his public support. What he must avoid is to be in the dance off with Alexandra, but will he get the votes?

      *I always thinks it’s a better move to do a Foxtrot based American Smooth as you can do so much more with it. Joe was elegant, he had sway and sophistication and the lifts were seamless. He’s danced better, but it was still driven and glamorous.

      They took a big risk with the Argentine Tango, they didn’t hold back and the ending O.M.G! Joe had balance issues at one point, otherwise it would have been off the charts. I think this the best choreographed AT routine I have seen, plaudits to Katya.

      He’s my winner now!

      SCORE 35 & 35
      Elimination Betting 21
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    • Debbie McGee

    • Semi Final Dance - Foxtrot to Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder and a Jive to I’m So Exited by the Pointer Sisters

      Debbie’s elegance and grace should come to the fore in the Foxtrot, but does she have the stamina for the Jive? She does also have a couple of niggles on the injury front which will hamper her, so it will be how her body holds up on the night. She’s been in the dance off before and it would be cruel to go out in the Semi Finals, but someone has to!

      *Debbie spent too much time on the stairs doing nothing, when she should have been dancing. When they got into the routine Debbie had more stamina than I thought she would for the Jive, but the kicks and flicks were not sharp enough. There was also a glaring mistake at the end that the Judges never even mentioned. Definitely not her best dance and only one Judge actually scored the dance correctly.

      The Foxtrot was much better and they moved effortlessly across the floor. Debbie kept her frame and posture throughout. Not as good as it could have been, but good enough to grace a semi final.

      SCORE 34 & 36
      Elimination Betting 17
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    • Alexandra Burke

    • Semi Final Dances - Salsa to Finally by Cece Peniston and a Viennese Waltz to Tina Arena’s version of R.E.M’s Everybody Hurts

      Alexandra looks to be on a hiding to nothing after being in the dance off for the last two weeks. She has lost the public support and has been dragged through the mud in the media. I’m not sure there’s anything she can do to keep her out of the dance off, so she must concentrate on getting her scores as high as possible. If she scores 39/40 in her dances (Craig’s 10 paddle must come out!), then she may just stay in. She may have a problem if she’s up against Debbie or Joe though!

      *I think Alexandra looked a bit downbeat before dancing, but once she got started, there were great spins and emotion as they flowed across the floor. It was a very classy routine, but there is only so much you can do with the Viennese Waltz.

      This Salsa really suited Alexandra’s personality. The routine had energy, timing and good technique. The problem I had with it, is that this wasn’t Alexandra’s best dance in the competition. Not even close and it got the full house. I felt the Judges were trying to manipulate the final outcome. Nevertheless she went rightly through.

      39 & 40
      Elimination Betting 7
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    SCD Tips

    Alexandra Burke to be Eliminated @ 7 with Paddy Power

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